Sunday, July 3, 2011


I should be making a post today but I don't want to... Looong day... And I'm not going to tell you, because I have decided to make this announcement.


Anyway, some things I have to say.

Numero Uno: This really won't be a "How-To" blog. Maybe a few posts (like the ones before this) but more like an experience blog. Sure, you may learn some tips, and I'll throw in some tutorials and information, but its more of a blog blog. Just to make it clear.

Numero Dos: I have utterly no clue how to comment. Unless my computer is taking forever to comment and I accidentally posted it like 10 times, its not posting. Help? And if I cannot find a way to fix this, I shall be replying to comments in future posts.

Numero Tres: Go check out DIY and Other Dangerous Adventures now. Another blog by a babybat, a friend of mine, who sort of knows a lot more about blogging than I do XD. (Little extra note for Aisling: Clean your cabin! I don't care if you're mother is Discordia, it looks like a tornado went through it! Oh, and anyone not from the roleplay group... Lol at how confused you are)

Numero Cuatro: How can you live 13 years and not know who Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol or Jackson Polluck are?!?! (Art IS the most fun subject, even just the history is interesting) (this came up today)

Real post tomorrow.


AislingChild said...

I will slap you very hard and possibly eat you to :P

If comments doesn't work for me I click preview then this weird thing comes up when you have to type some letters, then it works.

Thanks for recomending me :) (No! I like it messy!)

Seriusly?! Someone didn't know any of those people?! WTFH?

unicornofdeath said...

It didn't work with my google account... So now I have a live journal account. "Unicorn of death". Very me, is it not? And you DID mention me too :D