Monday, July 11, 2011

Random things I must say.

Its only half past noon and I've already done things today. Crazy. Thrift store later. I need to post random things.

Is "Death by pop music" an actual thing? Because I'm pretty sure its melting my brain...

The line from Emilie Autumn's Opheliac "Intelligant girls are more depressed because they know what the world is really like" is so true.

Just because you are going to the doctor does NOT mean you can go out in public in pajamas. Or the most awful outfit I have ever seen. Have some dignity, people.

Its gloomy, humid and wet. I hate summer.

Emilie Autumn is 31. I didn't know that. She looks way younger. Also, her mother is a descendant of the Liddell family (Alice Liddell, the girl Alice in Wonderland was based off of)

To save my melted-by-pop brain, I shall start singing in caps.

YOU KNOW THE GAMES I PLAY AND THE WORDS I SAY WHEN I WANT MY OWN WAY! YOU KNOW THE LIES I TELL WHEN YOU'VE GONE THROUGH HELL AND I SAY I CAN'T STAY! You know how hard it can be to keep believing in me when everything and everyone becomes my enemy, and when there's nothing more you can do I'm gonna blame it on you, its not the way I want to be, I only hope that in the END YOU WILL SEE its the Opheliac in meeeeee.


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