Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goth 101- Getting started.

(Ugh, I took FOREVER typing this and then accidently Xed out of the page without posting. Grr.)

So, you want to be a goth and don't know where to start. Maybe you think its super complicated and you don't know if you "Qualify". Or maybe you think all you need is some black jeans and eyeliner.

Both wrong.

Goth really isn't complicated. But it isn't all about fashion. It started with music. If you look up Bela Lugosi's Dead, you will probably see comments that say "This was goth before there was goth". Original goth bands are Bahaus and The Cure and Siouxie and the Banshees. So music is important.

This doesn't mean you can't be goth if you don't really care for the music- Though I recommend looking for some you do like. I prefer Dark Cabaret (Like Voltaire or Emilie Autumn) to the classics. And, please, just because the singers covered their face in white-out does not make them goth. Green Day or anything like that? Pop. If you notice one thing in common with most gothic music- Kinda creepy lyrics.

If you are thinking you need to act depressed to be a goth, HA! Sure, we wear a lot of black and listen to gloomy music. Since when does music describe how you actually feel? If it did, fans of Ke$ha would always be drunk. And did you know, in some cultures, black is color of good soil, therefore not bad? In other cultures, white is the color of mourning. To say that if you wear black means you are depressed, then all those women buying their "Little Black Dresses" are depressed.

One thing you probably should do is read. Find some Edgar Allen Poe or Mary Shelley, or just pay attention in history class. Notice how a ton of gothic clothing is inspired by historic mourning clothing? History is cool, dude.

While we are on the subject of books, get yourself a copy of Gothic Charm School now. You need it.

Stay tuned for fashion and makeup.

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