Monday, July 18, 2011



Most people who knew me in this lifetime will think I have gone completely mental upon hearing what I have to say.

I sort of want a nose ring.

I've been generally against piercings- But mainly the drastic ones that no one seems to think through. Oh, and the excess ones. Sometimes I have the urge to go up to a person who thinks 27 piercings are a good idea and hold a magnet up to their face. What happens when they go to an airport?

And... Secret: I've sort of wanted a little daimond stud in my nose ever since 6th grade, when I read a book (I think it was in a series called Royal Diaries) with an indian princess who wanted her nose pierced.

What I have against piercings is that people just don't think them through. Think of that nasty scar when you take it out. Or are you going to be a little old lady (or man) with metal covering your face? It may look nice now, but when you're older?

(Side note: Numerous earrings are fine. They can be easily covered when needed, and no one will be staring at your ears anyway.)

But, of course, some people can pull off the drastic piercings, so don't feel I'm insulting you if you have them. I'm just stating that you really need to think about them, and I assume you did, right?

One thing I will say I hate no matter what:

Those creepy stretched ears. I shouldn't even have to explain why this is a bad idea. You are creating a large hole in your ear. What happens when you take your earring out? Is your ear all floppy and creepy? And again... Imagine your grandma/granpa with ear holes...


Please enjoy this picture of a nose.



VictorianAndroid said...

The holes-in-your-face-when-you're-eighty arguement is the one my dad keeps using with me. In My Opinion, I would rather have scars/holes when I'm eighty and won't care so much about how I look than than go my whole life not getting something I've had a strong desire to get. I personaly would regret NOT getting any kind of body modification more than getting it.

Tenebris In Lux said...

Eh, scars can be covered up in numerous ways. What WOULD be funny is the popular girl who gets "sexy" tattooed on her lower back .. who becomes the laughing stock in the nursing home.

I have to agree with you on two things. One, those ear gauges (the stretchy hole things) are gross. Well, I don't mind people who have them, but I personally wouldn't have them. Secondly, I also agree that some people do not think out their piercings in a serious manner!

Here's a post I did on piercings:

Ghoulina Bones said...

I have a blog post I made that actually pertains to some of what you talked about.

Ghoulina Bones said...

And I linked it because it is easier than sending it all to you, this way you can choose to read it.

Ashlee said...

I personally don't care for it, but I don't see why people shouldn't stretch their ears.

Amphigoric Steph said...

That's funny, I used to know that I would always hate stretched ears, and now I have them.