Sunday, July 10, 2011

Going to Salvation Army tomorrow

And while I am at Sally's, I will be searching for stuff to fit my desired look. What I want it to say...

I sail a pirate ship across the River Styx, and spend my free time having tea parties in graveyards. Oh, and escape to the forest to live amongst the fairies (FAIRIES ARE REAL!!!)

Do I actually do those? Nope. I hate boats and graveyards are too creepy (It would be kind of hard to enjoy tea when YOU ARE STANDING OVER DEAD PEOPLE.) but I do like the gothic pirate look, as well as pretty tea party dresses, but one just seems a wee bit more practical for when I actual have to do stuff. The fairy one might be true. That's for you to decide.

Now, pictures!

All pictures found on google.


Tea party


The chances of me finding what I'm looking for? 2%

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