Thursday, October 20, 2011


Well, I fail at updating this. Other websites and school keep me busy, and I just have no gothy things to write about. "Color goth" just looks normal if you can't afford to dress like Emilie Autumn. At least none of my new friends ever look confused when I say I'm a color goth, they say it suits me :D.

Anyway. I currently have a pair of extremely crappy combat boots. $30 from walmart, so I wan't expecting the greatest thing. They are soooo comfortable but they are literally falling apart, and I've had them for under 2 months.

Something I would LOVE is
but... $120?!?! Budget-goth, please!

I'll be allowed to spend a bit more on boots than average old shoes, because a good pair of combat boots can work for 3 of the seasons, are comfortable and practical. I need something to walk around school in, will not get ruined when I have to kick my locker each time I open it, and will be able to walk in the snow.

Now... Where can I find a practical, plain (or with little design) FLAT combat boots? (I don't mean totally flat, but platforms? No thanks.)

Any help?

Thursday, October 6, 2011


That's right. Today, October the 6th, I am officially NOT 13 ANYMORE!!! 13 sucks. It really does. Don't deny it. Just by saying you're 13, 50% of people will call you immature and give you no respect, while the other 50% expect you to be all mature.

Even though I am convinced today will suck (I don't have lunch with friends, nor do I have my favorite subject, and I honestly would rather do anything else than talk to the mini-sluts in my school. I'm not kidding, I've seen so many, they even talked about doing... stuff... with their 18 year old ex.) I feel like starting out positive will help- Up early, fancyish dress, good breakfast, about an hour to waste online.