Saturday, July 2, 2011


So... Yay first post! Woo hoo! Well, I'm Teresa. I'm a Babybat (Babybat- New/Young goth) who thought it was a good idea to start a blog... I can guess I'll get like 2 whole readers! Cool! Anyway, a bit about me (in the form on an interview):

What style of Goth do you like best?

Neo-Victorian and Romantic.

What style of music?

Dark Cabaret.

So, Goth, huh? Do, does that mean you act all depressed and live in a cave (or a black room)?

No, Goths aren't depressed. It started with bands such as Bahaus and The Cure, and people dress like its Halloween every day. Most goths I've met (Okay, I only know them online) are actually quite cheerful. And my room is orange! (Though I wouldn't object to black velvet curtains and some Halloween decorations)

So, you like Halloween, I'm guessing?


Tell us about yourself.

Well, my name is Teresa- Pronounced Tuh-REE-Sa. Notice there are THREE syllables, and it is not spelled Treesa. I'm 13, going into ninth grade next year. I was homeschooled (I went to public school a few years though) but I'll be going to Actual High School. And, of course, I used this as an excuse to get off my butt and get my goth wardrobe assembled.

Wait- You decided to be goth when you're just starting high school?! Are you crazy, they'll make fun of you!

Yeah, don't care. They do that anyway. Why shouldn't I dress the way I want to? I made it clear that I don't care what anyone thinks of my look when I dyed my hair green.

Green hair?! What other stupid things do you do to look goth?

Hey- 2 things. 1. Hair dye is NOT stupid. 2. This was before Goth even crossed my mind.

So... What do you look like now?

I have rather shortish hair (Shortest in the back at like an inch, longest in the front at past jaw length) and its dyed really dark reddish brown (to cover up the faded green) with like 2 inches of blonde roots. I want to grow it out to about my shoulders, and keep it blonde with jet black tips. My skin is fair and my eyes are hazel/green.

What kind of makeup do you like to do to get a desired "Goth" look?

I love makeup :). I usually just use some light foundation (my own skin tone, not white), berryish lipstick (or just lip balm) and off-black eyeshadow. Sometimes purple. For picture... Totally different story. My current one (while writing this) has black lips and blush, and a ragdoll stitch smile. Looks cool as a profile picture, but I would NEVER wear it in public. And for pictures, I will artfully cover my face in glitter or facepaint or both.

You do realize you've been talking to yourself this whole time, right?

Um... Shut up.

I feel insane.

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AislingChild said...

Hey! Ok...this is going to sound weird...but you've given almost the exact same answers as I would give to these questions..odd..