Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh look. I suck at updating this thing.

Its true. I haven't even read any of the blogs I follow. Nor did I go all out for Halloween. And I haven't worn black in ages. Grrr! I'm a goth in disguise as a normie until I can afford new clothes.

Anyway. Aisling requested my homecoming pic.

The dress? Lovely. The makeup? Fantasic. The accessories? Perfectly matched. The photo? CRAP.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Well, I fail at updating this. Other websites and school keep me busy, and I just have no gothy things to write about. "Color goth" just looks normal if you can't afford to dress like Emilie Autumn. At least none of my new friends ever look confused when I say I'm a color goth, they say it suits me :D.

Anyway. I currently have a pair of extremely crappy combat boots. $30 from walmart, so I wan't expecting the greatest thing. They are soooo comfortable but they are literally falling apart, and I've had them for under 2 months.

Something I would LOVE is
but... $120?!?! Budget-goth, please!

I'll be allowed to spend a bit more on boots than average old shoes, because a good pair of combat boots can work for 3 of the seasons, are comfortable and practical. I need something to walk around school in, will not get ruined when I have to kick my locker each time I open it, and will be able to walk in the snow.

Now... Where can I find a practical, plain (or with little design) FLAT combat boots? (I don't mean totally flat, but platforms? No thanks.)

Any help?

Thursday, October 6, 2011


That's right. Today, October the 6th, I am officially NOT 13 ANYMORE!!! 13 sucks. It really does. Don't deny it. Just by saying you're 13, 50% of people will call you immature and give you no respect, while the other 50% expect you to be all mature.

Even though I am convinced today will suck (I don't have lunch with friends, nor do I have my favorite subject, and I honestly would rather do anything else than talk to the mini-sluts in my school. I'm not kidding, I've seen so many, they even talked about doing... stuff... with their 18 year old ex.) I feel like starting out positive will help- Up early, fancyish dress, good breakfast, about an hour to waste online.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I can't take so much math!!

I can't understand my math homework. I thought I was fine at it- Until we got a lot of our homework and quizzes handed back. ALL ZEROS!!!!! Its because I need to "Show my work". Well, most of my work is mental. I can get the correct methods by MY way. Even if I write down my steps and the correct answer, I still get it wrong! There is a certain "Method", which adds several confusing steps, and I don't understand it.

Here is a perfect example of what I'm upset over. On a quiz, I got all but one right. The one I didn't get right was due to using the comfusing method. I GOT A ZERO. Its not fair! I try hard, I spend a lot of time on my homework, and still I don't get any credit?

I blame my teacher. Maybe I wouldn't fail if the evil toad (Yes, I do think she looks like a toad.) would actually TEACH- All she does is make us copy notes, writes a few questions on the board, which she solves 10 seconds later, and I don't understand HOW. The notes don't make sense. "Use distrubutive to get rid of ( )" WTF?! What does that mean?!

And, she snaps at people for asking questions. Not only is there a lot of "Save your questions until the end!" but this one person asked a very good question, which someone else in the class was going to ask too, and he got yelled at for wasting her time with a stupid question. I'm not kidding, she basically said that.

I can't do my homework, I don't understand it. We have a thing called zap (zeroes aren't permitted), where you spend lunch in a room making up your work. Maybe the people there can help me. Maybe I should transfer out of the class.

I'm exhausted and I wanted to cry since math, and my eyes started to sting everytime I thought of my zeroes or my homework. Right now, I'm silently sobbing and wishing my mom was home to help me. I don't know what to do...

On a brighter note, I may have convinced my science teacher to show Doctor Who clips in class.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I keep getting emails that some anonymous is posting random links. All the same. On a lot of my posts. They seem to delete themselves. I could put up the word verification, but those things really annoy me... Plus its not like the comments stay. But its ANNOYING! Has anyone else got an outbreak of spam?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

An explanation of my absense.

I haven't been posting because, well, school. Its draining me of not only my energy, but my thoughtful snarkiness- All I'm left with is some insanity which is spent on roleplaying. Plus, school seems to be poisoning me. You know how peer pressure supposedly makes you do drugs or skip school or something like that? Yeah, it makes me listen to metal and want bright green skinny jeans.

Luckily, halloween is approaching rappidly, so say hello to a chance to wear more insane outfits. Why yes, I do happen to ow a pair of kitty ears that i wear at any possible chance (at home). And I have a purse I take to school that is the face of a halloween kitty. It has ears. And I have a spooooOooooOooky halloween shirt. Hooray :) I just need to find a spiderweb skirt.

I also need to stop wearing jeans. I don't know why I am, nor do I know why I recently bought them. I am not a jeans person. But the bus stop is cold, and skirts aren't exactly good for keeping in warmth, so... Jeans are an easier option. I should just wear my ankles length skirts with leggings.

There is also something I am currently buzzing about... THE NEWEST FASHION TRENDS ARE SO NICE! Whatever designer decided to use black lace and princess seams and all sorts of potentially goth stuff was a genius. You know, people never assume fashion designers have much power, but think about it. A popular designer uses something that people like, ex. princess seams. Other designers copy it, and soon the shops are filling up with princess seamed shirts, and due to them being available, more and more people wear them. So one fashion designer can dress millions of people.

Anyway, back to why I'm not here anymore. I just don't have anything to post! I'm sure you don't feel like listening to me rant about school. I haven't had many great fashion finds (Though I did see an Edward Cullen shirt at the thrift store that was just begging to be covered with a big red fabric paint X...) nor any halloween tutorials or anything goth at all. I haven't even been looking undead at school! Gasp! I need to fix that! (A tint of blue foundation and a softer black eyeshadow, perhaps?)

I need to compile a list of what school has done to me.

- Gotten rid of any chance of being nocturnal.
- Makes me desire brightly colored skinny jeans.
- Making me care about blending in- Well, not like I want to blend in, but its making me more aware about how easy it is to accidently blend in the crowd. I need to stand out!
- Made me decide to dye my hair bright red. Which now is faded pink...
- Made me realise how impractical black velvet really is.
- Made me listen to metal. (Okay, maybe not the school, but the friends I made in school)
- Made me too forgetful to finish this list.

But I have to say, I do like drawing class...

And speaking of metal, I'm just gonna share a song I like by the 1 metal band I love.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just a little thing to make you depressed.

Okay, so I've been looking around for halloween costume ideas. I'm thinking of drowning victim, kinda Ophelia-like. But I'm not sure. Well, one of the questions had this, seriously written.

"And I prefer the scarier type of costumes. Vampires are okay, but not the cheesy Dracula type. And I was wondering, do you think that if I dressed up as Alice Cullen from the Twilight Series, people would know who it was? If so, how should I do it? Vampire fangs & designer clothes? lol. :)"

CHEESY DRACULA TYPE?! Okay, so Dracula, ACTUAL VAMPIRE, is cheesy, but a sparkly little fairy princess isn't?!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I found something really awesome for doctor who fans!

Mmkay, you know the jacket 11 always wears?

Well check THIS out!


It even has the circle things on the elbows!

And its $30!!!!! (Pretty good price for a blazer)

In other news: I am not at school. Not by choice. My alarm clocks didn't go off, and my mom thought I shouldn't be woken up because I "don't feel good" (allergies). Either I hate her for thinking that because I wanted to go to school today, or I hate her for ignoring her alarm, which goes off for an HOUR every day, because I am sick of having to wake her up EVERY DAY (and having her object to it, and try to make me make her coffee when I'm trying to get ready for school- Get up, and make it yourself. Since when was I the responsible one?)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Color goth!

I should have known better than to say "Oh no, I'm wearing colors, I can't be goth!"

OF COURSE Goths can wear color. They don't even need to wear any black! Just look at Emilie Autumn.

Hardly any black. Still looks gothic. So, yay!

Now this blog might go from trying to survive as a babybat and examples of how to make it a little more subtle for school, to trying to convince people "Yes, Goths can look like they bathed in a rainbow" and making the gothiness more notable.

In other news, I got my hair dye today! I would have LOVED to find Electric Lava (orange) but sadly, they did not have any. Nor any Rock n' Roll red, which I heard somewhere might be the dye Emilie uses. I got Pillarbox Red, and if you google it you'll see this super bright hair. Its going to be a few shades darker, because i'm not bleaching it. I'm gonna put it in my hairs now.

Friday, September 9, 2011

So... Well...

I'm not really paying much attention to blogs at the moment. I have school, currently I have allergies, and another thing I shall discuss later on in this post.

First, I forgot to mention that I dyed my bangs again (with manic panic), this time overnight, and was pleased with the results. People keep saying they "love the blue". Uhh, thanks... Its purple...

And now I want to dye ALL of my hair. Not sure which color yet. But going into the highschool made me feel lame. I must be weird, because "peer pressure" will never make me do drugs, but it makes me consider dying my hair bright orange. Which I want to do. And I recently got my hair layered and thinned (and razored) so I could actually be able to work dye through all of it.

I hate when seasons change because I have allergies. My throat was KILLING me today. Luckily, I was mostly fine for school,  but after I got home I was miserable. And I slept some, so who knows when I'll go to bed today...

And, the more important thing...

I'm actually considering going not-goth. GASP! But lately, I've been more into colors and don't think of black as the best color in the world... I mean, I'll still be goth in spirit, but not actually dress like it all the time. No way am I giving up my black velvet skirts or black lace, but maybe not wear them together. Hmm... High school has ruined me already. I know that you don't HAVE to dress in all black to be a goth, but its one of the main points...

Maybe I'll just ditch any restrictions people think fashions have and wear what I want. I'll call it... "Psychopath Chic" (That would be such an epic name for a clothing line)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I wish school took less time.

I'm back from my third day at school. It was awful. Which is weird, cause I got a decent amount of sleep (went to bed shortly after 9 and woke up at 5). This proves I need to be tired to be happy. I need to list some complaints.

- I have been missing out on my Internet life (Yes, including reading blogs)
- I barely spoke with ANYONE I knew. Some idiot who got on the bus before me took the seat next to my friend (I wanted to talk about my plans to get a nose ring and the new bands I listened to...), the only class with him I had, we had assigned seats (alphabetical) and there was just ONE person between us, so we couldn't talk, and I was having a bad day and kept dropping stuff and getting lost so I didn't have time to talk between classes. Oh, and we don't have the same lunch time. Maybe I need to make more than one friend? Nah, I hate people.
- In health class, we had a test. Well, practice test. I knew like all of the answers and the ones I didn't know made me think "How the hell am I supposed to know that? I'm 13!". I had like 20 minutes after the test (that includes the time of class spent waiting in a line to get my health book) that I just spent staring at a wall. I need to bring a book... Oh, and one of the seniors that failed the class in a different year and had to take it again? She took FOREVER.
- I suck at drawing. I didn't really get the practice assignment, and I utterly sucked at it. This is why I hate drawing- I CAN'T DO IT! Give me some clay, you get a bowl and/or small animal. Give me some paper and scissors? Fun shades. Hell, give me the ability to draw what I feel like drawing, and you'll get a cute little cartoon. But have me sit at a desk, with uncomfortable chairs (obviously made for short people), near ANNOYING seniors, drawing ovals, and you will get me fidgety, distracted and BORED. Not to mention some crappy ovals.
- My hair looks like shit. I don't want to have to spend a ton of time on my hair in the morning, its too short to do anything with, and I just need a haircut.
- I can never find anything to make for breakfast (Partly because like everything tastes gross in the morning), and everyday I have the last lunch in the school.
- Really wish idiots would stop standing in the middle of the most crowded hallway to talk.
-  I think I have allergies. My throat hurts and I've been sneezing a bit, and if I'm not mistaken, allergy season is right about now. Maybe this caused my bad mood...
- Locker keeps jamming. I have to kick it at just the right spot. And this is coming from someone who hates making noise, so if other classes are going on (Like after I got my science book, I went to go put it in my locker and like no one was in the halls) the echoing of boot kicking locker door pains me.
- I feel utterly dressed down. A not that pretty shirt and black jeans. Extremely simple makeup.

On a positive note:
I met an Australian exchange student. No clue what her name was, but she's on my bus and asked me where it was (I didn't know either, but we found it). Who would want to go from Australia to my boring little town?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Second day of school- much better!

It feels like weeks since yesterday. School was soooooooo much better today. May we start with the basics- It felt shorter, I knew some people (okay, one person), and I didn't get lost! However, I have discovered, after years of being awesome at math, I HAVE A FEAR OF ALGEBRA. Maybe not a fear. but we had a test with I think 50 questions. I answered 8... and most were guesses. Oopsie. In my defense, some of the class was eaten up getting our math books, and it was just a practice test that we will take again at the end of the semester.

I don't know if I mentioned this yesterday, but you would not BELIEVE how many unnatural hair colors are in highschool. As well as facial piercings. Hey, maybe after I tell my mom that I can get a nose ring... And yes, my new friend and all of his friends have piercings or weird hair colors or both.

I don't know what else to say. Maybe this blog'll get interesting when I finally have some gothy experience. But right now, I'm looking up screamo bands. (New friend likes screamo or metal or whatever the hell you call it, and I thought I'd check them out. So... much... SCREAMING!)

(And bonus... New friend is on the same bus and has a locker right by mine)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My first day of school, and why I'm over-stressed.

I got back from school. ALIVE. Since then, I've eaten some grapes and drank some water, as well as talked to some online friends, and then fell asleep for an hour or two.

I woke up at like 5 AM. It seems like days ago. I actually set my alarm for 4:30, so I could wake up. My hair took a good half hour, longer than I was expecting. And I missed the bus. I was going by the time the bus was supposed to arrive, because NO ONE TOLD ME TO GET THERE 15 MINUTES EARLY. So my mom drove me.

The day had started with only freshmen, and the upper-classmen who were our mentors. We were forced to go to the gym and sit on the ever-so-comfy bleachers. I sat on the side, by myself, and was surrounded by those mentors because apparently no one can have peace and quiet that early in the morning. I got a compliment on my outfit and hair (2 different people).

Then we had to do some stupid peppy crap. Pretend we are on a roller coaster, hold a rope and walk through a line of the parents and staff cheering and taking pictures, stuff like that. Oh, not to mention the many times we were supposed to just stand and talk to our friends. Its quite annoying for those of us who don't know anyone, knows someone but isn't remembered, or knows someone and wants to avoid a conversation with them at all costs.

Then we going to Seminar. Its a 15 minute class twice a week to do homework. Didn't know anyone. Then after some introductions, we were then told to go to our 1st hour for the next 15 minutes.

I have drawing first hour. I'm actually pretty happy about that, because 1. Its not that hard (drawing is challenging, yeah, but not so much as "real" school work that will be graded) 2. the teacher lets people use MP3 players a lot. I could definately see starting out the day with music and art.

Then 2nd. Algebra. Don't get me wrong, I like math. But my teacher must have magic powers of boredom. I'm not the only one who feels this way- Like the whole class was half asleep in 10 minutes. This is also where I met a first potential friend.

I was the last in class (Thankfully before the bell rang- they are serious about tardiness!) and was looking for a seat. Some dude in the back row, unnaturally cheerful, pointed to one. We introduced ourselves quietly just before the class started, and due too saying my name as "Treesa", he now calls me Tree. His name is Jake.

Lets see, next we have World Studies. History if my worst subject. Our teacher previously taught at juvie. I HATE HIM. He kinda let the class talk to themselves, he isn't very friendly and he just has that "I really don't care" attitude. (Jake is in this class, too.)

Then Language Arts. I got the teacher my brother HATED- and I actually kind of like her. I think he hated her because she is a little... Young. She doesn't sound very teacher-y, she's pretty friendly and I do think she dumbs down a few assignments. Like when they read To Kill a Mockingbird out loud in class. All of it was read out loud. She asked us to think of names for her plants. (at first I thought Fern, but now I think Alfalfa.)

Lets see, Geophysical Science. Teacher is okay. I've always liked science. Hat the desks in that class, I feel all figity. I need to find some pez despensers to give to the teacher, because he has a ton, but doesn't even collect them. Apparently, a friend of his had given him the star wars collection, and he displayed them in his office. For the rest of that year, some unknown person has been lacing a pez despenser in his mailbox every now and then. That's something you can't say about most teachers.

Then Health. Oh, joy. Our teacher is used to dealing with the failures of the school. Or, that's pretty much how she put it. The ones who don't really care, and aren't going to graduate. She also seems to enjoy scaring us by telling us how easy it is to fail and not graduate. And due to the high amount of students, you can't repeat a year. Thanks for stressing me out even more, health teacher.

And yay we got to take a break from that and go to lunch! I have to say, I'm not very disapointed in the food. There were salads and sandwiches, and I got a turkey wrap instead of pizza. Though, when entering my student number to pay (its rather high tech now), a page was brought up with my 6th grade picture, because its my latest school picture. ITS AWFUL!!! The shirt was ugly and unflattering, both style and cut, my hair was burying my face, my pose was weird and my smile was stupid. And I finished at least 10 minutes early, but noooo they couldn't let me out to find my locker (still hadn't found it by then) and even if you wanted to go to the bathroom you would need a picture ID. I don't think any of us got our IDs yet, and I didn't have my picture taken. I also got into a conversation (a short one) with the girl I think is a major idiot, but used to be my friend. Luckily, no classes together.

By then, the other grades had arrived. Some classes are mixed grades. Let me tell you, the hallways were stupid enough with just the freshmen getting lost and confused. Then add the other people going to and from classes, and those IDIOTS who stand in the middle of the crowded hallway and talk to their friends? A main crossing place is called "The T" because it is, well, shaped like a T. And in that spot in the middle, three hallways are merged together, creating must chaos.

Then we went back to see all our classes again. Drawing is mixed in with older students. I had been sitting near some dude, and I really really really hope I don't have to again. He talks too much, he distracts people, he doesn't pay attention. Very annoying if you are trying to learn about where you will be for the next 4 years.

Some older girl in my class helped me find my locker. Naturally, it was in the T. And I CANNOT GET THE STUPID THING OPEN!! I had to ask a teacher for help.

Then math again. Ughhhhh we had actual math work. I didn't finish it. Oops. We didn't have a lot of time. But, I noticed about 90% of the class didn't. Jake greeted me again, and I thought it was strange that he didn't say hi to anyone else.

Then back to seminar, at least I think. Might be after the next subject. We got planners. Turns out, we can FAIL THE CLASS AND NOT GRADUATE if we don't fill it out every day. They weren't even given out at the highschool last year! They have a ton of idiotic new rules this year.

Then world studies. Ughhhhhhh. No actual work, we seriously just went over school rules (that I already knew- Don't wear short shorts and don't start a fire pretty much sums it up). I hate saying this, but I noticed Jake seriously reminded me of Jacob Black from twilight- His skin was darker, his hair was longer than jaw length, and he almost looked like he had fangs. And his name is Jake. Now, the twilight relation is lame, but I do think its cool that I'm in a class with a werewolf.

Then Language Arts again. Actually had fun! I think we went over some school rules, but by then we pretty much knew what they were talking about. We made our own nametags for our desks. We even has the ability to use crayons (most chose marker, I used colored pencil). I heard someone near me say that is was like kindergarten or something, but I thought it was fun. On one side, we wrote our name and decorated it (I had vines on the side. That's all, but I thought it looked put together instead of chaotic. I'm a bit of a perfectionist.) and on the other, we wrote "Welcome to a year of ____ at *school name here*, because ___" and we had to fill in the blanks. I wrote "Welcome to a year of torture, because school starts soooo early." Seriously cannot wait for her class tomorrow, because we are going over our summer reading assigments (I'm one of the two who read Treasure Island. The other guy didn't like it either.) and I need to know how I did!!

Then Science. Meh. Not good, not bad. Just meh.

Then Health. Oh, joy. The older people were in that too. It is very very very obvious the teacher is used to seniors, because she was very bad at giving us information of when our lunches are. Ya see, we have a "block schedule", where we have four 85 minute classes a day instead of six 1 hour classes. And they all change. Its very confusing.

Then I got my backpack (After wanting to cry because I couldn't get the locker open, then asking the same teacher) and went on to the bus. Took forever to find. Then I rode it home, which I hate doing, and got off at one of the last stops.

I also feel like mentioning I had almost no water today.

And now I'm still stressing out because I have to do the same thing tomorrow. I don't want to. I just want to stay at home and sleep. I'm tired, dehydrated and stressed out. And painfully confused. I still have things to do (I wanted to add more music to my MP3 player, find a smaller purse to take from class to class (one that doesn't contain all my makeup and a ton of random crap), find a way to work out how I am going to use my binders and stuff (I think I may just add some more paper to my multi-purpose binder and move the sheets into my other binders when I want to))

Update (even if I haven't posted it): Its like half an hour later, I ate some food and had some water. Better now. Still stressing. But I'm going to put on a face mask and fill a little purse, then take a shower. Then sleep. Sooo tired....

Tomorrows outfit: Long pink/purple skirt (what's the color that looks like muted fuschia?) and Mad Hatter tee.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Tomorrow, school starts!

EEEP! Well, at least I have the outfit ready.

Crappy pic. But, its an ivory blouse with black lace, and a black velvet skirt.

And makeup.

Yay dots :) No lip color.

And boots.

Stock photo, BUT it actually looks just like the shoes.

I will be making some changes- if its cold, I'll be wearing tights (black), probably a black cardigan too. And my eyeshadow is black with silver highlights and green in the crease (hard to tell). Will be changing it to pewter with siler highlights and black in the crease.

I also got a hair waver. So my hair is waved, with wax, and even teased (it smells terribly like hairspray- yuck!) and it looks better than plain. That will be tomorrow's hair.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well... I haven't died...

I haven't been posting. Oopsie. Anyway, preaccupied with video games and other websites, trying not to stress over school. I'll be back soon enough.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mall haul!

I went to the mall today. In search of a shirt to go with my black velvet skirt for the first day of school. I think I found a good one, I still have to try it with the skirt. Its ivory with black lace. I also have a purple shirt. But, I bought other stuff that I don't need!

I bought two things here.
Fishnet Gloves (black) and this Spider Bracelet (From the halloween section). Its a sad, sad day for hot topic when Claire's has more pairs of black lace gloves and fishnets than it does. Granted, they were mainly little tiny children sizes (I do not have 8 year old hands), but still.

The closing sale FINALLY got good. 50% off. I got the third Emily The Strange book, and Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. Both of which I've been wanting. I like Shannon Hale, I read The Goose Girl and Enna Burning, and I need to go to the library and get the next in the series. My mom also got a book with the first two Nancy Drew books ever written, and I got a book of shipwrecks, mysteries and monsters of the Great Lakes (of MI)

I bought three scented burning oils. I use them to put in coconut oil (A few drops won't hurt you, and it smells nicer than perfume.)
I got: Sandlewood and Ginger, Fire Lily and Amber, and Vanilla and Tonka Bean.

For a while now, I didn't like Lush. I thought it was overpriced, and smelled bad. Then I actually went into the store for more than 40 seconds. It was rather interesting, and not as expensive as I thought. And what's a few more dollars when it comes to nice skin? I got
Breath of Fresh Air toner, which I already love.
T Tree Toner Tab, 'cause it was cheap.
Herbalism Facial Cleanser, because my face cleaner is drying my skin and not really helping anyway. And it smelled herby.
I also got some samples of fresh face masks, which aren't listed on the website. They have no preservitives (and need to be kept in the fridge) and come in a bunch of different kinds. I got Cupcake (Smells like chocolate and the girl working there suggested it) and I got my mom BB Seaweed, which has seaweed and rose. I haven't used mine yet, but I'll get my mom's opinion of hers. She says it "Feels pretty good" (Very extensive review) and her face looks clean. She also loves the scent (Real roses.)

My outfit today:
White and black striped shirt
Black bloomers
Purple tights
Short sleeve crochet cardigan

I decided to wear two colors other than black today, because my mother was doing the frustrated "You need to wear something other than black!" thing again. Sigh. But I did like the tights with the bloomers, and I got two compliments on them.

Oh, and I forgot about the newest episode of Doctor Who! Its online now! MWAHAHAHAHA! Imma go watch it now.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Manic Panic review- Ultra Violet

No, I didn't do an all over color, just the under layer of my bangs. I used some leftover dye, Ultra Violet by Manic Panic.

Yes, that looks nice, doesn't it? I, of course, didn't feel the need to bleach due to having blonde hair at the moment.

My first experience with the color:

I went for dying every last strand of my hair purple. Yep. But, it only dyed parts of it, and the parts it did dye were faded and gross! After a while, I thought this was just because I didn't use enough/didn't work it through all my hair (I had half a jar left and didn't use a tint brush). That brings us to...

Current experience:

I decided I needed some color, and thought just doing some of my bangs would work- I wouldn't have to care if it started to fade, I could just use some more dye (And not have to order more dye online/track down a store that sells the colors I like, make a total mess applying it and spend all that time trying to work highly stainable (Oh, you know what I mean...) gloop through impossibly thick hair). Anyway, I followed all the instructions, even used some heat (for like a minute) and left it on for 25 minutes, when the max was 30. I made sure I had extra in my hair, I worked it through thoroughly and...

SAME DAMN THING! Only this time, it covered all of it. In an awful faded purple. I looked at their website moments ago (I found the pic on it), and they said they left it on for like an hour. WHY THE HELL DOESN'T THE PACKAGING SAY THAT?!

Anyway, not pleased with manic panic. Perhaps it is just the color? But I think I'll look for another brand.

Which brings me to...

Anyone know a good brand? I have used Special Effects (Faded super fast, but that may just have been the green), Splat (Fades sooooooooo fast), and I've been advised not to use Raw.

Side note: Why does is it there does not seem to be a silver hair dye? I think there's a white one (I want), but why not silver? It looks cool! (Imagine black hair with silver streaks... Epic.)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Goth spotting!

I got back from my freshmen orientation thingy. Let me start by saying what happened...

Well, we got picked up by a bus and got taken to the school. IN THE MORNING. Can you believe it? Then, we went to the school. At first, it was just awkwardly standing there, pretending I was looking for someone I knew to not look totally hopeless. Someone asked me if I was a teacher or senior. I replied that no, I'm a freshman and I'm 13!

Then we went into the gym and sat on the bleachers. Oh, wonderful. and then we had a pep rally, trying to get us "confident" and feel all welcome and crap. UGHHHHH I DO NOT NEED THAT MUCH HAPPY THAT EARLY! And then we played games. Joy. At one point, we had left the bleachers and then had to stand in a line HIGH FIVING LIKE 12% OF THE FRESHMANS. I am not a high five person. And guess what? I saw some potential goths. I mean, some people were wearing all-black, but they didn't seem very "goth". Maybe because goth, to me, looks more put together. Not sweatpants and a tshirt, especially when meeting a ton of new people. Anyway, one girl had some dark purple in her hair and had piercings, but looked a bit more scene/emo. Another girl was wearing black and a Black Veil Brides shirt. And another girl (don't remember her outfit) had liquid black eyeliner as eyeshadow. She also likes Black Veil Brides. So now I'm listening to them... Nah, still prefer other stuff.

Well, then we were made into little groups and then had EVEN MORE DUMB GAMES. Sure, they were better than the "Tell your life story in 39 seconds to a total stranger" but ugh.... But, okay, I did have fun. Then we went to tour the school! Each group had a theme. While I do sort of envy the ones who got to wear princess crowns, and the ones who said this from finding nemo

We had a cardboard train that said "Hogwarts express" and we all had sticks, and we shouted "EXPELIARMUS!" when passing other groups. One group did the same, but Avada Kedavra. That must be the Deatheater group. Why wasn't I in that one?! But my group was kinda awesome... I knew one of the people!

I'm tired now...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I just love America around Halloween.

I went to walmart today. And what did they have? Why, halloween goodies, of course! In August! Leave it to America to so something so stupid and wonderful. At least, I'm assuming its only America. Because Americans are sort of idiots when it comes to halloween.

Did I buy stuff? I little. I mean, there isn't much. As much as I'm dying for the cheesy t-shirts, they don't have them yet. There was halloween underwear (... Why? And why do I want them?), and some craft stuff. I was not able to get the scrapbook jackolatern stickers (Whatever, I'll wait til I see some bats and spiders) but I did get some fancy paper!

I also got some school junk supplies. An acordian folder for my homework to go in, a binder, some loose leaf paper and a notebook to act as a planner (I need to print out a calander sheet, though).

I went to the school today to turn in my report- Did I mention we MISSED it yesterday? But whatever, it would have been useless anyway. I CAN'T CHOOSE MY ELECTIVES! I was given Health Class (Ugh...) and Drawing. Okay, I admit, I did consider drawing, BUT I DON'T WANT IT AS MY ONLY ART CLASS ALL YEAR! The second semester, I only seem to have been given one elective. Gym. I have to be taken out of that, because I have a bad knee. Come on, I need home design and ceramics! I really hope I get them, or I am going to have to take out of school classes. And be mind-numbingly bored in other classes (I was almost put in PARENTING. Its the class where you get the annoying crying baby doll to take care of. I get it, its hard work, don't have kids young. Don't make me take care of crying plastic!)

I did something cool with my report. It was already printed on paper that looks like parchment, but I covered it in coconut oil and crinkled it up and rolled it in a scroll (and tied it). It looks some-what transparent and old. I also had a flat copy of it, in case they needed to just throw it on a neat little stack and an oily scroll wouldn't work. The counselors (Or whoever was working at the desk... Secratairy? I dunno.) seemed impressed.

Oh, and something totally cool? Tomorrow is Freshman Orientation (its optional, but I'm going). A bunch of freshmen will be picked up and brought to the school and given a tour and blah blah blah boring blah. This means I get a chance to 1. Meet a few people before school starts, 2. Maybe talk to old friends and 3, GO GOTH-SPOTTING! Please don't let me be the only black-clad one. Please please please please. I think I'm gonna wear some black jeans, a black shirt with a weird but cool tiger design, and my boots. I also need to see if my phone can fit in my boots (I do that every winter) because you're not allowed to take purses or backpacks!

I need to do laundry now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm being lazy with posts.

I promise I'll start the Goth challenge again soon, but since I just got back from my trip I'm too tired to post. Oh, and things are confusing whenever I return from a trip. And I have school starting REALLY soon. Tomorrow is the day I have registration!

I feel like explaining what the trip to Misery Missouri was. Y'see, after my dad died, my mom joined an online group for widows. A little while later, a few of them met up in person. Then a few years later, they had another gathering. And another. And another. I remember there being 2 camping trips, one gathering at my house, one in Tennessee, and one in Missouri. Plus maybe 2 or 3 I wasn't at. How did I start coming? My moms friends have granddaughters my age, so they started bringing them, and we are now called the "Goddesses in training" (Because my mom and her friends are the "Goddesses"). Yeah.

Next, my mom has to eat healthier, so we will be going vegetarian! Well, maybe not. I don't think my mom or brother would put up with that. So lets just go with getting rid of red meat and eating more vegetarian/vegan meals. Yay I get my way!

Another thing, I am almost caught up with all the posts I missed! I have 10 left. Oh wait, maybe a few more... Grr, why does everyone have to update when I'm gone?!

And yet another thing... I finished my paper for Treasure Island! I'm supposed to write it as a letter to a friend. *bored bored bored bored bored bored* But I found a way to make it fun WITHOUT a Doctor Who reference. I'm not going to post it ALL, but I'll post the beginning and the end.

Dear Mollie,

Here is my review of Treasure Island, like you asked. I hope you consider this letter when choosing a book for summer reading- Even though you are, in fact, my pet poodle, cannot read, and are only receiving this letter because I could not decide a person to address it to.

*8 paragraphs talking about the book*

All in all, I wouldn't recommend it. I wish I liked it, but the simple plot and confusing terms made it hard to get through. The chapters could have been much shorter, but get the same effect. Perhaps you would like it better than I did, but then again, you are a dog...

Sincerely, Teresa.

(It was a simple, you know the good guys and the bad guys, good guys win in the end story. And the old sailor terms were annoying and confusing.)

The teacher better like wit.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My car ride log.

Warning: This post will have typos. I was typing in a car, that was bumpy half the time and dark the other. Oh, and the names have been changed for... Whatever reason.

As I am typing this, I can see the freaking ST. LOUIS ARCH.
I'm in a car. On my way home. Sadness :( I don't wanna go back! It was so fun! And the car ride is boring and makes me cranky, so I'm going to be typing this, which I shall post when I get home.
Got some nice pics of the arch. Maybe I'll photoshop Percy Jackson in one. Earlier, my friends got me to take a picture. I actually kinda like it. I hope its up on Facebook when I get home so I can have it. I'm wearing a black shirt and bloomers (Same outfit I was recognised as a goth in) and my legs look sooooooo pale. Yay!
Starving. Haven't had any food today. I do not want fast food! Its not a good idea to have a breakfast (yes, even at 12:20) filled with grease and salt. Call me a princess, but I need real food!
I need to buy stamps. Preferably halloween ones. And house mouse (its an adorable little mousie!). And some ink, too. Last night, one of my mom's friend (Who has a craft room which needed more room for her sewing stuff, A PYGMY GOAT that lives in the house, is psychic (no joke), and sorta reminds me of a hippie) brought a ton of craftbook stuff, including a ton of cool stamps. And she showed me how to emboss them!
Wishing the car had wifi.
Lost some valuable log time. We went to subway (I got spicy italian with cucumbers, pickles, olives, yellow peppers, tomatoes and american cheese. On italian bread. And sweet onion dressing (LOVE THAT STUFF!). I usually get the same with even more toppings, but I wanted to be able to eat what I had left in the car later.) and then my mom asked to take my backseat spot to take a nap. I like my backseat now, because I can lay down if I'm tired, I have enough room to type, and I can tune people out and listen to my mp3 player without seeming rude. Oh, I should probably mention that the girl driving is my mother's cool friend (mentioned above)'s daughter. She refuses to let my mom drive, because it'd hurt her hip more. While I was in the passengers seat, I kept falling asleep. I think so anyway, because I'd close my eyes and the next thing I knew, my head would be down and it would be later. Fine by me, Illionois is so BORING to look at. Its just corn fields. And corn fields. AND CORN FIELDS. I didn't even see any horsies. During this time, we went back to our normal time zone. Hooray! The car clock is correct! Anyway, then we stopped at a rest area, and I noticed I have a tan on my leg! I got it today, because its not tanned where my shorts are. It would make more sense if I had gotten it when I was in my swimsuit earlier this weekend, but at least my bloomers are the shortest thing I wear. I bought some cheetos and some honey bbq fritos. Now I'm feeling my neck burn, back in the backseat, listening to In The Lake by Emilie Autumn.
- 5:06 P.M. (I'll start posting times now)
Er... Quick question: In the Dresden Dolls' "Baclstabber", is that the dude singing, or Amanda? (It seems I have failed to recall the dude's name.) I think its what's-his-name, but its hard to tell because Amanda Palmer has a deeper voice. Not that that's bad, coming from someone who does have a deeper voice. Its nice to have a singer who isn't a high pitched little diva. Plus, I still hold resentment because of 6th grade chorus, when the teacher ALWAYS gave the actual words to those squeaky little voices and the second part to the deeper voices. I remember when we were practicing "One Little Candle" and at one point, my group was singing "Ooooooooooooooh" to the tune. WE WERE TOLD TO BE QUIETER. We were singing at normal volume, and maybe I was a tad louder than before, due to wanting to show off over the little mouse-people singing the real words. I just think the real song should go to the people WHO CAN SING. Gr... Oops, I turned my quick question into a long rant.
- 5:15 PM
Recently stopped at a gas station and got a cherry slush puppy. Just saw a grown woman with a panda pillow pet in her car. Ha ha :)
- 5:54 PM
Note to self: Look up meaning to Emilie Autumn's "Swallow"... And like half her songs. Another note to self: Add more music to MP3 player.
-6:24 PM
Last night, we were making fun of texas accents, because one of my friends is from texax. Okay, we made fun of a lot of accents. But mostly texan. Bea only has an accent on a few words (Like the word "Accent". I like the irony.). Also, she was talking about going "Muddin'" which is driving a four wheeler through mud. SUCH A STEREOTYPICAL TEXAN ACTIVITY. Oh, and a girl in her neighborhood was in an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras. Laura said if she were a hillbilly, she would name her kids Cornfield and Porkchop. Bea was texting with a friend of hers (she called him her stalker), and he asked if she was pregnant. This was 100% untrue, totally unrelated from the conversation, and rather creepy. We all burst out laughing.
- 6:32 PM
I'M IMPATIENT AND BORED! We are stuck in traffic!
- 6:34 PM
I'm not actually minding the car ride that much. It was awful on the way over, but we rearranged some stuff so I have more room. Plus, I'm not as impatient. Sure, I want to go home, but all that's home is just home. I wanted to see people and have fun! And we did happen to see the arch that Percy Jackson jumped off of (That was on my to do list for ages), and I woke up at 8 instead of 5, even if I was awakened by a perky morning person (I don't care if she gets up early to take care of her farm, SHE NEEDS A SNOOZE BUTTON!!!). Oh, and I managed to eat mostly good food on this trip. I just finished a blueberry scone and I'm drinking some tea. Yeah, that's right, tea and scones in a car! Be jealous! Sadly, I could only find iced tea. Well, the stuff that's cooled but not with ice. If you ever get Lipton Pureleaf Iced Tea, GET THE UNSWEETENED. If possible, pick up some sugar packets from around the coffee. The sweetened not only tastes like syrup, but it also has a long list of ingredients (with names I have never heard) compared to the unsweeteneds' two (Brewed tea and citric acid). I couldn't find any hot tea, even though I wanted it (and when I want something, the universe must give me it. Always.). Though I highly doubt they would carry English Breakfast, there might have been something not terrible. But noooo, no tea. Only *nine* different kinds of coffee. Sigh. Oh, and I probably won't be home until midnight. I know I said I'm not minding it, but I will be by then.
- 8:31 PM
Getting tired. Its dark. I'm writing my book. TWO MORE HOURS LEFT. The girl who's been driving the whole time is in my backseat taking a nap while my mom drives. My mom is playing her music. YO MA! I'M TRYING TO LISTEN TO MY HEADPHONES, TURN IT DOWN! I need to download more music when I get home. I'm thinking more Dresden Dolls, maybe some more Emilie Autumn, and "If I die young" by The Band Perry. Oh, and I need to look up if there's any more news on Emilie's next album. WHY CAN'T THE CAR HAVE WIFI?!?!
- 10:01 PM
Yay! Hot tea! We stopped at a gas station and this one had hot tea, and ENGLISH BREAKFAST at that! Yay! I think tea must affect your brain, because just smelling it perked me up. I did drink a bit... But it is super hot (coming from a person who can eat something straight from a boiling pan). I got a cup, and the first water I put in it was cold. Dumped it out. Then I found a better source of hot water. Well, as I was going to put sugar in it (It doesn't actually need a lot, english breakfast is kinda sweet as it is) I accidently tipped it over. No one got splashed, but I made a mess. Oopsie. I hope the worker who had to clean it up was bored anyway. So I got some more hot water and DIDN'T EVEN SPILL IT! Hooray! But its too hot. How do you people drink from these plastic lids on disposable coffee cups? This is the second time in my life I've ever had one. Oh, and right now, I'm listening to Taylor Swift. -28 goth points, but my mom wanted to listen to mom music and she doesn't like goth music and this was all I had.
- 10:57 PM
I drank my tea. I feel better, and less asleep. This is my source of caffiene. Now listening to Glee. Kurt is singing Rose's Turn from Gypsy. I <3 Kurt. He's the only reason I watched Gypsy. Mother is now asking to switch to Adele, after Bad Romance, of course. Nothing to say, really. I'm just bored.
- 11:24 PM
Duh, I just remembered what I got my laptop up to type about! I got smart water. Its water. From CLOUDS. I am drinking cloud water. Be jealous.
- 11:25 PM
Hay is for horses, they also eat oats. Nothing to say, just wanted to post.
- 11:29 PM
HOME! HOME HOME HOME HOME HOME! Gonna check my email and facebook, post this, drink some more cloud water and go to sleep cause I am so tired!
- 1:29 AM

Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm tired and bored.

I haven't gotten around to reading any blog posts. I'm waiting for wizard 101 to load. I'm bored. I hit my head AGAIN, I'm tired and might have a sunburn on my face. And this cabin has too many freakin' bugs.

*miserable miserable miserable miserable*

I'm bored and this is taking up my time.

Guess what? The cabin has wifi! Yay!

Its been a good trip. I slept most of the car ride here, had fun with my friends here, had twizzler sword fights and was even asked if I was a goth by a 9 year old! (I, of course, said yes. They didn't make a big reaction.)

Why am I typing this right now? 1. I kinda felt like bragging about the first person recognozing me as a goth and 2. My friends are out on the dock fishing. I can't fish to save my life, I'm too impatient for it, its hot, I kept tripping, and I hit my head on something hard two times in a day.

Oh, they're back! Yay!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

So long!

I am almost leaving. I want to say some last words before I go (I sound like I'm going to die or something.)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some of my websites.

I shall be leaving TOMORROW! I'm going to Missouri until sunday, I think. I haven't packed a thing. Oops. But on the bright side, I'm up early. On the down side, I keep listening to Taylor Swift, which isn't so bad, but love songs rot my brain.

Anyway, since I know you will all be TERRIBLY bored without me (Let me just pretend that, okay?), I thought I'd share some of my websites. Yes, MINE. I may just be another user, BUT THEY ARE MINE! MINE! MIIIIIINE!

Dear Blank, Please Blank: This website is in the form of letters. Like
Dear "Real vampires don't sparkle",
Real vampires don't exist.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm almost in high school eeep!

Today was high school registration. I didn't go. Yeah, I like totally ditched 'cause I am like sooo not going.

Actually, its because I was homeschooled last year and have to meet the counselor separately to choose my electives. At least I have a bit of time to grow/dye my hair (its a weird color now). My electives shall be...

Ceramics - Semester
Primitive to modern pottery will be produced in clay. Students will form clay into functional and decorative pottery. Surface designs on clay in stain and glaze will be explored. Evaluation is based on personal growth and skills

Jewelry - Semester
Jewelry techniques such as soldering and riveting are explored. Materials such as copper, brass, bronze, colored aluminum, Plexiglass, Formica, and fiber may be used. Evaluation is based on designing skill, problem solving, and technical skill. This course is for the student who wants to explore three-dimensional art media and who enjoys soldering and constructing objects using tools and equipment. It is also recommended for students pursuing a career in industrial design, auto design, interior design, and architecture, as well as students interested in portfolio development.

Housing and design - Semester
This class deals with the basic elements and principles of design including: color, balance, scale, proportion, fabric coordination, architecture, selection of housing, floor plans and style of furniture. planning of rooms include floor covering, window treatments, furniture arrangements and color design while matching the students' tastes with the elements of good design. This is a project based class.

I can choose one more. Which should I pick?

Debate - Semester
Students will learn the fundamentals of speech, persuasion, reasoning and debate. They will practice these skills through writing, giving speeches and participating in actual debates. Proper methods and uses of research will be covered. Students with develop self-confidence and critical thinking skills.

Intro to art - Semester
This course would be good for the student who wants to discover what art is all about. Students will expand their study of the elements and principles of design. They will develop techniques in the areas of drawing, painting and other media

Well, that filled a stereotype! *Checks "Artistic" off Cliche list*

When my mom was at my brother's registration, she said she saw some "Black clad sullen looking kids" (Then did an offensive "Goth" impression, which looked like a depressed bird. Don't ask.) This is why I'm a bit upset about not going on the normal day. I WANT TO GO GOTH SPOTTING IN THE FRESHMEN GROUP! It will help me establish what I can wear to school (Parental unit will not let me wear black lace gloves or a lot of fun things until I see what its like or something.)

Also, my room is getting cleaner by the day. I has a new dresser (from an estate sale. $75, decent size, HUGE mirror, good quality materials.) and I'm deciding on decorations. Black construction paper bats glue dotted on the walls, yay or nay?

I also need some plain black skirts before school... They are like nowhere to he found. Ugh, why can't my school just have a uniform? It would save so much time.

I have a question to my elder goths; In ninth grade (Age around 14 normally, I think.) how many goths were in your school? I'm trying to figure out if I'll be the only witch goth in my school. I'm not expecting a swarm of people in victorian mourning clothes (Though it is on my to-do list to find a male victorian goth, hopefully in a top hat.) but hopefully someone who thinks like me! (I've noticed from many blogs that goths think like me. That's kinda what got me interested.)

And a question to anyone: Do rats make good pets? Do they smell bad? Do they require a ton of attention? Is Edgar a good name for a rat? What if I got Edgar a little rat friend? Do they like to listen to Emilie Autumn? Are they as annoying as hamsters? (I had a hamster... It ran on its wheel the minute I started to fall asleep. Evil thing.) I had a rat before (His name was Romeo), but I was like 9 and didn't really like it. Somehow it died, I don't know how. (Maybe the window was left open in the winter? That's what killed a few of our birds.) What should Edgar's rat friend be named? (I'm thinking Toulouse, but that was what I wanted to name a pygmy goat...)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Goth Challenge- Day 9

Day 9 – What genre of music do you dislike?

RAP. I hate it. Its just talking fast with meaningless lyrics about being an ass. A rich ass. I once heard (read) someone say it stands for "Retards Attempting Poetry" (Not that I approve of using "Retard" as an insult.)

I also hate a lot of pop now. Ever since I was introduced to people who can actually sing without autotune, and have meaningful lyrics, Katy Perry and Bruno Mars annoy me. I never actually liked Bruno Mars. And he sounds like he would be an annoying boyfriend. "Do I look okay?" "When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would cha-" "I just wanted to know if this outfit looked nice! Why are you talking about my face?!" And of course... How would catching a grenade help anyone? How about deactivating it? Or PUSHING HER OUT OF THE WAY?!

But I still love Glee, so I can't say I dislike pop...


In the first episode of the new season, BLAINE WILL TRANSFER TO MCKINLEY! We get more Darren! But wait... What will he wear? All he ever wears is a blazer... And no! I wanted to get a Dalton blazer! If they stop using Dalton, no blazer!
But I think I knew Blaine would be transferring. It has a hint at the concert I went to. Watch this.


New episode on the 27th! Please tell me someone in America without BBC America knows where to watch it. I watched season 6 on xfinity, how long do they take to upload the episodes?

A rant

60th post, 22 followers... Sweet.

This rant is about Facebook. More specifically, couples in "luv" on facebook.

One of my friends has a boyfriend and is ALWAYS talking about him. If you miss your "Boo", talk to him, don't make it a status! And please, if you are going to have cutesy little conversations like "Baby ur so cute I love u" DON'T MAKE IT WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE!

It happens ALL. THE. TIME. Its so cutesy I want to vomit. And then there are those pictures of people kissing... Really dude? Have a little class.

Do you know some of these people? Do you really want to yell "Get a chat room!" at them?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Goth Challenge, day 8

Day 8 – What's your worst and best experience with non-Goths?

I don't really have them. Oh, come on, people! I was in a black lace top, a long black velvet skirt and has black boots! COMMENT ON IT! STARE! DO SOMETHING! (actual outfit today. Side note: I saw a lady in a sari today at the grocery store. So awesome.)

The worst would have to be This, but that's online.

Cosmetic review!

I'm a makeup nerd. That was known in my pre-black eyeshadow days. But, due to the fact that I'm 13, don't actually need makeup, have a mother who doesn't really care about cosmetics, and don't have a money tree, I don't buy all the fancy MAC and the 88 eyeshadow palette from Coastal Scents (I'm linking it because the place is awesome. Mostly known for the 88 eyeshadow palettes, but it has stuff to make your own makeup, unrefined Shea butter (the really good stuff) and a bunch of other harder to find stuff.) I get drugstore brands. The cheap ones, at that. But, they aren't that bad if you look for quality. Let us start the list of stuff I use, and I shall even get the prices from (Peeps outside of the U.S.: I think its the same thing as Tesco in England, its just a big chain superstore)

Lets break it down, shall we?


St. Ives Blemish and Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub, 3 oz, $3.00- This is a super good exfoliator. I don't use it always. After about a bottle, I switch to something else for a while. I've noticed other reviews of it too, if you use it all the time it just... Stops working as well. Maybe after a bottle all the dead skin is gone. St. Ives is a good brand because not only is it cheap and easy to find, it doesn't have some of the chemicals I can't remember the name of, it doesn't test on animals, and the exfoliating beads are walnut shells, not plastic. 4/5.

L'Oreal Paris Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser (the green one), 6 oz, $4.97- This is my current one. It has a little brush on it to clean "Pore by pore". I like it well enough. It is a bit drying, use moisturiser. But you should do that anyway. 3.5/5


Green Tea- I believe I have mentioned this. Just brew some green tea, cool it, put it in a spray bottle and ta da! New toner. Green tea is great for skin. But if you use it a lot (more than twice daily), make sure it is a light brew or it might stain your face a bit. 5/5.

Witch Hazel (I got mine at a grocery store for $2)- It smells awful, but its good anyway. Its good for oil and just to get rid of any various dirt. 4.5/5


Equate Oil-Free Ultra-Gentle Facial Moisturizer, 4 oz, I think like $5- I got this when my skin was irritated and dry. It is GREAT. It doesn't have SPF, but this is good for when you won't be outside, night, or under a sunscreen. SPF makes things greasy. 5/5.

Coconut Oil (prices will vary)- Just use a teeny tiny bit, and it makes a lovely moisturizer. For both face and body (you can use more for your body, just too much on your face isn't a good idea). 5/5.


Covergirl Clean Liquid Foundation, Creamy Natural, 1 oz, $4.94- I wish I had gotten Ivory (they didn't have it in stock) but its rather nice. Goes on smooth and even, looks clean. I got the one for oily skin. I like it. I was running low, so I mixed it with my moisturizer to make it last longer and have a lighter cover (I prefer not having a lot of stuff on my face, but I still want it to look nice and even.) 4/5.

Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder, Ivory, 11 g,$4.94- Covers well, keeps my face matte, pretty much average. Nothing extraordinary. 4.5/5


Rimmel Glam Eyes, Night Jewel, 2.4 g, like $2- Its off-black. It appears to be waterproof (didn't come off in the pool) and it blends well. They have more colors, too. 4/5.


Almay Intense I-Color (ugh at the name...) Black Pearl Liquid Eyeliner, .08 oz, prices may vary (I think it was like $7 maybe?)- My first liquid eyeliner. It brings out hazel eyes. Its shimmery. The felt tip is wearing down now, but keep in mind I bought it on Halloween. It is not waterproof. I hate that fact about it. (I do have a new waterproof black eyeliner I need to try, though.) The tip is a bit thick, I prefer using a different brush. 3.5/5

Wet N Wild Mega Liner, Liquid Eyeliner, Plum, 0.12 oz, $2.79- I don't really like the color, its a not very bright purple. I should have gotten the green.  Its okay, not waterproof. The brush is TERRIBLE. Maybe its because my only experience with liquid liner is with a felt tip, but this has a brush that is floppy and too big... Use it with a different brush. Stays on fairly well. 3/5.


I appear to have worn off the label of my mascara. If anyone knows what it is, please comment. Its blue and the top (applicator handle) is black, the wand is a bit wobbly, and the brush is round. Its waterproof.


EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit and Lemon Drop (SPF 15), 0.25 oz, $2.96- I like this better than Burt's Bees. I used to use those, but these ones stay on much longer. And the lemon one has SPF. Lemon Drop smells just like a lemon snap cookie, and Summer Fruit spells like... Fruit. I can't tell which kind. Some say strawberries. I really wanna try Honeysuckle Honeydew and Tangerine. Its round and I can't close my hand around it, so the packaging is kind of annoying. 4.5/5.

Perfectly Pure Natural Vitamin E Moisturising Stick, 0.12 oz, $1.49- This stuff is awesome. It goes by fast, but whatever. It just vitamin E, which is great for lips. It wear off faster though. I use this when I'm at home and don't have to worry about digging it out of my purse. Its a bit shinier than most lip balms, but not much because my brother uses it and doesn't complain. (And he complains about EVERYTHING.)


Rimmel London, Kiss & Stay Lip Gloss, unknown price (my friend gave me it)- DON'T BUY THIS or anything like this. It supposedly lasts long and doesn't smudge. It feels like you have a thick layer of goo on your lip, its hard to keep even, and it does smudge. When it smudges, it is even harder to wash off. And it doesn't last a meal. And it makes your lips dry. Maybe if you have a dance recital (Probably reason my friend bought it) and need a lot of color, but not for day to day.

N.Y.C. Liquid Lip Shine, $1.97- I've owned tons of these. Love them. I can't remember if its Petal or Pink Sand (the label is faded) that I use for natural, but its a light pink. Sheer Ruby is a LOVELY color of red, and is very pigmented for a gloss. They are all shimmery. They smudge as much as any other gloss, and they aren't very sticky (the sticky kinds are the clear ones, mostly.). 5/5.

N.Y.C. Smooch Proof 16 Hour Lip Stain, Rock On Ruby, 0.10 oz, $4.97- This is new. And by new, I mean, just got today. I wanted a lip stain because natural lips are boring and look a bit strange with lots of eyeshadow and liner, but lipstick and gloss are soooo annoying to maintain. I already love this stuff. Its a little tiny hint of red- Not a huge explosion of color. The point of lip stains (which, FYI, are "in") is to look like the color is stained into your lips, not piled on top. It feels like coloring your lips with a sharpie. It looks like it, too. While it does not last 16 hours, and doesn't like it when you eat things (drinking is fine), it would be great for a school/work look. Put it on in the morning, eat lunch, reapply. It feels like there is almost nothing on your lips. It could be improved by some clear gloss. And make sure to apply lip balm first, it will be uneven if lips are dry. Review as of now: 4.5/5

Also, did I mention that I lighted my hair? I used blonde dye on black hair and got... Red. And some of the lighter parts (where my highlights were and my roots) are really pale blonde. I'm going to use some dye remover to make it evened out enough to dye it my natural color.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Goth Challenge: day 3-7!

I feel like doing more than one today. LIVE WITH IT! I'm in a better mood today than I have been all week, even though I was cleaning my room and my back and arms hurt like hell for some unkown reason. I give credit to the tea. English breakfast is nice. Maybe Emilie wasn't wrong about Medicating with tea.


Day 3- When did you come out of the Goth closet?

Like a week after I decided I liked it. Maybe two. But, er, maybe I'm still a bit in it. Because I don't see a lot of people regularly (Friend that still lives in this state has had family visiting for most of the summer. Friend in florida is... In florida. There hasn't been a holiday, so I haven't seen a lot of my family.) and I'm not going to announce "Hey everyone, I'm a goth now!"

Day 4- Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to.

- Spiderwebs. They are pretty... As long as there aren't spiders. They are creepy.
- HALLOWEEN. Sure, after hearing about it in England (People actually dress scary?) it seems more lame, and I've always looked down upon those short skirt Alice in wonderland dresses or something, but it was always fun to dress up. Usually I was a cat. One year I was a princess. Once a skunk. A witch a few times. And a vampire (Super cool dress I wish I still had- It had wings!). And black and glittery, costume gloves and devil horns... Why did I not consider goth before?
- Does tea count?
- Fairy tales. I think this might be a cliche for goths. I LOVE fairy tales, often times the re-told ones (like Ella Enchanted- Fun fact: It took me most of the book to realise that it was Cinderella._
- Historical fantasy- Okay, this goes with fairy tales. But while I never really cared for history (American history is so dull!) I would love to hear of a medieval princess. Maybe add some magic.
- Probably some more...

Day 5 – Is there a local Goth band or group in your area?
No idea...

Day 6 – Hand write your favourite lyric and take a picture.
I do not have a favorite lyric, and my handwriting looks like a 6 year old's.

Day 7 – Ten of your favourite goth bands.
Er... I don't know if I have ten *goth* bands. I'm picky with music- Its rare that I'll ever like ten bands at the same time. But, here we go!

No surprise, if you've read any of my blog... She is AMAZING. Current favorite: Shalott (After the poem "The Lady of Shalott"). And With Every Passing Day. And Rapunzel. And Asleep.

He can sing. His lyrics are funny. The music doesn't murder my ears. I like that. Current favorite: Beast of Pirate's Bay

It seems to be a fairly unknown band... Their music is quite strange, but nice. Current favorite: Wednesday's Child.

Okay, so I only listen to two of their songs. So what? They are Coin Operated Boy and Backstabber.

I didn't know if I should list this one... I like one song. Always.

And... Yeah that's where my goth band list ends. Ah well. I'll list others anyway.

Darren <3 He sounds AMAZING live (he started in plays about Harry Potter, of course he does), he can act as either a totally awesome Harry Potter or as Blaine on glee (totally opposite characters), and he is just a great person. I want to marry meet him. Curren favorite: The muse (This is LIVE)

Better known as Kurt from Glee, with sadly not many solos :( And Chris Colfer is another great and funny person. Current favorite: Blackbird

Its hard to describe why I like Lily. I think its because she things all daintily while saying... Not dainty things. The song I shall list is a perfect example. (Its written for the british government)

Please please PLEASE tell me you know who this is. He's from Drake and Josh, and pretty much EVERYONE needs to know him! What you might not know it he's a great singer and has CDs out and everything. I will admit, I can listen to them for hours...

No, seriously. Its either this or Taylor Swift. Never heard of them? They are a rather unknown pop punk band who are a bit "Angsty teen" and the singer sort of sounds like she's 11... But I still like them sometimes. I like Get Over It best, but they also have a song called "Barbie Eat a Sandwhich".

Well I'm tired now. This post must be long. Enjoy!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ungothly confession

Why am I writing this at 2:15 AM? Because I need to take my mind off it.

I get scared too easily. The Doctor Who episode of the shadows that come alive and kill you? I still have to remind myself that its the future and they are native to another planet its a TV show. More recently, a little tale I decided to read. At night. When no one else is awake. The book is called "Gothic!" and it has short stories by various authors. I read the first one, a story about some dead people and a ghost asking his brother to deliver a letter. Rather simple, not very scary. The second one was about a haunted hay ride at a farm where a serial killer buried the bodies, and the ghost of the killer killing the main character. I can take vampires slaughtering a room of people, I can take the Daleks zapping every human, but what I can't take is anything realistic. As in, something that actually happens. And then, add a ghost that appears when its dark, and I'm afraid to turn my lights off.

I'm going to distract myself now.

I'm too discouraged to think of a title

If you want the goth challenge day two, look at this blog. Its pretty much that.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Name change... Again.

I decided I shall keep Toxic Tea Party for my future band.

Future bandmates: Unkown.

First song to preform (Perhaps school talent show?): Miss Lucy Has Some Leeches (And scare the living daylights out of those hipsters mwahahaha!)

Goth Challenge- Day 1

The challenge is from Juliet's Lace, but you probably knew that anyway.

Day 1 – How did you come across the subculture?

I answered this before :P but...

I had a roleplay group, one of the people on there was Aisling. She started spamming the place with Emilie Autumn songs, and I finally listened to "Marry Me". BEST CHOICE EVAR. Because I decided to look up what goth REALLY was, and various "How to be goth" articles. I didn't really say anything about it for a while, because I am a bit famous for making a big fashion decision and dropping it in 2 days. I do remember saying to Aisling "If I become a goth, I'm blaming you."

After a while, I decided "Hey, that still sounds like me so I'll look into it more!" And I turned to Yahoo Answers. 90% of the users there are idiots. But, Amy gave me the link to her blog (I didn't know it was her who answered my question, it took me weeks to figure it out. "Hmm, this Amy looks just like the Amy of that blog...") and I read it. A lot of it. Seriously, spent HOURS reading it.

After a while, I told my mom about my goal. Being my dramatic self, I was afraid she would disapprove or think I'm turning into a vampire or something. The response: Okay. But I did have to explain to her that I wouldn't be "Hanging out with a bunch of depressed friends" and I'm STILL trying to explain to her that I do not care what humans normies others think of me.

I also got Gothic Charm School. I absorbed the knowledge. And I read a million blogs.

It was hard with the clothes, because I owned like no black. Seriously, if you asked me my opinions on black 4 months ago, I would have said it was BORING! (But I was also trying to not look like a goth then, and goth is anything but boring.) I owned tons of neutrals and light colors. I still can't look at the baby pink button-up shirt I own without screaming THE HORROR! (It was a bad idea from the minute I picked it up, it looks terrible.) But I needed new clothes anyway (hated my style).

And now I'm an annoying babybat, come to suck your blood figure out how to combine black lace and bats! FEAR ME!!

And now I own a pair of boots that my mom describes as "Feminine Doc. Martens"


What do goths wear to funerals? Serious question.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My hair

That is me. Taken just a moment ago. And yes, it really is impossible for me to smile in pictures. My hair is black with blonde highlights. I'm posting this because... I'm dying my hair blonde!

Why? Well, my hair is very short. Even sorter in the back. And look at the bangs! They look like they were chewed off by a todder! Revealing my eyebrows, one of which looks strange, and if my eyebrows aren't raised, my forehead looks HUGE.

What does this have to do with the color? I'm going to start taking biotin, a viatamin that makes your hair grow faster. Meaning: Roots grow in faster. My natural color is blonde, and slightly lighter blonde hair is better than a million shades darker.

What dye? People always tell me I can't lighten dye with dye. To them, I say HA! For they are wrong. A while ago, I gave myself blonde highlights, without bleach, using Clairol Frost & Tip Maximum Blonde Highlight kit. Now, the smell stings my eyes and is probably more damaging than lots of dyes (if you use a nice dye... Which can be found for cheap anyway) but less than bleach. It would be worth a try if you want to get rid of black hair.

I'm keeping the highlight cap and hook in case I ever want black highlights.

While at the store, I also found something super awesome...

A pair of combat-ish boots and... PLATFORM BALLET FLATS(?)!!!! Shiny and black! Eeeeeek! Now, does anyone know where I can find those lace trim ankle socks in adult sizes, preferably in bulk?

I've been to Hell and back.

True story.

I've been to Hell, Michigan. On June 6th, 2006. 6/6/06. But, since I was little, I didn't really understand why we decided to drive out to some boring, crowded, hot town. I've taken a picture at the "Hell" sign, and I've been to Screams ice cream.

Why did I decide to post this? Well, me and my mom were looking at the website that lists the cabin we will be going to in a few days. We decided to look at our state. One of the cabins was in Hell, MI. I want to go there!

My mom also said that when we went there, it was "Boring as Hell." I started laughing, and it took her a minute to figure it out. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Hmm... Perhaps I will have a birthday tea party in Hell.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Hooray, 50th post! I feel like I'm cheating because this is the 3rd post of today... But whatever, it appears you people aren't sick of me yet.

This will be talking about the SERIES. The movie (Both the one based on the series and the stupid blue aliens) are not going to be discussed. (Because I haven't seen the alien smurfs and I'm mad at it for stealing the name, and the one based of the series is terrible and I still want to punch the director.)

Its a anime-style cartoon. It was on Nickolodean. Hey, stop laughing! Its not a kids show! Its a FAMILY show, meaning it can be watched by a five year old and a 25 year old.

Its about a world where people can control the elements- Water, fire, earth, air. The different kinds of bending is modelled after different kinds of martial arts (Waterbending is tai chi, for example).

One person, the Avatar, has the ability to bend all four elements. When one avatar dies, a new one is born. There is only one Avatar in the world. The Avatar brings peace and balance. In this case, the Avatar is Aang, the kid with the arrow on his head. He was born an Airbender.

When Aang was twelve, he was told he was the avatar. They usually wait until the avatar is 16, but the Fire Nation was starting a war. Aang ran away (with his flying bison, Appa) and got frozen in a ball of ice.

100 years later, Katara, a waterbender, and her brother Sokka find Aang in the ice. He's still 12. While he's been gone, there has been a war. The war has destroyed all of the other airbenders, because they knew the avatar would be born into them (The Avatar cycle is Water, Earth, Fire, Air. The last avatar was fire.).

Then we get to out antagonist- Zuko. (Side note: Coolest. Name. Ever!)

He's the Fire Nation prince. He spoke out of term in a war meeting, and was punished by having to fight an Agni Kai, a firebender duel. It turned out to be his father he was dueling, and he didn't fight. His father gave him that scar and banished him. He's been trying to find the avatar for three years (he's 16), to regain his honor and be welcomed back. Oh, and he has a ponytail.

Anyway, long story short, season one is spent with Aang, Katara and Sokka trying to teach Aang waterbending, and running from Zuko. Season two is when I really love the show, because we get Toph.

Toph Bei Fong is the only daughter of the Bei Fong family, a wealthy and well known family in the Earth Kingdom. No one knows she exists. She was born blind, and has been over-protected her entire life. Once, she ran away. She found the Badger-Moles, the original earthbenders. They are blind. She learn earthbending from them, and to sense vibration and basically see with her feet. She is secretly the Blind Bandit, and she fights other earthbenders. And wins. She agrees to teach Aang earthbending. Why is she my favorite? Well, watch this.

And we also get Azula.

Zuko's sister, not banished, trying to find the Avatar for herself. She is evil and crazy and just so awesome. She also brings her friends, Mai and Ty Lee.

Mai's the goth one. I like Mai, not only because she's goth, but because she just doesn't care about capturing Aang. But Ty Lee is sooooo happy.

Season three has more complications, and it circles around three groups of people- Team Avatar, Zuko and his uncle, and Azula and her friends. Azula is trying to kill the Avatar and mess with her brother, Team Avatar is learning earthbending and helping people and just making a mess of things as usual, and Zuko is half trying to capture the Avatar and half being an angsty teen who doesn't know what to do.

And the last, season three. He's now trying to learn firebending, and finish the war. Zuko was AWESOME in this season, I won't say why, but its not because he ditched the ponytail.

You may also notice several people online talking about being in love with Zuko. This was probably from season three.

I just love Zuko and Mai together. (Not exactly a Goth couple, goth is more "I really don't care what people think of me", and I'd say Zuko is more emo.) And the uninterested-ness of Mai is so funny.

The show won an award for complex character (as well as many other awards, I assume).

GO WATCH IT NOW! Its on Netflix watch instantly if you have it, but if you don't, ask and I'll give you a link of where to watch it.

Over and out.