Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm bored of my hair.

I need a change in my hair... It looks too natural! I was thinking either

Bleaching my hair, and adding some streaks (Like Avril) of stuff that fades quickly (Splat lasts like a week) when I'm bored.


Traditional Goth black hair.

On one hand, I like dark hair better, and it would be less damaging. On the other, bleach would be easier to change.

I'm also trying to grow my hair a bit longer and keep it blonde with black tips. Maybe I could do that by growing out the black....

What do you think?

Also, what do you think of V-bangs?

Please excuse the cartoon thing. All the actual human ones were too short.

All images found on google.


AislingChild said...

I personally would go for blond with pink streak (Kill the stereotypes!) but I think I still have a little pink freak left in me...And the V-Fringe is cool (Every time I see a fringe called a bang I laugh so just sounds so weird to me)

Bixie Willow said...

V-bangs (I'm American....the term is funny though, I do admit) are awesome. I have them. The one thing I've noticed with my hair at least is that it's kind of hard to keep them in a V shape. I usually have to carry hair gell and a brush with me if I actually feel like trying to keep it looking neat. In my opinion the look is worth it though.

Anonymous said...

V-Fringe (and just fringe) does actually make more sense... Ugh, english people keep controlling my mind! (I keep using english terms like "Rubbish")

Ashlee said...

Everybody is changing their hair, it must be a beginning of Summer thing.

Hmm... you could do all three. Dye most of your hair black, except for the bits you bleach and dye pretty colours, and get a v-fringe.

I've had a v-fringe (I alternate between using "bangs" and "fringe", but it's always "fringe" when talking about v shaped ones, IMO). I liked it, although most people thought it was weird. I got rid of it so I could grow my bangs out so that they cover my eyebrows while I learn to draw decent eyebrows on.

Hairspray keeps them in place and straight.

A lot of Visual Kei artists have longer v-fringes. Looking through V.Kei tumblrs should show you some real life examples of longer ones.