Sunday, July 24, 2011

Its so strange when my brother actually acts like a brother. -And other high school stuff-

Every now and then, my brother and I don't act like we're going to murder each other.

Proven fact (By my friend, and I agree): Teenage brothers are only nice to their 13 year old little sister when not surrounded by parents.

So yeah. I think it started when I actually acted "Helpful" for a change. My dad was a painter (in his spare time) and we have a (homemade) easel. Well, I helped him figure out how to get it set up, and carried some of the stuff to his room. Blah blah blah. He explained that he was going to draw some... Building thingies. He learned stuff in his fancy technology class (in ninth grade) and was going to draw it or something. Don't ask me to explain my brother. I never can.

A few minutes later, he started talking to me, mainly about me going to high school next year. Long story short... He tried to explain that I needed to "Learn how to swear" (I don't fucking swear in real life. Okay, not a fucking lot.) to "make friends". Let me just state, this is a load of crap. Sure, people will think you are pathetic if you gasp and cover your ears every time Lupin someone says "Shit", but as long as you don't really react or give the "Swearing is bad because..." lecture, you should be fine.

But what would I know?

He also said he would "Look out for me" or something, and I should tell him if anyone ever "Fucks with me". Nah.... I'm good. I prefer writing idiotic comments in my blog. With sarcastic comments. (See Here)

His friend (Who lives here, sadly) said I could consider him a brother (Oh, I do... Just waiting for the right moment to shoot him with a nerf gun.) and to ignore him when he's being annoying (Te-REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-sa!!!! in some strange fake accent and high pitched voice. ALL. THE. TIME.). He also made me fist-bump him. I lost 90% of my dignity.

Also, could someone help me: HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO WAKE UP AT LIKE 5 AM?!?! I can function of surprisingly little sleep- If I could get myself to stay awake. Yeah, sleeping through 3 hours of alarms isn't good...

And some more high school stuff.

Really, would it be that "bad" to get a coffin lunch box? What about a coffin-shaped Nightmare Before Christmas backpack?

(Random comment: Did anyone ever deny liking Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline and similar things because it was considered "Uncool" to like "Weird" "Children's" movies? Perhaps they might have taken more notice of my gothiness is I had actually said out loud how important it was I saw all the halloween specials, and Nightmare before Christmas at least two times a year (Halloween AND Christmas- Perfect!))

My most considered electives (I can take 4 a year): Ceramics, Home Design, Jewelry (With soldering!!!), Debate, Drawing, and that technical class-thing my brother took (I can't help it- I like technology no matter how much my initial reaction may seem. When I was put into Technology class in 6th grade, I thought I would hate it. BEST. CLASS. EVAR! We built model houses (designed on computer, then cut out Styrofoam and glued it in place) and we also had been making trains out of foam, that levitate on a magnet track. I was out "Sick" for most of that time. (Translation: My 11-year-old self really couldn't handle the stress and stupidity, and decided to go back to home school. Middle school = evil.)

(Random comment: Wouldn't it be SO COOL to make a floating skateboard thing my making a magnetic floor, and then skateboards with the same side (as in + and +) down so it wouldn't attract and it would FLOAT. Er... don't go stealing my idea. I need to copyright it.)

Why do people take High school "life" so damn seriously?! Stop sobbing about not having a date to the dance or being "Popular" or looking "Pretty" (as described by the media) and remember that YOU ARE FOURTEEN, go play Neopets.

Random comment about cats: I'm starting a new comic/journal/story. About cats. Yeah. The cat is writing. STOP QUESTIONING IT! I need a name. Its a black cat. Girl. Sarcastic. (Also, I've had the idea for a cat diary for ages. She refers to people as things like "The small one" (little sister of owner) "Faithful servant" (Her owner), "Elder male/female" (parents of owner), "The pink one" (Neighbor girl. Too... Perky...) "The strange ones" (Neighborhood inventors. One of their cats has goggles (Gadget, though main kitty calls him "Owl Head" because the goggles are huge and makes his face look owl-like) and the other (Maybe Gizmo? Or Tesla?) has splotches of oil on his/her fur). She also gives cats nicknames (usually insulting). Her little brother (Small One's kitten) is usually Idiot. Pink One's cat is "Creepy thing" or "Happy McJoyPants".

Also, her owner is goth. I needed it so I could make her owner's room all dark and witch-y. So... Names, anyone?

And does anyone think I should break my ever so bad habit of rarely swearing?

If you're still reading... This is what happens when I'm up too late and tired.



Anonymous said...

The name Rowena is awesome.

No, I don't think you should break your ever-sobad-habit-of-rarely-swearing.

VictorianAndroid said...

Yeah, don't swear if you don't want to. Overly excessive swearing isn't all that attractive in my opinion either. About 5am wake ups, you get used to them. I'm the kind of person who likes to stay up late and sleep in till 10am. After two years of having class start at 6:55am, you just get used to it. Cat name: Zoey pops into my head. Sounds like a name for a being with attitude.

Ashlee said...

My thoughts on swearing: