Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Building my Wardrobe of Doom.

Sorry for not posting yesterday. Hope you had a good fourth of July, the holiday where you are encouraged to explode things.

So, anyway, I'm building my Wardrobe of Doom rather well. I'm looking into making a black lace capelet,
Which can transform so many different outfits. I've also ordered a black underbust corset and a pair of vampire fangs. Which I will be doing a review on when I get them.
And I'm going to get some black dye, to dye all those awful colors into something wearable (Why did I buy a pastel yellow vest? Why did I buy ANYTHING pastel? Or yellow?) and maybe some red, if I can find some white pajamas... (I was watching Adora Batbrat's video for a bloody nightgown, which you can find Here. An extra, look at her teeth. Notice the fangs? She talks about them Here. I want.)

Also, stuff that will be coming up:

Tutorials! Maybe some makeup that you can actual wear without looking dumb/giving your parents a heart attack (Sorry, no eyeliner as eyeshadow D: ) maybe some t-shirt customization, maybe the capelet or bloomers I will be making... Or maybe I'll take a few pics of the bloody pajamas I'll be making and label it a "tutorial". Oh, and maybe how to turn an umbrella into a parasol :D

Reviews of:
My new vampire fangs (I will be mentioning various kinds of fangs)
Things with SPF (Even if you don't like the pale look, SPF is good. Plus, this is good for me to do, because I burn like paper, and I have a burn/tan (Okay, not that bad a burn, I'm just a wimp) even when I applied waterproof SPF 50 three times.)
My favorite black eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Also, maybe when school starts, I'll be doing outfit of the day. Well, that's it for this post, off to type up one about makeup...

Listening to: Wednesday's Child- Vermillion Lies


ultimategothguide said...

I know, I know, comment overload. Sorry!

Just had to give you bonus points for liking Vermilion Lies. Weirdest lyric ever: "I want to smoke you like a fish," although I can't remember what song it's from. I know it's smoke as in 'smoked salmon' but I just have this mental image of some 1920s flapper type with a carp in her oh-so-elegant cigarillo holder.

That was BEYOND random. I will go away now...

Teresa said...

I like comments. It means people actually read my blog instead of just following it because I follow them.

... *5 minutes later* Sorry, I was laughing at the mental image. Yeah, they do have some strange songs... Astronomer and Long Red Hair are a few.