Thursday, July 28, 2011

You don't mean "Babybat" as an insult... Right?

Oh my goth that is so cute I want it...

In my short time of gothiness, I have noticed some people just... Aren't very happy about the idea of babybats. From what a lot of them seem to be, I agree, those people are annoying. But then again, I hate most people my own age so no shocker there. But I'm sure you have noticed people seem to describe babybats as:

- Annoying.
- Listen to Marilyn Manson and Green Day and other bands I guess I'm supposed to know and call them goth.
- Allergic to colors.
- Mopey.
- Totally clueless to what goth actually is.
- Think its a good idea to cover your face in white-out.

Well, I'm not like that. Okay, maybe a bit annoying (I'm 13, of course I am). Does that make me a "ToddlerBat"? "KidBat"? Or just "Not So Annoying Babybat"?

Maybe some of you are just a wee bit judgemental. Please note the difference between "babybat" and "poser". Much thanks.

Also, by the same people from the How to be a Real Goth post, I was called a "Babybat" in the way of an insult. And, of course, I am in utter DESPAIR over this, because 2 narrow-minded girls who hate goth, think its pretty much the same as any other alt. subculture, and try their best to think of things to offend me (no matter how silly their attempts are) MUST know the truth about everything. Boo hoo. I am so sad.

And because I'm curious... When does one evolve from "Babybat" into "Goth"? Level 20? Does it need a moon stone? /End of Pokemon reference/

Now to google "Can a bat be a pet" (Oh, come on, as if you don't want one. You are goths (most likely, if you are reading this) after all...)

EDIT: Haha, just took a "Are you a real goth, babybat, wannabe or poser" quiz. My result:

"You are a true goth, wanna come hang out with me,have a snakebite+black,smoke some cloves and listen to siouxie aswell as talk about how much these babybats should GET A LIFE? =)"

If I can ignore the bad grammar of this quiz (so... hard...) I will thank it for proving my point. I have a life! Sort of... Not really... Does internet count as a life?


Bixie Willow said...

I've been wondering when you move on from being a babybat. I don't think there is a set amount of time or knowledge. It would be kind of interesting to try and come up with something resonable, though. I don't know why some people take babybat as an insult. It just means you're young and/or new to the gothic subculture. Good post. I love the bat picture!

Tenebris In Lux said...

I'm still fairly young, but I've been Goth for three years now, so I shed the babybat title not too long ago. A lot of people use that as age (13 and younger), but I suppose it depends on lack of knowledge. Then again, why would you want to give a newcomer of the subculture such a hard time for not knowing things? Then again, I've never seen a Goth call another Goth a babybat unless the "babybat" was very ignorant.

I would love to have a pet bat! Even a pet raven would be nice (and you can actually cuddle with them!). Sadly, you can only be a wildlife worker to help restore them if you find them hurt/in danger, and even so, you'll eventually have to release it into the wild again. Or it dies :-/

Dalestair Ophelia Zodiac said...

I listen to My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Good Charlotte ect.

This does not make me any less goth than someone who doesn't.

People need to realise that goth is so big now it isn't just one way or the highway.

Pet Bat? Can I please has?

ultimategothguide said...

What you described is what I would think of as a mallgoth as opposed to a babybat.

Babybats are newbies who are still learning, can be any age, and are usually very pleasant people.

Mallgoths think they are the be-all and end-all of Goth without actually knowing anything about the subculture, and are usually arrogant, mouthy little creatures.

A lot of people don't make the distinction between mallgoths and babybats, though. :-/