Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goth 101- Clothing

This post won't be going into detail about the different kinds of goth. It will simply be telling you how to assemble a basic wardrobe, that you could wear to school/work and not scare your parents/teacher/coworker. This will be for warmer weather. Later in the year, I'll add some colder weather stuff.


Some nice (Nice doesn't mean expensive or fancy Shmancy, btw) blouses in black, white, and jewel tones like Ruby, Emerald and Amethyst.

At least 3 Black t-shirts. Pick a style you like (In no way should you be limited to those packs of 3 shirts, nor should you feel the need to get a girly cut with poofy sleeves. Choose what you LIKE.) and get a few. Either wear them the way they are, or customise them (I promise, I'll do a tutorial or at least a list of ideas on that later). Or, get one of your favorite band.

Pants or shorts. At least 2 pairs. Black. Again, choose a style you like, whether it be those awful denim underpants (Yes, I just dissed that terrible tend and do think you should burn every pair of shorts with the pockets longer than the actual garment) or even bloomers. Tip: If you can sew, look for costume patterns. Not only is "Goth" a costume to many, but you can get perfectly nice patterns there. I'm planning on making a pair of black bloomers soon.

Skirts! I'd say at least three, different lengths. Black is the typical color, but I think skirts are the best way to add color. And please, not too short. Those just sicken me. Girls, there is something called "Modesty" and it is not showing the world your butt. So, leave the micro-minis and get some knee length (or above the knee, but still acceptable) skirts. I say one pleated, one pencil, and one poofy. If you like, a nice long skirt, in a light frabric for warmer weather.

Stockings, if you can bear them. I know, its a pain to wear them in the summer. Put they add a nice touch to an outfit. Fishnets would be more bearable, but some of you may not like the idea. They DO have a bad reputation. But I see no harm in fishnets and a knee length skirt. Oh, and if you find spider web fishnets/stockings, TELL ME WHERE YOU GOT THEM!!!

A corset, if you want. Please, wear them over a shirt, not only does it look a million times better and like actual clothing, you would be able to wear it more places. Underbust ones are easier to wear, but harder to find.

Shoes! Some ballet flats and, if you are lucky enough to be reading this in a different time of the year, boots. I soooo want a new pair of boots, but they are hard to find in summer. I wonder why... You can get plain ol' fashion boots, the great big stompy boots, or, my favorite, Granny Boots.

That should get you off to a good start. If you are thinking "But I want to be a Victorian/Vampire/Cyber/other form of fancier goth!" remember, you have to start somewhere. And you can always add your style to my list. Change the jewel tones to neons for Cyber or Perky. Add some Cameos and lace for Victorian.

I also recommend you get a bunch of things in black lace and velvet and satin. Make sure it is good quality- Panne Velvet and satin that will rip instantly screams "Halloween costume." The accessories are totally up to you, but I'd stick to dark colors. Of course, there is no way you can't add baby pink, just do it subtley. Too many pink bows will look Lolita. Which is fine if that is a look you are going for, but otherwise not as good.

And if you are wanting a hat but think everyone will stare, GET THE HAT ANYWAY. Face it, people will stare at you anyway, you dared to defy the norm. Why not have fun with it?


Now, this will be easier. Black shirts and jeans. Stay away from skinny jeans, you'll be confused for scene or emo. For the goth look, get some skulls and stuff. Really, goth guy is a lot easier to pull off.
If you are going for a more Victorian or pirate look, let me just say I love you. Not only is it a totally awesome look, but it takes a lot for guts for a guy to dress fancier than it does for girls.
While I am not the best person to ask, considering I ever never met a male goth, and I'm female, I do think you could get inspiration from the Dread Pirate Roberts (I order you to watch the Princess Bride! Its not as girly as the name implies, don't worry). Puffy black shirts and pirate boots? Easy enough to wear daily, right? Just don't wear the mask. Don't.

Also, as I have said many times and will say again, LEAVE THE MAKEUP FOR THE GIRLS. You do not need makeup. Makeup is rather annoying to wear, actually. Why would you choose to?

Stay tuned for makeup.


AislingChild said...

Oh my gods an Emilie Autumn top! I need it! I need it right now! NOW!

Anonymous said...

They have it at Hot Topic. But for a ton of money. And ebay isn't much better.

Tenebris In Lux said...

I must apologize for commenting so much today, but I really like the content of this blog. You should be proud: you're much better off than most general baby bats ^^

I would disagree, though, about how goth guys shouldn't wear makeup. Mascara? Eh. I would say more general makeup, nothing too way out there, but it is up to them. I have seen guys pull off the grey smoky makeup effect.

And I'm with you on the Victorian/Pirate-esque males in the subculture. Yes!

Anonymous said...

Well, it depends on how they do the makeup- I still think its very strange to see a guy wearing more makeup thank me. A little eyeshadow is okay, but when you don't need foundation, why would you waste time applying it? (Not that anyone needs foundation. Its just expected of girls.)

And thank you :) I did research it obsessively for a while, so that helped.