Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Not To Wear

At the moment, I am watching What Not To Wear- Leanne the Witch.

Here is the link


Normally, I approve of Stacy and Clinton, but that's because they take these frumpy "My kids/work/show dogs come before me" people and give them a style they like.

This one, they are stripping the identity of a poor gothic woman.

There isn't anything wrong with her look- Seriously, there are things way worse than a halloween t-shirt and velvet skirt. (That's what I wear a lot...)

They interupted a Salem Witch Trial reinactment. (Side note: I think I have that corset.)

Now, I'm going to go finish watching it now. I'd probably have a loooong rant if I stayed right now.


Just finished watching it. It looks like the only reason she agreed to it was because people- Like Stacy and Clinton- kept insulting her outfits. She didn't get invited to her friend's baby shower! Her "Friend" was saying she had a terrible style, and a few times she was in tears because she has a style that would make her parents "Proud" of her. Sure, its great she got some clothes that fit- Did they have to do it while insulting her the whole time? What I did like: Her goth friends at the end. They are cool. The dude was wearing a cape.


Tenebris In Lux said...

Hmmm. That is a little disheartening, how they call it "a scary black wardrobe" and "what do your kids think of this??" comments, as if poking fun at the lifestyle with quips will make it better.

Capes rule! Which reminds me ..


This is a typical image of my crush. He's a British Goth comedian :3

Roxie said...

I didn't like the way they said she was 'hiding behind a wall' an when she got her makeover her 'true self shined through'. What if dressing in black everyday and wearing that awesome witch hat was herself? I'm not goth, I'm kind of goth\punkish, but I still don't like the way they put her down. It was like they brainwashed her at the end of it. But if she's truly happy with the way she looks now, then that is good.

Ashlee said...

I love the show, but the ones with Goths are pretty bad.

They actually told this lady that she "can't dress like a Goth Mary Poppins". I was thinking "hmmm... what well dressed lady do we all know and love who dresses like a Goth Mary Poppins?"

They also wouldn't let her wear this amazingly huge hat because it isn't the 1920s anymore.

Teresa said...

The Lady of Manners would be in such a shock if she had seen this episode.

I wonder what would happen if they get a victorian goth on the show... "You can't wear bustle skirts, you need pencil skirts!" Something tells me, someone (Probably Stacy) would get hurt.

And imagine a Vampyre!

Tenebris In Lux said...


Yeah, for some reason I was thinking "What would the Lady of Manners do about this?"

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Ashlee - "Susan has become, in that strange evolution that dogs characters, a kind of Goth Mary Poppins" -terry pratchett, ie Susan Sto Helit, granddaughter of Death. Seriously, look up Hogfather.

It's so upsetting, this kind of thing. Why couldn't they take her goth style and make it a little more sophisticated and elegant, a la Sophistique Noir? Imagine if they told Dita von Teese that her style was "scary"?

I plan to age my style as I go along, becoming more and more Victorian when I reach thirty. Until then, I'll mix it up.

ALSO Teresa, I finally got around to following your blag today. Saw you were only a little bat! Immediately went "NYAW NYAW NYAW *takes under wing, adores at!*" I have an affinity for little bats, and it's not like I didn't adore you already. :D prepare for more love.

Teresa said...

Yay thank you for following my blog! (With all these people, I'm starting good on my plot to rule the world. Mwahahhahahahaha!!! Wait, you were reading that? Ignore what I just said, heheh.)