Monday, July 11, 2011

Thrift store haul!

Sorry for no pics, but I went to the thrift store and got some AWESOME stuff.

I got...

A black shirt (not so awesome)

A short sleeved crochet cardigan (black)

A traditional pirate scarf! (Black and red stripes)

Three- Yes, three- black velvet skirts in different lengths. A goth must be donating them, they are all the same size. Or just someone who likes black velvet...

THE COOLEST emerald green lace dress. I will post pics soon, for it shall be my Slytherin dress robes costume for the next Harry Potter movie!

A black purse.

A goofy bluish-black hat. Which shall have pics when the lighting isn't terrible.

Sadly, some of the coolest boots I had EVER seen were several sizes too small. Side notes: Old man wearing a superman shirt? Awesome. And anyone who owns The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls and wanted to pass it along between gothy blog friends? Extra awesome.

1 comment:

AislingChild said...

THREE black velvet skirts :O You don't need all should give me one...or two...or three...