Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Goth 101- Makeup.

-Take note this will be no help to male Goths-

Stereotypical Goth makeup (White face, black lips and eyes) for obvious reasons, may not be the most wearable look. While it certainly does look cool in pictures, outside it can look... Costumey.

This doesn't mean you CAN'T do it, it just means you need to pull it off well, and don't be outraged when some one suggests its a costume.

But lets start simple, shall we? An everyday look that is 1. Wearable 2. Simple (who likes spending 40 minutes every morning doing makeup?)


Either go for your own skin tone, or a shade or two lighter. I can't recommend any good brands, due to how different everyone's skin is, but I use Maybelline New York Fit Me, sometimes Covergirl Clean oil control foundation.

Powder is good. It helps set makeup, and give you a more polished look. Translucent powder may give you a slightly pale look, and I'd suggest pressed powder, because loose is messy. You can also use white powder (I hear Stargazer is good) for the Undead look, but PLEASE blend it in your neck too!

Blush is one of the fun things. Normally, its so... Normal. You can make it look more dramatic by using a bright red, magenta, or even a tint of muted purple (i think that looks a little undead. So I do that.). If you have stricter rules with makeup, you may just have to stick with one that looks "natural".

Eyeshadow is another thing to have fun with. Blacks, greys and jewel tones are popular, and can be toned down or made to look dramatic. Look at some makeup tutorials on youtube (It doesn't matter if they aren't spooky) to get some basic ideas. I, personally, love plain off-black eyeshadow (Glam eyes by Rimmel London)

You will need eyeliner. Okay, maybe not need, but you will probably want it. Both pencil and liquid will be handy, and if you can get gel, even better (Easier to use then liquid)

Anything works, really. You could go for black (Try eyeliner with some gloss over it instead of cheap Halloween brands) but red or pink can look nice with a Wardrobe of Doom. I like reds and berries. Tip: Fill in the outer corners of your mouth with black eyeliner, apply red lipstick and blend it in. Looks cool.

That is pretty much it. Makeup if where you can experiment- Even with a school uniform, if the rules aren't too strict. Have fun. And remember to wash off your makeup before bed!

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