Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This post is unimportant and was typed with a headache.

Stupid storm. It knocked my power line down. AGAIN. This happens a lot. It went down in my backyard, and my neighbors. Theirs was on fire. The power company came- And trimmed some trees. Then left without fixing it. Few hours later, they came back. And put yellow tape up. Then left without fixing it. So the day I was going to spend trying to avoid spending time with my family was spent sitting in the dark being bored. And to make it worse, for the past like 3 days I've had a huge headache.

And to make it even more worse, we have to go grocery shopping today.

And even more worse, I'm dressed quite unfabulously and need to wash my hair.

The library needs better books. Without electricity, I have nothing to do. Sure, I can read- But they only have boring books that catch my attention for 5 minutes at most.

Proven fact: The day you have great makeup and a fabulous outfit (Black velvet skirt, black corset over a black tank top, with a white button up shirt over as a sweater) is the day the power will shut off. Or you'll get caught in the rain. Or spill something.

My knee cap moves out of place. Its called a "Subluxating Patella", but you probably don't know what that means. It means my knee cap slides out of place. And hurts like hell. Well, it normally hardly ever hurts (unless I pop it out of place) and now I can barely bend my knee without pain.

I think I'm going through Doctor Who withdrawl. I thought I saw the TARDIS out of the corner of my eye. Twice.

Well, thanks for reading my complaints. I think I'll get some tea and read other blogs. Maybe post something useful later. Like... Horses. Or fezzes.

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