Sunday, July 31, 2011

I feel cranky and pubescent and I don't know why.

I must have Wizard Angst.

But seriously. Unknown reason for particularly bad day. I'll blame it on wizard angst.

Or Doctor Who withdrawl... Time to watch an episode on netflix.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

It seems like a good idea to write a blog post even though I'm supposed to be cleaning.

I'm trying to clean my room. Which hasn't been done in... Forever. It looks like it exploded. And the walls are an unfortunate shade of orange. I want them white (so I can stick black wall stickers, hopefully Halloween ones or spooky trees). And I have a lot of rearranging to do... Plus I think some spiders moved in. I need to vacuum their webs.

But I just remembered something...


If you don't know what it is... Its a festival. Where people dress in renaissance clothing. And do renaissance-y... stuff. Its so fun! And, now that I can sew (and own a corset) I can make an outfit! I'll determine what kind another time. (Desired: Renaissance princess dress. And a crown.)

Kind of like this... But with better colors and actual (not halloween costume) fabric.

I'm thinking emerald with black trim. And it probably won't be historically accurate. Ooh, I need to stop spending now so I can afford a hat... They have the BEST hats ever! But everything is so expensive... You can guarantee I will be taking pictures that day. (Note to self: give dress large pockets. I don't think my purse would look good with a gown. (Plus I'd probably lose it...))

The only flaw (besides price) of the Ren Fest? Port-a-potties. Doesn't really mix with a long gown. Oh well.

Also, I mentioned changing the name. I was thinking "Toxic Tea Party". Not sure how (or why) I thought of it, but that would be like the best name for a band. Maybe a blog. What do you think?

Friday, July 29, 2011

So... Tired...

Its 11:44 as I type this. I just got home, changed into my pajamas and washed my face. SO TIRED.

I went to a family beach party- Okay, not much of a beach party. No one went swimming. My second cousins had rented a cabin on a lake for the week and invited everyone to come. Why did no one go swimming? No clue. It wasn't that hot out and the lake was pretty much perfect. But it wasn't that deep and there were minnows that ATTACKED you if you put your foot in, so I decided not to. Plus I was tired. My brother and mom's cousin (I think that makes her my second cousin, not sure) went kayaking.

Whenever we have family parties, we bring food. My mom made (or attempted to make) artichoke dip (which she had me fix at the last minute) and I made cucumber tea sandwiches, from This Recipe with a few adjustments, of course. (Didn't have time to let the cucumbers sit and used some cocktail bread instead of slicing, and kept it open faced since the bread was dry). Everyone loved them.

Another thing with family parties... EVERY older relative compliments me. I've noticed it several times. I wonder if its a secret plot... Or because I tend to dress up (as much as I can). I've heard several "I love your hair!"s (They were shocked to find out that I did my color, including the highlights, myself), "You look so grown up!"s and they all agreed I look "Glamorous" nowadays. (I was wearing a swimsuit coverup... How is that glamorous?)

And the car ride? Like two hours. Late at night. And there was a traffic jam. And my oh so mature older brother kept whining.

Well, I'm tired. I'm gonna make some more cucumber sandwiches, read some blogs (hoping I didn't miss anything important...) and then go to bed.

OHHHH! 3 things I almost forgot.

OVER 1000 VIEWS! Yay!


I'm thinking of changing my blog title. More on that tomorrow.

And finally...

My mom's cousin (the one that went kayaking) mentioned Bauhaus and Joy Division. I actually knew who they were. (Sure, I can't name like any of their songs and don't prefer to listen to them (I know they started it all, but I prefer my little twisted fairy tale style) but I knew them!) This is big, because, last time I saw her, I could probably only name disney stars and what's on the radio ten times a day.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

You don't mean "Babybat" as an insult... Right?

Oh my goth that is so cute I want it...

In my short time of gothiness, I have noticed some people just... Aren't very happy about the idea of babybats. From what a lot of them seem to be, I agree, those people are annoying. But then again, I hate most people my own age so no shocker there. But I'm sure you have noticed people seem to describe babybats as:

- Annoying.
- Listen to Marilyn Manson and Green Day and other bands I guess I'm supposed to know and call them goth.
- Allergic to colors.
- Mopey.
- Totally clueless to what goth actually is.
- Think its a good idea to cover your face in white-out.

Well, I'm not like that. Okay, maybe a bit annoying (I'm 13, of course I am). Does that make me a "ToddlerBat"? "KidBat"? Or just "Not So Annoying Babybat"?

Maybe some of you are just a wee bit judgemental. Please note the difference between "babybat" and "poser". Much thanks.

Also, by the same people from the How to be a Real Goth post, I was called a "Babybat" in the way of an insult. And, of course, I am in utter DESPAIR over this, because 2 narrow-minded girls who hate goth, think its pretty much the same as any other alt. subculture, and try their best to think of things to offend me (no matter how silly their attempts are) MUST know the truth about everything. Boo hoo. I am so sad.

And because I'm curious... When does one evolve from "Babybat" into "Goth"? Level 20? Does it need a moon stone? /End of Pokemon reference/

Now to google "Can a bat be a pet" (Oh, come on, as if you don't want one. You are goths (most likely, if you are reading this) after all...)

EDIT: Haha, just took a "Are you a real goth, babybat, wannabe or poser" quiz. My result:

"You are a true goth, wanna come hang out with me,have a snakebite+black,smoke some cloves and listen to siouxie aswell as talk about how much these babybats should GET A LIFE? =)"

If I can ignore the bad grammar of this quiz (so... hard...) I will thank it for proving my point. I have a life! Sort of... Not really... Does internet count as a life?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Even my dreams were awful.

I'm having a bad day. It ties into my mental problems, that would take far too long to explain. But yeah, depressed and panic-y lately. Even my dreams were terrible.

At one point, Snape was mad at me because I lost his wand.

I had to find a pair of tap shoes that were hidden around a town (that was stormy and gloomy)

There was an evil unicorn thing I had to trap using its own bra straps. I think it had a crush on Dumbledore.

My friend was mad at me because my therapist had told her what I had said (when did I say any of this?)

We were at a stage thing, I thought it was to see glee in concert but everyone else was confused when I said that.

I STILL don't know if the unicorn destroyed anything or if Glee was there.

I woke up at 3:30 (after sleeping in a lot) with a headache.


So this explains why I won't have a post today.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Not To Wear

At the moment, I am watching What Not To Wear- Leanne the Witch.

Here is the link

Normally, I approve of Stacy and Clinton, but that's because they take these frumpy "My kids/work/show dogs come before me" people and give them a style they like.

This one, they are stripping the identity of a poor gothic woman.

There isn't anything wrong with her look- Seriously, there are things way worse than a halloween t-shirt and velvet skirt. (That's what I wear a lot...)

They interupted a Salem Witch Trial reinactment. (Side note: I think I have that corset.)

Now, I'm going to go finish watching it now. I'd probably have a loooong rant if I stayed right now.


Just finished watching it. It looks like the only reason she agreed to it was because people- Like Stacy and Clinton- kept insulting her outfits. She didn't get invited to her friend's baby shower! Her "Friend" was saying she had a terrible style, and a few times she was in tears because she has a style that would make her parents "Proud" of her. Sure, its great she got some clothes that fit- Did they have to do it while insulting her the whole time? What I did like: Her goth friends at the end. They are cool. The dude was wearing a cape.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Before I forget it...

Today when me and my mom were in the car, some dude tried to get our attention when we stopped for the light.

He was in his 20's, had a bit of a beard and clean clothing. What did he say? "My dad died a month ago and I'm living on the streets. I'm starving and trying to buy a pizza and two liter*, can I have some money?"

Well, we didn't have anything but a $50, so we said no. The problem? If you were living on the streets for A MONTH during a heat wave, you could not look like you showered recently. And so what is your dad supposedly died? If you were underage, you would have been placed in a foster home. Considering he wasn't, get a job.

I just don't understand mortals.

* Because I don't know if other countries know this, but "2 liter" means a big bottle of soda.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Its so strange when my brother actually acts like a brother. -And other high school stuff-

Every now and then, my brother and I don't act like we're going to murder each other.

Proven fact (By my friend, and I agree): Teenage brothers are only nice to their 13 year old little sister when not surrounded by parents.

So yeah. I think it started when I actually acted "Helpful" for a change. My dad was a painter (in his spare time) and we have a (homemade) easel. Well, I helped him figure out how to get it set up, and carried some of the stuff to his room. Blah blah blah. He explained that he was going to draw some... Building thingies. He learned stuff in his fancy technology class (in ninth grade) and was going to draw it or something. Don't ask me to explain my brother. I never can.

A few minutes later, he started talking to me, mainly about me going to high school next year. Long story short... He tried to explain that I needed to "Learn how to swear" (I don't fucking swear in real life. Okay, not a fucking lot.) to "make friends". Let me just state, this is a load of crap. Sure, people will think you are pathetic if you gasp and cover your ears every time Lupin someone says "Shit", but as long as you don't really react or give the "Swearing is bad because..." lecture, you should be fine.

But what would I know?

He also said he would "Look out for me" or something, and I should tell him if anyone ever "Fucks with me". Nah.... I'm good. I prefer writing idiotic comments in my blog. With sarcastic comments. (See Here)

His friend (Who lives here, sadly) said I could consider him a brother (Oh, I do... Just waiting for the right moment to shoot him with a nerf gun.) and to ignore him when he's being annoying (Te-REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-sa!!!! in some strange fake accent and high pitched voice. ALL. THE. TIME.). He also made me fist-bump him. I lost 90% of my dignity.

Also, could someone help me: HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO WAKE UP AT LIKE 5 AM?!?! I can function of surprisingly little sleep- If I could get myself to stay awake. Yeah, sleeping through 3 hours of alarms isn't good...

And some more high school stuff.

Really, would it be that "bad" to get a coffin lunch box? What about a coffin-shaped Nightmare Before Christmas backpack?

(Random comment: Did anyone ever deny liking Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline and similar things because it was considered "Uncool" to like "Weird" "Children's" movies? Perhaps they might have taken more notice of my gothiness is I had actually said out loud how important it was I saw all the halloween specials, and Nightmare before Christmas at least two times a year (Halloween AND Christmas- Perfect!))

My most considered electives (I can take 4 a year): Ceramics, Home Design, Jewelry (With soldering!!!), Debate, Drawing, and that technical class-thing my brother took (I can't help it- I like technology no matter how much my initial reaction may seem. When I was put into Technology class in 6th grade, I thought I would hate it. BEST. CLASS. EVAR! We built model houses (designed on computer, then cut out Styrofoam and glued it in place) and we also had been making trains out of foam, that levitate on a magnet track. I was out "Sick" for most of that time. (Translation: My 11-year-old self really couldn't handle the stress and stupidity, and decided to go back to home school. Middle school = evil.)

(Random comment: Wouldn't it be SO COOL to make a floating skateboard thing my making a magnetic floor, and then skateboards with the same side (as in + and +) down so it wouldn't attract and it would FLOAT. Er... don't go stealing my idea. I need to copyright it.)

Why do people take High school "life" so damn seriously?! Stop sobbing about not having a date to the dance or being "Popular" or looking "Pretty" (as described by the media) and remember that YOU ARE FOURTEEN, go play Neopets.

Random comment about cats: I'm starting a new comic/journal/story. About cats. Yeah. The cat is writing. STOP QUESTIONING IT! I need a name. Its a black cat. Girl. Sarcastic. (Also, I've had the idea for a cat diary for ages. She refers to people as things like "The small one" (little sister of owner) "Faithful servant" (Her owner), "Elder male/female" (parents of owner), "The pink one" (Neighbor girl. Too... Perky...) "The strange ones" (Neighborhood inventors. One of their cats has goggles (Gadget, though main kitty calls him "Owl Head" because the goggles are huge and makes his face look owl-like) and the other (Maybe Gizmo? Or Tesla?) has splotches of oil on his/her fur). She also gives cats nicknames (usually insulting). Her little brother (Small One's kitten) is usually Idiot. Pink One's cat is "Creepy thing" or "Happy McJoyPants".

Also, her owner is goth. I needed it so I could make her owner's room all dark and witch-y. So... Names, anyone?

And does anyone think I should break my ever so bad habit of rarely swearing?

If you're still reading... This is what happens when I'm up too late and tired.



Guys, guess what! I have 15 followers! Yep, that's right, 15 people are insane nice enough to want to read my blog.


757 views as of now!

I wish I could give a great post to celebrate it... But... I'm kinda low on ideas. Some days I post like 4 new entires, some I can't think of anything. Enjoy some pictures.

(P.S. Blogger is being annoying and not showing my followers. So, new follower, please speak up!)

Coffin backpack. WANT.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Emily the Strange

(Before I start typing, I must say that I keep typing "Emilie". Its annoying me.)

I went to the library today, looking for Treasure Island for a school thing... Well, it wasn't there. But, I did get:

"The Last Apprentice: The Spook's Bestiary (Complete guide to creatures of the dark)"

"The Water Mirror"

"Horses" (I wonder what its about?)

"The Horse Encyclopedia"

"Horse Handling and Grooming"

I also got 2 Emily the Strange books.

It originally started as some goth sticker and t-shirt thing- But I really couldn't care less. ON TO THE BOOK!

The first in the series is "The Lost Days"- It starts with 13 year old Emilie in a strange little town called Blackrock. And she doesn't have any idea how she got there, or her life, even her own name. But, without spoilers, I can tell you that she writes in her journal and has an adventure involving stuff. And she has/gets 4 black cats.

I think I'll just write the first part, it explains a bit...

I think I better take some notes, cuz something super strange is happening to me, and I don't know
1. my name
2. anyone else's name
3. where I am
4. how I got here
5. where I live
6. how old I am (am I a kid or just short?)
7. anything I've done since I was born
8. whether I'm a cat person or a dog person
9. whether I actually believe people are either cat people or dog people
10. what might have been written on the 11 pages that were torn out of this notebook
11. why this happened to me
12. how long its going to last, or
13. what I should do next

Here's what I DO know:
1. I'm human.
2. I'm a girl.
3. I'm wearing a black dress.
4. I'm wearing black stockings.
5. I have long black hair.
6. I seem to like the color black
7. I recently stepped in gum.
8. My skin is pale, so the bruises on my left arm show up really well.
9. I have a notebook, a pencil, and a slingshot, and that's it.
10. I'm left-handed.
11. I speak english.
12. The Earth is round and travels around the sun.
13. I seem to like the number 13.

So... Yeah. I like the beginning of it. And the subtle hint of goth. The black dress, stocking, hair and pale skin? Way better than "I apear to be a goth."
I also loved that finally- FINALLY- we have an intelligant female 13-year-old protagonist. And she thinks like me. Kind of... Negative but cheerful in her own little world.

I read all 266 pages in a day. Even bigger acomplishment since I've been putting off reading lately... (I blame idiot writers. OH MY GOTH GET AN INTERESTING SUBJECT FOR YOUNG ADULT NOVELS ALREADY!)

The second is called "Stranger and Stranger" (And apparently she clones herself.)

Speaking of books- People are telling me to read books by Anne Rice. Which one(s)?

Friday, July 22, 2011

My imagination is far too active.

I went swimming today (in a highschool pool (Yay indoors!)) mainly because of the killer heat wave. And when its hot, its super humid. Yesterday it was 95, but the humidity made it feel 10 degrees more. (For anyone who knows celcius, that means 35 and 40, thanks to an online thing)

And naturally... I spend most of the time pretending that is I touched the bottom, a sea monster would eat me. Oh, and it wasn't a pool. It was a (pirate) ship wreck in the middle of the ocean. And if you weren't careful, the waves (jets) would kill you.

My mind makes EVERYTHING some form of horror movie.

And after that, we had to go to the grocery store. I didn't know that. I went in there half wet, in a bathing suit and cover up, and NO MAKEUP AT ALL. Okay, I put on some black eyeshadow before to see if it was waterproof. Answer: Yes. I looked a bit racoony.

Pirates have been on my mind a lot. Even more so: The school is making me do some book report thing, and one of the options is Treasure Island. Would I pick that, or some stupid "Realistic Fiction" books? I like historic fiction and fantasy. Why do so many people like reading about normal people?

Right now, my mom is watching the news. A man in Norway killed almost 100 people. 80 of which were teenagers at a summer camp. Because he doesn't like liberals. People like that should burn in hell.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm going to have such a hard time staying Goth.

Sometimes, its just very hard to be goth. What's more hard is trying to pretty much announce to people that don't know "Yes, I'm a Goth, bow down to me you mortal fool" without actually saying this. Why does it matter? ... Okay, it really doesn't, I just want some one to consider me a goth (even a babybat) IRL. Which, considering my social life is very limited at the time being, has not happened. *Sob.*

And yet, the soonest chances to do this? Some of the most Goth-Free places.

The first is a beach party. With my family. Yes, this includes my 80 year old grandmother who thinks I need fangs for "Confidence" because I'm insecure and fangs will somehow help that. Sigh... She means well. Sure, I'm not going to go wearing a super-fancy black lace dress and boots, but I still want to look undead goth! Why? Because I want to. Any more questions? Good.

Sure, my swimsuit isn't too terrible- Black with white floral pattern. But I don't think an eyeliner spiderweb would like swimming... On like a like totally unrelated subject- Does anyone know a good water-proof eyeliner I can find at a drugstore or walmart and won't cost a fortune? Oh well. Hey, maybe I can finally convince my mom to let me take my parasol out in public! (Without her disowning me!) And I might have a sunblock review after this (I just got Neutorgena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, because, come on, who likes wearing sticky sunblock? So far, its pretty nice. Not shiny at all. Not sure how it holds up in the sun for a long time, though.)

Does anyone having tips for keeping my ever-so-dreary look in possibly one of the worst places to be a goth? (seriously, sun, sand and screaming like a girl when/if fish get close to me? So goth, I know.)

It occured to me I'm over using the word "Goth". Oh my goth, I should probably stop that.

Then I have a "Vacation". Why the quotation marks? Because its just my mom going to see all her friends that live across the country. Sure, there are going to be a couple girls my age, but... Well, I don't know them well and haven't seen them in over two years.

Why am I going? you ask. Because its either Get Out Of The House For A Change, or staying home alone for four days, or staying with my older brother (and... Yeah, rather not. He hasn't really known (or cared about) me since I was little Reesa), or staying with my friend (I don't like staying at another person's house for days. I really hate not knowing where anything goes or how anything works (Seriously, her kitchen sink confuses me.))

And why should I care about how I look? Please see here:

But... I'm sure my spiderweb eyeliner (Yes, still talking about that) would wear off after ten hours in a car.

Complaint time: TEN FREAKING HOURS! At least its my mom's friend's van, not our itty bitty car. But tennnnnnnn hoursssssss. I'm going to be so bored! And its going to Misery Missouri, which is apparently very hot and humid in august. At least the cabin has airconditioning. And looks cool. Oh Goth, what if it doesn't have wifi?!?!?!!!!!?1?!"!!!?!!?!!!!?!?!?!?!

But, yes, I still want to look like an undead fairy pirate. And I have a terrible time packing what I'll actually need, and nothing more. (Last vacation (May) was to a waterpark for 2 nights. Enough clothes to last a week, 4 swimsuits, was it four or five pairs of shoes? And all the makeup I owned... And 4 stuffed animals... And some other stuff.) But, um, I like totally need my parasol. (Speaking of that, I want to decorate it soon. Ideas?) And my corset. And my long velvet skirt. And of COURSE I need my Mad Hatter tee, and I bet some fishnets could be used, and I can't forget my black skirt with crooked silver pinstripes, and there's my crochet short-sleeved cardigan, and some scarves for my hair, and I'll need a few pairs of shoes...

Speaking of shoes: LACE CONVERSE (knock-offs.). At Walmart. Normally, I hate sneakers of all kinds- Or pretty much 90% of shoes that aren't sandals.

Anyway, its going to be hard to decide if I will actually be able to wear those clothes. Is velvet suitable fabric for summer?

And then there is trying to look nice after a ten hour car ride. And more importantly- NOT BEING BORED OUT OF MY MIND! My laptop will die after like 2 hours, I can't read in a car without feeling sick, I don't have a portable DVD player (or a Doctor Who DVD... But maybe... If I can find a good price...) and listening to an MP3 player while staring out the window? Gets old after a while. And sadly, I can never sleep in a car. So, to keep to the theme of the blog- Does anyone know any gothy crafts I can do in a car? I was thinking making stuffed bats out of felt. (Very simple bats, mind you.) And I have been wanting to stitch a heart on a shirt (like Emilie Autumn) and maybe taking it further, by drenching the front of it with red fabric paint (too look like my heart was ripped out). Aren't I just so innocent and cute? But that couldn't be done in a car. I have been wanting to make a hat. Maybe I'll do that. (Or at least add a black lace veil to an existing hat. Because I want to.)

Speaking of black lace veils, and I mentioned Doctor Who a little while ago...

In one episode (the first one with River, second part) there is that woman. Why is she dressed in victorian mourning clothes? No clue. There is a reason for the veil- But the skirt? But since she is extremely smart at that point, I decide to take it as a compliment, saying smart people are goths.

Well its really late and I'm getting even more scatterbrained... So... Bye.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Secret Ancient Gothic Rule Book

Of course, YOU must know what I am talking about. The moment you decide to join our cult subculture, the Elders give you this rulebook. But maybe the mortals non-goths would like to know the totally made up stereotypes, using sarcasm to make it sound like I believe them truth.

Of course, the book takes ages to read, let alone type, so I'll just add small parts.

"Thou shalt not smile."

"Fun is sinful."

"Joy is sinful."

"Colors are sinful."

"Thou shalt not sociallize with anyone that is not a goth."

"Thou shalt never be seen in the sunlight."

"Maidens shall be sacrificed on the thirteenth day of every month."

"Religon is sinful."

Of course, they also explain how you become a goth, but you must know that. Wait, some of you don't? YOU ARE NOT A GOTH! SHUN!

You are put in a room, surrounded my 13 people wearing black hoods, chanting. You are bitten by a vampire, but not turned into one- You are not worthy. If you prove your worthyness, you shall be turned into a vampire later on. It is every goths goal in life.

Then, you must follow all of the rules, or be killed.

So, yeah, that's the basics. There is one I don't really believe. "Thou shall not believe any of these rules, for they are all made up." It makes no sense....

(Maybe I'll have a serious post soon. I've been quite annoyed lately, and you either get pissed off rant or sarcasm.)


Idiots are fun to play with.

Over at a former website of mine, some idiots there started a war. And they also claim to know what a "Real goth" is. So, I thought I'd share their tips with everyone.

"Well goth is like a culter of people. They listen to gothical music and mostly wear black but most dont. They are often coved in piercings and they stay away from anthing really common. After too they like bats and spiderwebs and mostly they go to goth festivals, most popular one is in Whitby, England where they do this big goth weekend. But you *ROLEPLAY NAME* being a little pop princess who think she is goth because she has green [hair] will not know what...oh yeah! Goths dont like Glee music as wont that come under 'mainstream' or even 'pop' oh dear!"

"you aren't goth. Goth people don't wear freaking fans and act like 7 year old twilight fans.

Its all about the way you do your makeup (loads of eyeliner), the way you wear your hair (preferably black, blonde, some wear red or blue...but thats scene.), the type of music you listen to (heavy metal), the type of clothes you wear (black and mostly Hot Topic clothing)"

Yep. Copied and pasted. So, I guess I'm not a "Real Goth". I think I'll follow their advice, then. Why wouldn't I, they know utterly nothing about the subculture and actually hate it but... Whatever!


- Be in a "Culter", whatever that is. (Perhaps she means cult?)
- Listen to "gothical" music or Heavy Metal. Ignore that metal is metal and goth is goth- It doesn't matter, you'll be too busy being depressed!
- Bat and spiderwebs are okay, but do to something else they said, no coffins.
- Fangs are for twihards, even though in those book the vampires sparkle and don't have fangs, and you probably prefer the ones that kill.
- Go to gothic festivals all the time- They never mentioned any goth acceptable hobbies, so you can only go to festivals. But, of course, you'll get thrown out if you look happy.
- Don't wear black, most goths don't. (Seriously, WTF?)
- Cover your entire face with piercings! If there is an inch of skin without metal stuck in it, YOU FAILED!
- You cannot like any music or tv not goth- So no Glee, or Doctor Who, or AVPM, or anything fun really.
- If you like vampires, you are a twilight fan. Its a fact.
- You need a TON of eyeliner.
- Hair thats either black, blonde and with blue and red.
- Shop at hot topic.

So yeah, I'm off to hop topic to be a real goth! But no coffins.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Upcoming posts...

I have two future posts. One of my hair (I got some black dye! After arguing with my mom about it... Aparently, black hair makes you look "Trashy" and like you will "Ride off on a motorcycle". Actual words used. Um... Actually, my new bangs (I got v-fringe!) will make it more vampirish...)

And one of "The Secret Ancient Gothic Rule Book". Of course, you probably ALL have a copy. The Elders give it to you the moment you decide to join our cult subculture. But perhaps the mortals non-goths would like to know about it.

I may also be thinking about horses in the near future. Why? I MIGHT BE ABLE TO TAKE HORSE RIDING LESSONS! Strangely, no matter how much I LOVE riding horses (I did in Norway) I never really considered it, thinking it would be too hard to find... Yeah, not 2 miles away is a farm/park that has 2 horses, my friend has a neighbor with 4 horses and I've seen them like everywhere...

And, also, my mom was talking to my grandma, and mentioned my want of fangs. Apparently I want them because of fear. Somehow, my grandmother thinks I'm afraid, and need fangs to protect me. Maybe if I start carrying a pocket knife around- But fangs, really? Old people are strange. Lol.

This post is unimportant and was typed with a headache.

Stupid storm. It knocked my power line down. AGAIN. This happens a lot. It went down in my backyard, and my neighbors. Theirs was on fire. The power company came- And trimmed some trees. Then left without fixing it. Few hours later, they came back. And put yellow tape up. Then left without fixing it. So the day I was going to spend trying to avoid spending time with my family was spent sitting in the dark being bored. And to make it worse, for the past like 3 days I've had a huge headache.

And to make it even more worse, we have to go grocery shopping today.

And even more worse, I'm dressed quite unfabulously and need to wash my hair.

The library needs better books. Without electricity, I have nothing to do. Sure, I can read- But they only have boring books that catch my attention for 5 minutes at most.

Proven fact: The day you have great makeup and a fabulous outfit (Black velvet skirt, black corset over a black tank top, with a white button up shirt over as a sweater) is the day the power will shut off. Or you'll get caught in the rain. Or spill something.

My knee cap moves out of place. Its called a "Subluxating Patella", but you probably don't know what that means. It means my knee cap slides out of place. And hurts like hell. Well, it normally hardly ever hurts (unless I pop it out of place) and now I can barely bend my knee without pain.

I think I'm going through Doctor Who withdrawl. I thought I saw the TARDIS out of the corner of my eye. Twice.

Well, thanks for reading my complaints. I think I'll get some tea and read other blogs. Maybe post something useful later. Like... Horses. Or fezzes.

Monday, July 18, 2011



Most people who knew me in this lifetime will think I have gone completely mental upon hearing what I have to say.

I sort of want a nose ring.

I've been generally against piercings- But mainly the drastic ones that no one seems to think through. Oh, and the excess ones. Sometimes I have the urge to go up to a person who thinks 27 piercings are a good idea and hold a magnet up to their face. What happens when they go to an airport?

And... Secret: I've sort of wanted a little daimond stud in my nose ever since 6th grade, when I read a book (I think it was in a series called Royal Diaries) with an indian princess who wanted her nose pierced.

What I have against piercings is that people just don't think them through. Think of that nasty scar when you take it out. Or are you going to be a little old lady (or man) with metal covering your face? It may look nice now, but when you're older?

(Side note: Numerous earrings are fine. They can be easily covered when needed, and no one will be staring at your ears anyway.)

But, of course, some people can pull off the drastic piercings, so don't feel I'm insulting you if you have them. I'm just stating that you really need to think about them, and I assume you did, right?

One thing I will say I hate no matter what:

Those creepy stretched ears. I shouldn't even have to explain why this is a bad idea. You are creating a large hole in your ear. What happens when you take your earring out? Is your ear all floppy and creepy? And again... Imagine your grandma/granpa with ear holes...


Please enjoy this picture of a nose.


So... Um... Stuff.

Two random things:

I finished season six (the first half) of Doctor Who. Now I feel as though life has no purpose... But, then again, now I can wait for the next episodes!

I have noticed when reading anything with powerful supernatural creatures (Vampires, dragons, werewolves) I'm often yelling in my mind "STOP BEING "ROMANTIC" AND KILL SOMETHING!" Because so many authors spend time *talking* about how powerful they are, but they never have ANY action. And so many readers like that. I'm okay with romance novels, really- But when the world is about to end if you can't fix it, can you PLEASE set your priorities straight? -Rant over-

My brother is coming to visit today. He's 24 and lives several states away. Also, he used to be a punk. We are talking liberty spike mohawks too tall for the car and several peircings.

(Side note- Lay off the drastic face peircings! It may seem like a good idea to get metal implanted in your cheek, but you'll end up with a scar when (not if) you take it out when you find you can't wear it any more.)

And so is his wife. I've met her once. My mom met her... Twice? Three times maybe? As you can see, super close family. And her family I've met once. They are an uber-Christian, super happy and loud family. Coming from a pessimist who would rather fill every goth stereotype than laugh loudly at an awful joke, this is quite annoying. Oh, and we "said grace" for pizza. There were like ten of us, all standing around, and we said grace for Pizza. Maybe its just because I'm not an uber-Christian, but that just seems weird.

And all their names end in "ie" or "y". Even the grandmother. And the dog. (For like half an hour, I didn't know if "Cody" was the dog or the son.)

But, of course, my shyness takes over in public and makes me seem like I'm polite. Which, like, of course I am, pssh, yeah. That shyness also makes me never speak. Oh well.

Well, hopefully, I won't have to talk to them again. And if I do, my mom says she will let me Goth-it-up a bit to see how they react. Sometimes I really wish for a stereotypical moments (Like when some one stops me and says "Are you GOTH?" or refuses to speak to me or thinks I'm dangerous or makes some stupid comment... The only coments I've gotten are compliments. Which isn't bad.... I just want a stereotypical moment to blog about! Is that too much to ask?

Oh yeah I was talking about my brother at the start of this post...

I have three brothers (Not counting the half brother, who's 40, in norway. And if I say I don't have any sisters, I do, I have 2 half sisters. Whose children are older than me.) and they will all be spending time together. Yay I'm not invited! (Yep. Super close family.) But my mom is forcing me to spend time with my family... I don't really like doing that. Okay, stereotypical teenage girl, I know. But I don't have anything in common with any of them, I never talk to them, and we have our own brands of dark humor. Perhaps I shall blog more of this in the near future.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Itty bitty update

I changed the comment format. Its now the pop-up kind. Now I don't need to be irritated by the website making me use a livejournal account for it. And, you can get follow-up comments sent to your email, if you wish.

I have found this place called GothyBeans. I read every comment they have. I shall share it with you now. Click Here.

And... I got like 15 views in 3 minutes. Did some one link me in their blog or something? Of course, I love all my followers and every new view makes me smile (Such an unGothly thing to do.) but where are you all coming from?! I started this blog what, July 2nd? Now its the 16th and I have TWELVE people following. Yay!

Its too hot to post...

Almost 90 degrees and humid... Ugh... Too hot to think/post. But, I should maybe mention a few things.

I've been obsessed with vampires lately. I want fangs, I'm writing yet another vampire book and I'm thinking of roleplaying/trolling as a vampire on Yahoo Answers. Even Doctor Who has a vampire episode!

Okay, fish from space. (Favorite quote from this episode: "And you kissed her back." "No, I kissed her mouth."

Does anyone know any good books about vampires (Besides Dracula, because I already know that one. Who doesn't?) that AREN'T about high school? If you could live for eternity, would you be spending your time in school again? Didn't think so.

Still thinking of ideas for my hair. I'll keep you posted. (Maybe a couple black streaks?)

I got my underbust corset today! Black. This one fits way better (I can actually sit and breathe, at the same time!) and is way higher quality. Shipping took forever, but whatever. It was shipped from china.

Some songs I've been obsessed with:

Emilie Autumn- Willow

Sally's Song (nightmare before Christmas)- Amy Lee

Girlfriend- Billie Piper (I'm so ashamed at how ungoth and "Teenage Girl" it is)

That is all. Good day.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Its... Over?

I just saw the Deathly Hallows: Part Two. And... Its... Over? The Philosopher's stone was published in 1997. The year I was born. Now... Its... Over?


A Very Potter Sequel says otherwise.

So now we wait until the Deatheaters get a timeturner.

My outfit:

The dress looks terrible on camera, but...

Green lace dress, and if you can see, it has corset style strings in the back. Looks SOOOO much better in real life. I had a silver ribbon around my neck. SLYTHERIN! SLYTHERIN!

My makeup:

HATE this picture of me. But I love the web. (Yeah, I left the house in this. At 11 am. I'm so cool.)


Bellatrix is completely bonkers, BUT her dress is epic.


It feels like I've been watching it for days... It started at Shell Cottage, just after Dobby's untimely end. Don't worry, his tombstone said "Here lies Dobby, a free elf" like in the book. They got Griphook to take them to Gringotts. And... THEY HAD THE DRAGON IT WAS SO COOL!!! Poor little (huge) guy, stuck underground for years and years... Oh yeah, and poor goblins who died.

By the way, Bellatrix with Hermione's voice? HA HA HA HA!

Then some stuff I don't recall happens. And they go to Hogwarts to find the lost Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw. The Grey Lady? Cool. Unfortunately, not many good pics of her.

And then... Stuff happens. In an order I can't remember... Snape dies, lots of people die, Harry goes to the Pensive, Harry dies, Narcissa said he's dead when he's really alive after talking to Dumbledore when he died, NEVILLE FINALLY GETS TO BE EPIC. There are few people who can look bad ass when wearing a dorky sweater. Neville is one of them.

My favorite part: When Neville cut off the head of Nagini. YES EPIC! I had said before, I would have demanded a refund if Neville didn't kill the snake. And I wasn't disapointed when Molly killed Bellatrix.

Sad parts: Sure, the room of the dead people was sad... I guess... But before the battle, when George is talking to Fred and says "Are you ready?" was just... Terrible. Sad. And Snape's memories?

What I wished they had put: More of the epilouge, the story of Arianna, and Percy. They had no Percy Weasley!


And thank you J.K. Rowling, for the magic.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fangs suck. Pun intended.

Well, I got my remolding kit... And again, I couldn't get the left tooth right and I'm out of materials! I guess I just can't have fangs until I some how magically turn into Adora Batbrat. (If you haven't noticed, I WANT HER FANGS.) Oh well, I'll try again in October (Or mid september, when they start selling halloween junk in store.  Not that I'm complaining.)

Maybe I'll have a post later...

The minor good news: Harry Potter tomorrow, and I have a great gothy dress on right now, so maybe pics later. And my fang molding kit came in.

The worse news: In the news, it says a man drowned. In my friend's neighborhood. I'm waiting for her to reply. I need to know it isn't her dad, brother, or a person she knows. So I'm stressing about that.

Maybe a post later.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ke$ha saved my life.

I had a dream, which I remember. So let me type it up.

Earlier on, it was about people getting sent into a dangerous TV show, like the Bad Wolf episode on Doctor Who. I think this might have something to do with it. Also, it was about some teenage drama thing too, but that's boring.

Me, my little brother and I think my mom (Not my IRL family, I didn't even look like me) were in a Pokemon battle. But it wasn't like the ones they show. It was in a dark cave and you could get killed by the Pokemon (In this case, it was my Dratini (or Dragonair, didn't get a good look) battling a fire pokemon). I had to get a certain rock- Large and round. Why? No clue. But I found it in a little tunnel away from the battle. But if I left that tunnel, I could have been killed.

There was an opening on the wall. Big enough to squeeze through. But, there were Krabbies there. Now, the next like minute or so must have been erased from the dream, because somehow, Miley Cyrus was standing outside of the opening, putting the Krabbies on a little shelf by her feet.

Outside it was just space. There were a couple shelves by Miley's feet, most of which held Krabbies. Floating in mid-air a few feet away was a chair. Then, a few more feet away, the entrance to the arena.

Miley was trying to get me to go through the opening, but somehow I had to do it to the tune of her favorite song. But, I didn't know Britney.

Miley "Do you know Ke$ha?"
Me "Yeah"
Miley *turns into Ke$ha*

Somehow, she got me to the chair, away from the Krabbies, and I made it to the arena.

Crap, it just occurred to me that I didn't have the rock with me...

So that is how Ke$ha saved my life. I promise, I did not make this up.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Thrift store haul!

Sorry for no pics, but I went to the thrift store and got some AWESOME stuff.

I got...

A black shirt (not so awesome)

A short sleeved crochet cardigan (black)

A traditional pirate scarf! (Black and red stripes)

Three- Yes, three- black velvet skirts in different lengths. A goth must be donating them, they are all the same size. Or just someone who likes black velvet...

THE COOLEST emerald green lace dress. I will post pics soon, for it shall be my Slytherin dress robes costume for the next Harry Potter movie!

A black purse.

A goofy bluish-black hat. Which shall have pics when the lighting isn't terrible.

Sadly, some of the coolest boots I had EVER seen were several sizes too small. Side notes: Old man wearing a superman shirt? Awesome. And anyone who owns The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls and wanted to pass it along between gothy blog friends? Extra awesome.

Random things I must say.

Its only half past noon and I've already done things today. Crazy. Thrift store later. I need to post random things.

Is "Death by pop music" an actual thing? Because I'm pretty sure its melting my brain...

The line from Emilie Autumn's Opheliac "Intelligant girls are more depressed because they know what the world is really like" is so true.

Just because you are going to the doctor does NOT mean you can go out in public in pajamas. Or the most awful outfit I have ever seen. Have some dignity, people.

Its gloomy, humid and wet. I hate summer.

Emilie Autumn is 31. I didn't know that. She looks way younger. Also, her mother is a descendant of the Liddell family (Alice Liddell, the girl Alice in Wonderland was based off of)

To save my melted-by-pop brain, I shall start singing in caps.

YOU KNOW THE GAMES I PLAY AND THE WORDS I SAY WHEN I WANT MY OWN WAY! YOU KNOW THE LIES I TELL WHEN YOU'VE GONE THROUGH HELL AND I SAY I CAN'T STAY! You know how hard it can be to keep believing in me when everything and everyone becomes my enemy, and when there's nothing more you can do I'm gonna blame it on you, its not the way I want to be, I only hope that in the END YOU WILL SEE its the Opheliac in meeeeee.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Going to Salvation Army tomorrow

And while I am at Sally's, I will be searching for stuff to fit my desired look. What I want it to say...

I sail a pirate ship across the River Styx, and spend my free time having tea parties in graveyards. Oh, and escape to the forest to live amongst the fairies (FAIRIES ARE REAL!!!)

Do I actually do those? Nope. I hate boats and graveyards are too creepy (It would be kind of hard to enjoy tea when YOU ARE STANDING OVER DEAD PEOPLE.) but I do like the gothic pirate look, as well as pretty tea party dresses, but one just seems a wee bit more practical for when I actual have to do stuff. The fairy one might be true. That's for you to decide.

Now, pictures!

All pictures found on google.


Tea party


The chances of me finding what I'm looking for? 2%

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm bored of my hair.

I need a change in my hair... It looks too natural! I was thinking either

Bleaching my hair, and adding some streaks (Like Avril) of stuff that fades quickly (Splat lasts like a week) when I'm bored.


Traditional Goth black hair.

On one hand, I like dark hair better, and it would be less damaging. On the other, bleach would be easier to change.

I'm also trying to grow my hair a bit longer and keep it blonde with black tips. Maybe I could do that by growing out the black....

What do you think?

Also, what do you think of V-bangs?

Please excuse the cartoon thing. All the actual human ones were too short.

All images found on google.

Redvines: What the hell CAN'T they do?

Answer: Taste good.

You're probably wondering what I'm rambling on about, aren't you? Well, its another one of my obsessions.

A Very Potter Musical. Which I shall be calling (and is often called) AVPM.

What is this? you might be asking. AVPM is a Harry Potter musical. Simple as that, really. Its Harry Potter, in college musical form. (Fun fact: It started in a college about an hour away from my home. Sweet!) And it is insanely hilarious.

First, let me just direct you to it. Click Here. Secondly, sorry, you have to have read ALL the books. Or at least know the ending.

Thirdly, time fore some quotes! Yay! (I'll be mixing in some A Very Potter Sequel quotes too)

"Beautiful? Are you nuts? More like SuperMegaFoxyAwesomeHot!"

"A Portkey could be any seemingly harmless object, such as a football or a dolphin."

"Floo powder power! Floo powder power!

(Upon seeing Hermione for the first time) "Oh my god, night troll!"

"Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders!"
"What the HELL is a Hufflepuff?"
"Harry Potter loves Zac Efron more than anyone else on the planet."

"That is one BOSS Zefron poster."

(Pigfarts is the Intergalactic School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Its on Mars. The headmaster, Rumbleroar, is a lion. Who can talk. Harry doesn't believe.)

"Now you're just being cute. I CAN'T GO TO PIGFARTS. IT'S ON MAAARS, YOU NEEED A ROCKETSHIP. Do you have a rocketship, Potter? I bet you do. You know, not all of us inherited enough money to buy out NASA when our parents died; Look at this. Rocketship Potter. Starkid Potter. Moooonshoes Potter. TRAVERSING THE GALAXY FOR INTERGALATIC TRAVELS TO PIGFARTS."

"I don't know man. Cedric Diggory, he's pretty awesome. NOT! He sucks. I'm totally gonna win. It's in the bag."
"I believe everything has its place. Muggles have their place, Mudbloods have their and so do your dirty clothes! Namely a dresser!"
(The Pigfarts school song) Pigfarts, Pigfarts, here I come. Pigfarts, Pigfarts, yum yum yum

"I'm tired. Can't we just be death eaters?"
(Draco loves Hermione.)

"I WANT HERMIONE GRANGER! And a rocket ship."
"My name is Draco Malfoy. I… am a racist, I despise gingers, and mudbloods, I hate gryffindor house, and my parents work for the man who killed your parents, do you want to be my friend?"
(Draco is played by a girl. And wears a diaper.)

"You know, using the potty is a GREAT time to socialize! You just look over to the stall next to you, and you just have a right chat with your neighbor! 'Oh! Hello there! First time using the potty too, eh? Pfffft. Good luck, my man."

Ron: "Where have you been all my life?"
Harry: "In a cupboard under some stairs."
(Eating Burtie Bots Every Flavor Jelly Beans) Ron: "What flavor did you get?"
Harry: "Broken computer. You?"
Ron: "Defeat."

"Care for a delicious-" *Holds up redvines package* "Redvine?"

"Favorite color of vine other than green?" "Redvines"
"Favorite Aimee Mann song?" "Redvines"
"Favorite way to say "red wines' in a german accent?" "Redvines"

(After defeating Peter Pettigrew with a Redvine) "Redvines: What the hell CAN'T they do?"

"You are acting like Garfield on a Monday." I love using this in real life.

Alternatively, this obsession could be titled simply as "Darren Criss" Who plays Harry (and Blaine on glee.)

Hmm... Enough videos?

Hugs and butterfly kisses, your son, Draco. P.S. Tell Mummy to bugger off. Teresa.

Spiderweb cookies!

I wanted to see if I could make little chocolate spiderwebs on cookies. Simple answer: No.

Yes. That is a chicken on a cutting board.

See? Epic fail. And they are like all burnt. Oh well.

How I found Goth.

Okay, I knew what Goth was for years- Or, well, I thought. Sadly, I only knew what lots of "Normal" people think it is. Depressed and scary. But people can change! I swear!

So this was when I discovered "True Goth".

Well. I have a roleplay website, and one of the people there is Aisling. We were both "Normal" back then- Okay, we were never normal. Both of us are totally insane (In a good way). But you know what I mean. Well, she kept showing us her twisted music. Emilie Autumn. While I Xed out of I Know Where You Sleep and Liar when she showed me them (they are a little hard to get used to), I did love Marry Me. Nice music, great singing, and the fact that it was dark and kinda creepy-ish?

So I went to google. I was researching how Goth started, what a "Real Goth" is, stuff like that. And then I found out... It was a lot like me. And the idea of wearing spiderwebs and black lace everyday? *Squee of joy* Well, I always did love halloween.

I did spend some time asking on Yahoo answers on it- Please, understand, the population of Yahoo Answers is 90% brainless. Those "Don't be a goth, be yourself!" and then list links of stores (like forever 21 and pacsun) that apparently myself would like. They never understand that maybe- Just maybe- Myself likes goth.

Anyway, Yahoo answers- One of my questions was found by Amy, who gave me the link to her blog. I spent hours reading it. Also, due to hearing about it from her blog, I got Gothic Charm School. So I absorbed tons of information. I think I also showed Aisling the link, though she might have found it on her own, I don't remember.

A little while after Aisling started her blog, I started this one. Our role play friends seem to find it annoying when we just randomly forget them and talk about Emilie Autumn and Voltaire and parasols. So, this is my way of being excited about every black-glitter coated item I happen to get my hands on.

Of course, people still try to discourage my Gothiness- My mom still isn't too sure she wants me hanging around "A bunch of depressed people" (I don't think she understands just yet...), one of my other friends from the roleplay group does NOT like goth, also saying "Don't be goth, be emo, its cute!" (If I ever get a teased mullet, SEND ME TO A MENTAL HOSPITAL.) And, of course, there are the idiots I don't even know online who assure me I will get bullied if I wear all black (Okay, maybe I can't wear a top hat to school, but why would black be bad?). Actually, people do tend to "bully" me. I'm tall, overweight, I was homeschooled and haven't been to school for a while, I'm smart and just plain weird- Seriously, I really don't care what my peers think of me anymore. That is mainly because the high school I'll be going to is in a town filled with idiots, who I have the misfortune to know. It sounds harsh, but its true. (On the bright side, I finish homework in 15 minutes)

Also, this may just be typical teenage rebellion, I'm not sure, but the more people tell me not to be goth, the more I want to. Its because they don't know what they are talking about, and I just love proving people wrong.

And I guess my ignoring them worked- I happily wear my black eyeshadow (Which, by the way, gets a ton of compliments when I'm wearing it) and Clothing of Doom and I FINALLY like my style. So, yes, I am being myself, and myself is a goth.

How did you find goth?

(And also, Aisling might like to know that I have been listening to I Know Where You Sleep for a few hours. Yay twisted music that would have given me nightmares before!)

I'm wishing you the best of luck, and by the way, your poetry sucks.
- Teresa.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fezzes are cool.

Its a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.

I *was* going to do a post about fangs, but that was assuming I didn't need to but a new molding kit. Sigh. So, that will have to wait. But I still want to post something... And, I have some new followers! Yay! Spiderweb cupcakes for all!

Anyway, I thought I'd take this post and talk about one of my other obsessions: Doctor Who. If you have never seen it, you are probably going to assume its about a Doctor, all medical and stuff. Well... Close. Its about a time travelling alien. With an english accent (Okay, everyone on the show does. It makes it more awesome.).

Ahhh I left the computer to cook dinner and burnt my fingers of my right hand! THAT'S MY COMPUTER HAND! Proof I should never stop using it.

Well, since I can't type, I guess I'll just link some videos...

Well. I need more ice for my burn. Peace (watch doctor who now!!!)


My fangs arrived! Well... Too bad they suck (no pun intended.). They come with 4 little capsoles of powder and a little bit of liquid to make a paste. It took at least 2 capsoles each fang, and one messed up so it doesn't even fit and I have nothing to fix it with, because I used up the "Extra" paste. The fangs themselves are cool, not unnaturally white. One fits and I like it. The paste tastes horrible. Well, off to the store to go buy food... And denture paste.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I shall be spending the day doing totally nothing.

I woke up early and went to the Doctor, spending about 2 and a half hours there, about 40 minutes of which were actually spent doing anything Doctor-y. The rest was waiting. In a small room, with my mom, who was even more strange today. And to make it worse, I got three needles stabbed in my arm. I hate shots. I'm using this as a "Sick Day".

Why a sick day, if I'm not technically sick? I almost never get sick. And when I do, its usually less of what the rest of my family had, so I get no sympathy. Annoying. I enjoy being allowed to do nothing all day! So yeah, not doing anything today.

P.S. I feel like a pirate, with my pink skull headband and a blouse and bloomers. I need to look into Pirate Goth...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Arrrrrgh, I gots me some loot.

(Yes, that was pirate talk.)

Hello! Today, I went shopping. Some good finds. Let me show you. Er, should I explain the pirate talk? I got a cool scarf I'm wearing around my head. I feel like a pirate. Arrgh.
Its more pink in real life. Don't you just love the irony of pink skulls?

Now, on to the stuff I got.

Thrift store- Sadly, not much. Not my favorite thrift store, all the clothes are old and ugly. But I did get some pretty scarves.

Walmart- This was yesterday, but I got an umbrella/parasol. My mom refuses to let me sew lace or bows onto it because its "Weird".

Black with white trim :)

"Dollar" Store (the quotes are because like nothing costs a dollar, more like the $20 store but they say its a dollar store)- This shirt. So epic.

Simply Fashion (Some annoying trendy store)- OMG THEY SELL BLOOMERS! In different colors! I got a pair of dark, almost denim-like ones. Can't get a good pic, but this shows the decorations and color. (I also got a skirt with the same fabric)

Sally Beauty- Nail polish (black), nail base coat, black eyeliner, pewter and black eyeshadows.

Well, thats it for now. I'm exhausted. (Woke up at 7 am in the summer, went to a therapy appointment then to my mom's physical therapy, that included a ton of waiting. And then shopping and going out to lunch because the chiropractor closes his offices at insane hours and we still needed to go and didn't want to go home)