Monday, July 18, 2011

So... Um... Stuff.

Two random things:

I finished season six (the first half) of Doctor Who. Now I feel as though life has no purpose... But, then again, now I can wait for the next episodes!

I have noticed when reading anything with powerful supernatural creatures (Vampires, dragons, werewolves) I'm often yelling in my mind "STOP BEING "ROMANTIC" AND KILL SOMETHING!" Because so many authors spend time *talking* about how powerful they are, but they never have ANY action. And so many readers like that. I'm okay with romance novels, really- But when the world is about to end if you can't fix it, can you PLEASE set your priorities straight? -Rant over-

My brother is coming to visit today. He's 24 and lives several states away. Also, he used to be a punk. We are talking liberty spike mohawks too tall for the car and several peircings.

(Side note- Lay off the drastic face peircings! It may seem like a good idea to get metal implanted in your cheek, but you'll end up with a scar when (not if) you take it out when you find you can't wear it any more.)

And so is his wife. I've met her once. My mom met her... Twice? Three times maybe? As you can see, super close family. And her family I've met once. They are an uber-Christian, super happy and loud family. Coming from a pessimist who would rather fill every goth stereotype than laugh loudly at an awful joke, this is quite annoying. Oh, and we "said grace" for pizza. There were like ten of us, all standing around, and we said grace for Pizza. Maybe its just because I'm not an uber-Christian, but that just seems weird.

And all their names end in "ie" or "y". Even the grandmother. And the dog. (For like half an hour, I didn't know if "Cody" was the dog or the son.)

But, of course, my shyness takes over in public and makes me seem like I'm polite. Which, like, of course I am, pssh, yeah. That shyness also makes me never speak. Oh well.

Well, hopefully, I won't have to talk to them again. And if I do, my mom says she will let me Goth-it-up a bit to see how they react. Sometimes I really wish for a stereotypical moments (Like when some one stops me and says "Are you GOTH?" or refuses to speak to me or thinks I'm dangerous or makes some stupid comment... The only coments I've gotten are compliments. Which isn't bad.... I just want a stereotypical moment to blog about! Is that too much to ask?

Oh yeah I was talking about my brother at the start of this post...

I have three brothers (Not counting the half brother, who's 40, in norway. And if I say I don't have any sisters, I do, I have 2 half sisters. Whose children are older than me.) and they will all be spending time together. Yay I'm not invited! (Yep. Super close family.) But my mom is forcing me to spend time with my family... I don't really like doing that. Okay, stereotypical teenage girl, I know. But I don't have anything in common with any of them, I never talk to them, and we have our own brands of dark humor. Perhaps I shall blog more of this in the near future.


AislingChild said...

I know what you mean about the sterotypical goth longing :P...

I'm seeing my 5 year old cousins this summer and I expect to get at least one 'Are you a witch?' comment.

******Something nearly everyone exepct me and you won't get*****

Don't listen to what Luke and Piper are saying, they're being idiots.

AislingChild said...

****additional things no-one will understand****

Pipers crossed the line now. I'm going to link to this, not only for me and you, but so that everyone can see how horrible and offensive some people can be over the internet. This isn't directected to me, or Teresa, but it's digusting.

Teresa said...

That would never happen with my family, sadly :( The youngest is 10.


They are idiots. And I also very much hate that Piper, who NEVER POSTED ON THAT WEBSITE, is talking like she owns the place.

Second one: Hey, I thought I made it so they couldn't post anymore! I HATE PIPER. Lily is probably the nicest person you can find online. What did she even have to do with that?

VictorianAndroid said...

I don't get those moments either. I think it's because my family and classmates who have known me for practicaly forever know that I'm bright and a good kid. And I don't get out of the house too often so I don't worry too much about strangers. I can really only think of two occasions where I've had an insult hurled at me, but I tend to tune out hallway/background conversations so it could just be my own filter.