Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ke$ha saved my life.

I had a dream, which I remember. So let me type it up.

Earlier on, it was about people getting sent into a dangerous TV show, like the Bad Wolf episode on Doctor Who. I think this might have something to do with it. Also, it was about some teenage drama thing too, but that's boring.

Me, my little brother and I think my mom (Not my IRL family, I didn't even look like me) were in a Pokemon battle. But it wasn't like the ones they show. It was in a dark cave and you could get killed by the Pokemon (In this case, it was my Dratini (or Dragonair, didn't get a good look) battling a fire pokemon). I had to get a certain rock- Large and round. Why? No clue. But I found it in a little tunnel away from the battle. But if I left that tunnel, I could have been killed.

There was an opening on the wall. Big enough to squeeze through. But, there were Krabbies there. Now, the next like minute or so must have been erased from the dream, because somehow, Miley Cyrus was standing outside of the opening, putting the Krabbies on a little shelf by her feet.

Outside it was just space. There were a couple shelves by Miley's feet, most of which held Krabbies. Floating in mid-air a few feet away was a chair. Then, a few more feet away, the entrance to the arena.

Miley was trying to get me to go through the opening, but somehow I had to do it to the tune of her favorite song. But, I didn't know Britney.

Miley "Do you know Ke$ha?"
Me "Yeah"
Miley *turns into Ke$ha*

Somehow, she got me to the chair, away from the Krabbies, and I made it to the arena.

Crap, it just occurred to me that I didn't have the rock with me...

So that is how Ke$ha saved my life. I promise, I did not make this up.


AislingChild said...

....odd dream

Anonymous said...

CREEPY I guess I would have killed KE$HA and miley with my own hands