Friday, July 29, 2011

So... Tired...

Its 11:44 as I type this. I just got home, changed into my pajamas and washed my face. SO TIRED.

I went to a family beach party- Okay, not much of a beach party. No one went swimming. My second cousins had rented a cabin on a lake for the week and invited everyone to come. Why did no one go swimming? No clue. It wasn't that hot out and the lake was pretty much perfect. But it wasn't that deep and there were minnows that ATTACKED you if you put your foot in, so I decided not to. Plus I was tired. My brother and mom's cousin (I think that makes her my second cousin, not sure) went kayaking.

Whenever we have family parties, we bring food. My mom made (or attempted to make) artichoke dip (which she had me fix at the last minute) and I made cucumber tea sandwiches, from This Recipe with a few adjustments, of course. (Didn't have time to let the cucumbers sit and used some cocktail bread instead of slicing, and kept it open faced since the bread was dry). Everyone loved them.

Another thing with family parties... EVERY older relative compliments me. I've noticed it several times. I wonder if its a secret plot... Or because I tend to dress up (as much as I can). I've heard several "I love your hair!"s (They were shocked to find out that I did my color, including the highlights, myself), "You look so grown up!"s and they all agreed I look "Glamorous" nowadays. (I was wearing a swimsuit coverup... How is that glamorous?)

And the car ride? Like two hours. Late at night. And there was a traffic jam. And my oh so mature older brother kept whining.

Well, I'm tired. I'm gonna make some more cucumber sandwiches, read some blogs (hoping I didn't miss anything important...) and then go to bed.

OHHHH! 3 things I almost forgot.

OVER 1000 VIEWS! Yay!


I'm thinking of changing my blog title. More on that tomorrow.

And finally...

My mom's cousin (the one that went kayaking) mentioned Bauhaus and Joy Division. I actually knew who they were. (Sure, I can't name like any of their songs and don't prefer to listen to them (I know they started it all, but I prefer my little twisted fairy tale style) but I knew them!) This is big, because, last time I saw her, I could probably only name disney stars and what's on the radio ten times a day.


Tenebris In Lux said...

I totally suggest checking out those bands -- some of my favorites by Bauhaus includes "Burning From The Inside," "In The Flat Field," "Bela Lugosoi's Dead," "God In An Alcove," and "Dark Entries." And Joy Division? Practically everything off of the famous Unknown Pleasures album.

It's one in the morning where I'm at :-D

Teresa said...

Its 3:39 AM here. No matter how tired I am I always get wrapped up in stuff... I'm making a hat thing.

Anonymous said...

Joy Division are alternative rock