Monday, August 15, 2011

A rant

60th post, 22 followers... Sweet.

This rant is about Facebook. More specifically, couples in "luv" on facebook.

One of my friends has a boyfriend and is ALWAYS talking about him. If you miss your "Boo", talk to him, don't make it a status! And please, if you are going to have cutesy little conversations like "Baby ur so cute I love u" DON'T MAKE IT WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE!

It happens ALL. THE. TIME. Its so cutesy I want to vomit. And then there are those pictures of people kissing... Really dude? Have a little class.

Do you know some of these people? Do you really want to yell "Get a chat room!" at them?

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Tenebris In Lux said...

I also hate it when people go onto Facebook and talk about how sick they are feeling. Go to your doctor, not Facebook ..

Yeah, it is a little annoying. I don't mind kissing couples, but I know what you mean. The sloppy portraits usually done with a cellphone camera .. at those odd angles .. and plastered with neon text after unneeded photo editing.

One of my friends once claimed that her chewing gum lasted longer than a relationship she saw. So sad.

There are some articles talking about how Facebook potentially ruins a relationship faster, if the relationship isn't meant to last. You obsess over it and it just kind of burns out in the end. I know I have it set to "In a Relationship with _______" on my Facebook, but I've never written a status about him or anything gushy on his wall.