Thursday, August 11, 2011

Goth Challenge- Day 1

The challenge is from Juliet's Lace, but you probably knew that anyway.

Day 1 – How did you come across the subculture?

I answered this before :P but...

I had a roleplay group, one of the people on there was Aisling. She started spamming the place with Emilie Autumn songs, and I finally listened to "Marry Me". BEST CHOICE EVAR. Because I decided to look up what goth REALLY was, and various "How to be goth" articles. I didn't really say anything about it for a while, because I am a bit famous for making a big fashion decision and dropping it in 2 days. I do remember saying to Aisling "If I become a goth, I'm blaming you."

After a while, I decided "Hey, that still sounds like me so I'll look into it more!" And I turned to Yahoo Answers. 90% of the users there are idiots. But, Amy gave me the link to her blog (I didn't know it was her who answered my question, it took me weeks to figure it out. "Hmm, this Amy looks just like the Amy of that blog...") and I read it. A lot of it. Seriously, spent HOURS reading it.

After a while, I told my mom about my goal. Being my dramatic self, I was afraid she would disapprove or think I'm turning into a vampire or something. The response: Okay. But I did have to explain to her that I wouldn't be "Hanging out with a bunch of depressed friends" and I'm STILL trying to explain to her that I do not care what humans normies others think of me.

I also got Gothic Charm School. I absorbed the knowledge. And I read a million blogs.

It was hard with the clothes, because I owned like no black. Seriously, if you asked me my opinions on black 4 months ago, I would have said it was BORING! (But I was also trying to not look like a goth then, and goth is anything but boring.) I owned tons of neutrals and light colors. I still can't look at the baby pink button-up shirt I own without screaming THE HORROR! (It was a bad idea from the minute I picked it up, it looks terrible.) But I needed new clothes anyway (hated my style).

And now I'm an annoying babybat, come to suck your blood figure out how to combine black lace and bats! FEAR ME!!

And now I own a pair of boots that my mom describes as "Feminine Doc. Martens"


What do goths wear to funerals? Serious question.


Maeam said...
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AislingChild said...

Umm...Goth funeral wear...perhaps as a cemetery Goth? (check out the fashion posts on The Ultimate Goth Guide, there's a good post on it)

Bixie Willow said... Goths are always ready for funerals! JK Uh, something formal. Possibly with a dramatic use of a veil. It would be an interesting time to break out the victorian mourning clothing. Basicly, modest, but somewhat dramatic.

Roxie said...

YOU made that Yahoo Answers post! YAY! I saw it, and it was what got me interested. I wasn't even looking up goth. I forget what it said(way to go me:P), or how I came across it, or anything about it, but thanks anywhoo. :)