Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm bored and this is taking up my time.

Guess what? The cabin has wifi! Yay!

Its been a good trip. I slept most of the car ride here, had fun with my friends here, had twizzler sword fights and was even asked if I was a goth by a 9 year old! (I, of course, said yes. They didn't make a big reaction.)

Why am I typing this right now? 1. I kinda felt like bragging about the first person recognozing me as a goth and 2. My friends are out on the dock fishing. I can't fish to save my life, I'm too impatient for it, its hot, I kept tripping, and I hit my head on something hard two times in a day.

Oh, they're back! Yay!

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E said...

Now I wish I were on vacation. :(

I think the first time someone called me a goth, I spent several minutes trying to explain to everyone who'd listen why I wasn't one, because they had no idea what Goth was and I wasn't it. (By the second time, I actually knew what Goth was, and just smiled and shrugged.) It is super nice to be recognised, though.