Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Manic Panic review- Ultra Violet

No, I didn't do an all over color, just the under layer of my bangs. I used some leftover dye, Ultra Violet by Manic Panic.

Yes, that looks nice, doesn't it? I, of course, didn't feel the need to bleach due to having blonde hair at the moment.

My first experience with the color:

I went for dying every last strand of my hair purple. Yep. But, it only dyed parts of it, and the parts it did dye were faded and gross! After a while, I thought this was just because I didn't use enough/didn't work it through all my hair (I had half a jar left and didn't use a tint brush). That brings us to...

Current experience:

I decided I needed some color, and thought just doing some of my bangs would work- I wouldn't have to care if it started to fade, I could just use some more dye (And not have to order more dye online/track down a store that sells the colors I like, make a total mess applying it and spend all that time trying to work highly stainable (Oh, you know what I mean...) gloop through impossibly thick hair). Anyway, I followed all the instructions, even used some heat (for like a minute) and left it on for 25 minutes, when the max was 30. I made sure I had extra in my hair, I worked it through thoroughly and...

SAME DAMN THING! Only this time, it covered all of it. In an awful faded purple. I looked at their website moments ago (I found the pic on it), and they said they left it on for like an hour. WHY THE HELL DOESN'T THE PACKAGING SAY THAT?!

Anyway, not pleased with manic panic. Perhaps it is just the color? But I think I'll look for another brand.

Which brings me to...

Anyone know a good brand? I have used Special Effects (Faded super fast, but that may just have been the green), Splat (Fades sooooooooo fast), and I've been advised not to use Raw.

Side note: Why does is it there does not seem to be a silver hair dye? I think there's a white one (I want), but why not silver? It looks cool! (Imagine black hair with silver streaks... Epic.)


The Green Fairy said...

Okay first of all, did you bleach you hair? And if you did, did you make sure all the bronzy bits were out using some toner or the like?

Also when you put the dye in and worked it through, did it foam up? Because the foaming part is what really activates the dye.

Also, with these brand of dyes like manic panic etc, 30 minutes (or whatever the packaging says) is the minimum amount of time you should use to make the dye take to your hair. I know people that put it in, wrap up there heads and sleep with it on all night. This is because the dyes don't contain anything toxic because they're made form vegetable dyes (unlike mainstream brand dyes that can contain things like ammonia). So if you have thicker hair, perhaps you need to leave it in for longer.

Of course this doesn't apply to bleach, never ever leave that in past the recommended time :P

As for brands, I use directions La Riche and they have a silver colour :)

AislingChild said...

Special effect dye is what I used for my blue streaks, and they faded so quickly as well. Not to bothered about it though, because it means that every two weeks or so I can get another color until the bleach grows out

Ashlee said...

I use Punky Colour and it's pretty good.

Tenebris In Lux said...

That's a shame. I really love Splat hair dye.

I agree with The Green Fairy's post. Did you bleach? Did you read all of the instructions? Do you wash your hair in cool water? Do you use the right products? And so forth ..

Ingrid'sCat said...

Live Colour XXL is quite good, I used it to dye my hair red with. It does wash out a bit and fade after a while though but I wasn't using any kind of shampoo or conditioner to keep the hair dye staying bright.

Tetra said...

I use 'N Rage from Sally's. Twisted teal. Love it. But u have to bleach as light as you can w/o damaging & then use a toner before dying. It fades but not nearly as fast as the others.