Friday, August 26, 2011

Goth spotting!

I got back from my freshmen orientation thingy. Let me start by saying what happened...

Well, we got picked up by a bus and got taken to the school. IN THE MORNING. Can you believe it? Then, we went to the school. At first, it was just awkwardly standing there, pretending I was looking for someone I knew to not look totally hopeless. Someone asked me if I was a teacher or senior. I replied that no, I'm a freshman and I'm 13!

Then we went into the gym and sat on the bleachers. Oh, wonderful. and then we had a pep rally, trying to get us "confident" and feel all welcome and crap. UGHHHHH I DO NOT NEED THAT MUCH HAPPY THAT EARLY! And then we played games. Joy. At one point, we had left the bleachers and then had to stand in a line HIGH FIVING LIKE 12% OF THE FRESHMANS. I am not a high five person. And guess what? I saw some potential goths. I mean, some people were wearing all-black, but they didn't seem very "goth". Maybe because goth, to me, looks more put together. Not sweatpants and a tshirt, especially when meeting a ton of new people. Anyway, one girl had some dark purple in her hair and had piercings, but looked a bit more scene/emo. Another girl was wearing black and a Black Veil Brides shirt. And another girl (don't remember her outfit) had liquid black eyeliner as eyeshadow. She also likes Black Veil Brides. So now I'm listening to them... Nah, still prefer other stuff.

Well, then we were made into little groups and then had EVEN MORE DUMB GAMES. Sure, they were better than the "Tell your life story in 39 seconds to a total stranger" but ugh.... But, okay, I did have fun. Then we went to tour the school! Each group had a theme. While I do sort of envy the ones who got to wear princess crowns, and the ones who said this from finding nemo

We had a cardboard train that said "Hogwarts express" and we all had sticks, and we shouted "EXPELIARMUS!" when passing other groups. One group did the same, but Avada Kedavra. That must be the Deatheater group. Why wasn't I in that one?! But my group was kinda awesome... I knew one of the people!

I'm tired now...


Hayley said...

That's nice that it wasn't horrible. At my school we have this mentor-mentee programs and, as a senior, I'm a mentor to a freshman mentee. I just met her today but she's really nice.

P.S. I would have LOVED to be in the Deatheater group. Although I don't need an excuse to yell "Avada Kedabra" at total strangers. Haha ;)

VictorianAndroid said...

My freshman orientation was never that fun. We simulated a day at school and went to our classes so the teacher could talk to us for 15 minutes and then we had a BBQ by the football field.

Teresa said...

I also forgot to mention that we are very strongly encouraged to participate in spirit week, first day being Wacky Tacky Day. Lets see, I'll need some striped stockings, my hair to be teased, the ability to wear a corset all day, a ripped skirt, my sparkly purple shirt and some black lipstick. Its a competition between grades. I REFUSE TO FAIL!

@Hayley Yeah, I never need an excuse to yell a random harry potter spell at someone. I just wish someone would drop something when I say Expeliarmus, pretend to die when I say Avada Kedavra, do SOMETHING.

@VictorianAndroid I'm actually a bit upset I didn't meet a single teacher! And we spent most of orientation playing games, not touring the school, so I hope the first day will have another tour.