Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm almost in high school eeep!

Today was high school registration. I didn't go. Yeah, I like totally ditched 'cause I am like sooo not going.

Actually, its because I was homeschooled last year and have to meet the counselor separately to choose my electives. At least I have a bit of time to grow/dye my hair (its a weird color now). My electives shall be...

Ceramics - Semester
Primitive to modern pottery will be produced in clay. Students will form clay into functional and decorative pottery. Surface designs on clay in stain and glaze will be explored. Evaluation is based on personal growth and skills

Jewelry - Semester
Jewelry techniques such as soldering and riveting are explored. Materials such as copper, brass, bronze, colored aluminum, Plexiglass, Formica, and fiber may be used. Evaluation is based on designing skill, problem solving, and technical skill. This course is for the student who wants to explore three-dimensional art media and who enjoys soldering and constructing objects using tools and equipment. It is also recommended for students pursuing a career in industrial design, auto design, interior design, and architecture, as well as students interested in portfolio development.

Housing and design - Semester
This class deals with the basic elements and principles of design including: color, balance, scale, proportion, fabric coordination, architecture, selection of housing, floor plans and style of furniture. planning of rooms include floor covering, window treatments, furniture arrangements and color design while matching the students' tastes with the elements of good design. This is a project based class.

I can choose one more. Which should I pick?

Debate - Semester
Students will learn the fundamentals of speech, persuasion, reasoning and debate. They will practice these skills through writing, giving speeches and participating in actual debates. Proper methods and uses of research will be covered. Students with develop self-confidence and critical thinking skills.

Intro to art - Semester
This course would be good for the student who wants to discover what art is all about. Students will expand their study of the elements and principles of design. They will develop techniques in the areas of drawing, painting and other media

Well, that filled a stereotype! *Checks "Artistic" off Cliche list*

When my mom was at my brother's registration, she said she saw some "Black clad sullen looking kids" (Then did an offensive "Goth" impression, which looked like a depressed bird. Don't ask.) This is why I'm a bit upset about not going on the normal day. I WANT TO GO GOTH SPOTTING IN THE FRESHMEN GROUP! It will help me establish what I can wear to school (Parental unit will not let me wear black lace gloves or a lot of fun things until I see what its like or something.)

Also, my room is getting cleaner by the day. I has a new dresser (from an estate sale. $75, decent size, HUGE mirror, good quality materials.) and I'm deciding on decorations. Black construction paper bats glue dotted on the walls, yay or nay?

I also need some plain black skirts before school... They are like nowhere to he found. Ugh, why can't my school just have a uniform? It would save so much time.

I have a question to my elder goths; In ninth grade (Age around 14 normally, I think.) how many goths were in your school? I'm trying to figure out if I'll be the only witch goth in my school. I'm not expecting a swarm of people in victorian mourning clothes (Though it is on my to-do list to find a male victorian goth, hopefully in a top hat.) but hopefully someone who thinks like me! (I've noticed from many blogs that goths think like me. That's kinda what got me interested.)

And a question to anyone: Do rats make good pets? Do they smell bad? Do they require a ton of attention? Is Edgar a good name for a rat? What if I got Edgar a little rat friend? Do they like to listen to Emilie Autumn? Are they as annoying as hamsters? (I had a hamster... It ran on its wheel the minute I started to fall asleep. Evil thing.) I had a rat before (His name was Romeo), but I was like 9 and didn't really like it. Somehow it died, I don't know how. (Maybe the window was left open in the winter? That's what killed a few of our birds.) What should Edgar's rat friend be named? (I'm thinking Toulouse, but that was what I wanted to name a pygmy goat...)


Tenebris In Lux said...

I'm the only Goth in my high school. I'm not really ashamed to say that I'm friends with some of the emos and punks (well, make that punk since it's only one dude) but the scene people don't treat me well. Freshmen year can be rough, but I'm going to be a sophomore this year. A lot of sophomores will try to mess with the fresh blood (er, freshmen) but they're mostly just trying to get reactions. And knowing upper classmen is a good thing. Helpful people, usually aren't as bad as sophomores.

But I mean .. it really depends on the area and the population and so forth. I live in a progressive large town (or small city, whatever floats your boat) so there is bound to be some "alts." I don't know your case.

You'll have to do the research about rats on your own. Don't know too much about them. I've always wanted a pet pig, but I might end up adopting cats when I grow up.

Dalestair Ophelia Zodiac said...

Well, as far as I can tell, The only Gothic kids at my school are in year 12. There's me, who's very outwardly extravagant with my Gothic attire, Courtnii - my bestie, K - other bestie who is a bit goth, and Renae who is the most Goth of us all. She's quiet, doesn't say much, a great artist and has the most beautiful eye makeup. She wears skinny's and lace gloves and the school uniform top.

The populace is mainly gangsta/norms, emo's & scenes. The scenes are pretty up themselves for the most part. Everyone sort of mingles though.

In year 8 and start of year 9, I was the only "Goth" inclined kid though there were some others that got lumped into the "Wierdo" pile with me. I then moved to a christian school, which is probably what completed my transformation into Gothdom. Funnily it's also where I discovered and became a Pagan. Go figure.

You just have to be you at school. What if all the other Goths are Goth Spotting too? If none of you wear your attire, none of you will do it? :/
You also don't want to appear as though you jumped bandwagon on the second day. First impression, forever lasting - give it all you Goth. (Haah haah, I'm hilarious.)

As for Rats, my brother had them as a kid. They were beautiful, not to stinky ('cept when he FORGOT to clean them). They do require a lot of attention to be kept nice and friendly, so make sure you're willing to and have time to give them A LOT of your company.

Edgar is a cute name. They do like friends, but my brother always only had one. That way they had a better relationship with each other. (Get one to start off with)

I think they'll listen to whatever you play, just don't play very loud stuff, cause it can frighten them.

Solution to the wheel problem? Don't give it a wheel. :)

Rats usually live for 2-3 years but one of my brothers was really old... like 9 or something.

I had mice, and they were a lot more stinky than the rats. The female rats were nicer (and cleaner) than the males, if I recall.

Well... I hope that helps! :)

Teresa said...

Thank you both for your comments!

Just to clarify... I'm not going to dress "Normal" until I see if there are goths, I just can't start out with lace gloves and fangs and top hats. Those'll come mid October. For some reason, my mother is okay with a corset to school, but NOT lace gloves. Or a parasol. Weird.

Hayley said...

I wish my high school had so many extracurriculars, my school forces us to fill our electives with extra academics. :(

I love estate sales, can you please post a photo of your new dresser and my vote on the paper bats is a "yay."

Since I went to a Christian school in 9th grade, I would have been the only Goth if I was a Goth back then. That was when I had a uniform and, trust me, it's not as easy and fun as you think...

But once I switched to the ghetto public school, there were a couple Goths but I never became friends with them and all the rest were either hood-rats, bros, punks, geeks or emos. Lots of bros and hood-rats...

I love rats. They are so sweet and such cuties. I had a rat named Troy. The only reason to not get a rat is that their life spans are so short.

I love the name Edgar. If you get two rats you might consider naming one Prospero, like the prince in Edgar Allan Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death." It's one of my favorite of his works.

VictorianAndroid said...

At least your school has cool electives. My school is so small and doesn't offer much. We dropped our drama program about two years ago so now I can't do that. Thank God my familiy is involved in a community theater group. With my school also being small, I've found I'm about the only Goth.