Sunday, August 21, 2011

My car ride log.

Warning: This post will have typos. I was typing in a car, that was bumpy half the time and dark the other. Oh, and the names have been changed for... Whatever reason.

As I am typing this, I can see the freaking ST. LOUIS ARCH.
I'm in a car. On my way home. Sadness :( I don't wanna go back! It was so fun! And the car ride is boring and makes me cranky, so I'm going to be typing this, which I shall post when I get home.
Got some nice pics of the arch. Maybe I'll photoshop Percy Jackson in one. Earlier, my friends got me to take a picture. I actually kinda like it. I hope its up on Facebook when I get home so I can have it. I'm wearing a black shirt and bloomers (Same outfit I was recognised as a goth in) and my legs look sooooooo pale. Yay!
Starving. Haven't had any food today. I do not want fast food! Its not a good idea to have a breakfast (yes, even at 12:20) filled with grease and salt. Call me a princess, but I need real food!
I need to buy stamps. Preferably halloween ones. And house mouse (its an adorable little mousie!). And some ink, too. Last night, one of my mom's friend (Who has a craft room which needed more room for her sewing stuff, A PYGMY GOAT that lives in the house, is psychic (no joke), and sorta reminds me of a hippie) brought a ton of craftbook stuff, including a ton of cool stamps. And she showed me how to emboss them!
Wishing the car had wifi.
Lost some valuable log time. We went to subway (I got spicy italian with cucumbers, pickles, olives, yellow peppers, tomatoes and american cheese. On italian bread. And sweet onion dressing (LOVE THAT STUFF!). I usually get the same with even more toppings, but I wanted to be able to eat what I had left in the car later.) and then my mom asked to take my backseat spot to take a nap. I like my backseat now, because I can lay down if I'm tired, I have enough room to type, and I can tune people out and listen to my mp3 player without seeming rude. Oh, I should probably mention that the girl driving is my mother's cool friend (mentioned above)'s daughter. She refuses to let my mom drive, because it'd hurt her hip more. While I was in the passengers seat, I kept falling asleep. I think so anyway, because I'd close my eyes and the next thing I knew, my head would be down and it would be later. Fine by me, Illionois is so BORING to look at. Its just corn fields. And corn fields. AND CORN FIELDS. I didn't even see any horsies. During this time, we went back to our normal time zone. Hooray! The car clock is correct! Anyway, then we stopped at a rest area, and I noticed I have a tan on my leg! I got it today, because its not tanned where my shorts are. It would make more sense if I had gotten it when I was in my swimsuit earlier this weekend, but at least my bloomers are the shortest thing I wear. I bought some cheetos and some honey bbq fritos. Now I'm feeling my neck burn, back in the backseat, listening to In The Lake by Emilie Autumn.
- 5:06 P.M. (I'll start posting times now)
Er... Quick question: In the Dresden Dolls' "Baclstabber", is that the dude singing, or Amanda? (It seems I have failed to recall the dude's name.) I think its what's-his-name, but its hard to tell because Amanda Palmer has a deeper voice. Not that that's bad, coming from someone who does have a deeper voice. Its nice to have a singer who isn't a high pitched little diva. Plus, I still hold resentment because of 6th grade chorus, when the teacher ALWAYS gave the actual words to those squeaky little voices and the second part to the deeper voices. I remember when we were practicing "One Little Candle" and at one point, my group was singing "Ooooooooooooooh" to the tune. WE WERE TOLD TO BE QUIETER. We were singing at normal volume, and maybe I was a tad louder than before, due to wanting to show off over the little mouse-people singing the real words. I just think the real song should go to the people WHO CAN SING. Gr... Oops, I turned my quick question into a long rant.
- 5:15 PM
Recently stopped at a gas station and got a cherry slush puppy. Just saw a grown woman with a panda pillow pet in her car. Ha ha :)
- 5:54 PM
Note to self: Look up meaning to Emilie Autumn's "Swallow"... And like half her songs. Another note to self: Add more music to MP3 player.
-6:24 PM
Last night, we were making fun of texas accents, because one of my friends is from texax. Okay, we made fun of a lot of accents. But mostly texan. Bea only has an accent on a few words (Like the word "Accent". I like the irony.). Also, she was talking about going "Muddin'" which is driving a four wheeler through mud. SUCH A STEREOTYPICAL TEXAN ACTIVITY. Oh, and a girl in her neighborhood was in an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras. Laura said if she were a hillbilly, she would name her kids Cornfield and Porkchop. Bea was texting with a friend of hers (she called him her stalker), and he asked if she was pregnant. This was 100% untrue, totally unrelated from the conversation, and rather creepy. We all burst out laughing.
- 6:32 PM
I'M IMPATIENT AND BORED! We are stuck in traffic!
- 6:34 PM
I'm not actually minding the car ride that much. It was awful on the way over, but we rearranged some stuff so I have more room. Plus, I'm not as impatient. Sure, I want to go home, but all that's home is just home. I wanted to see people and have fun! And we did happen to see the arch that Percy Jackson jumped off of (That was on my to do list for ages), and I woke up at 8 instead of 5, even if I was awakened by a perky morning person (I don't care if she gets up early to take care of her farm, SHE NEEDS A SNOOZE BUTTON!!!). Oh, and I managed to eat mostly good food on this trip. I just finished a blueberry scone and I'm drinking some tea. Yeah, that's right, tea and scones in a car! Be jealous! Sadly, I could only find iced tea. Well, the stuff that's cooled but not with ice. If you ever get Lipton Pureleaf Iced Tea, GET THE UNSWEETENED. If possible, pick up some sugar packets from around the coffee. The sweetened not only tastes like syrup, but it also has a long list of ingredients (with names I have never heard) compared to the unsweeteneds' two (Brewed tea and citric acid). I couldn't find any hot tea, even though I wanted it (and when I want something, the universe must give me it. Always.). Though I highly doubt they would carry English Breakfast, there might have been something not terrible. But noooo, no tea. Only *nine* different kinds of coffee. Sigh. Oh, and I probably won't be home until midnight. I know I said I'm not minding it, but I will be by then.
- 8:31 PM
Getting tired. Its dark. I'm writing my book. TWO MORE HOURS LEFT. The girl who's been driving the whole time is in my backseat taking a nap while my mom drives. My mom is playing her music. YO MA! I'M TRYING TO LISTEN TO MY HEADPHONES, TURN IT DOWN! I need to download more music when I get home. I'm thinking more Dresden Dolls, maybe some more Emilie Autumn, and "If I die young" by The Band Perry. Oh, and I need to look up if there's any more news on Emilie's next album. WHY CAN'T THE CAR HAVE WIFI?!?!
- 10:01 PM
Yay! Hot tea! We stopped at a gas station and this one had hot tea, and ENGLISH BREAKFAST at that! Yay! I think tea must affect your brain, because just smelling it perked me up. I did drink a bit... But it is super hot (coming from a person who can eat something straight from a boiling pan). I got a cup, and the first water I put in it was cold. Dumped it out. Then I found a better source of hot water. Well, as I was going to put sugar in it (It doesn't actually need a lot, english breakfast is kinda sweet as it is) I accidently tipped it over. No one got splashed, but I made a mess. Oopsie. I hope the worker who had to clean it up was bored anyway. So I got some more hot water and DIDN'T EVEN SPILL IT! Hooray! But its too hot. How do you people drink from these plastic lids on disposable coffee cups? This is the second time in my life I've ever had one. Oh, and right now, I'm listening to Taylor Swift. -28 goth points, but my mom wanted to listen to mom music and she doesn't like goth music and this was all I had.
- 10:57 PM
I drank my tea. I feel better, and less asleep. This is my source of caffiene. Now listening to Glee. Kurt is singing Rose's Turn from Gypsy. I <3 Kurt. He's the only reason I watched Gypsy. Mother is now asking to switch to Adele, after Bad Romance, of course. Nothing to say, really. I'm just bored.
- 11:24 PM
Duh, I just remembered what I got my laptop up to type about! I got smart water. Its water. From CLOUDS. I am drinking cloud water. Be jealous.
- 11:25 PM
Hay is for horses, they also eat oats. Nothing to say, just wanted to post.
- 11:29 PM
HOME! HOME HOME HOME HOME HOME! Gonna check my email and facebook, post this, drink some more cloud water and go to sleep cause I am so tired!
- 1:29 AM

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