Thursday, September 22, 2011

An explanation of my absense.

I haven't been posting because, well, school. Its draining me of not only my energy, but my thoughtful snarkiness- All I'm left with is some insanity which is spent on roleplaying. Plus, school seems to be poisoning me. You know how peer pressure supposedly makes you do drugs or skip school or something like that? Yeah, it makes me listen to metal and want bright green skinny jeans.

Luckily, halloween is approaching rappidly, so say hello to a chance to wear more insane outfits. Why yes, I do happen to ow a pair of kitty ears that i wear at any possible chance (at home). And I have a purse I take to school that is the face of a halloween kitty. It has ears. And I have a spooooOooooOooky halloween shirt. Hooray :) I just need to find a spiderweb skirt.

I also need to stop wearing jeans. I don't know why I am, nor do I know why I recently bought them. I am not a jeans person. But the bus stop is cold, and skirts aren't exactly good for keeping in warmth, so... Jeans are an easier option. I should just wear my ankles length skirts with leggings.

There is also something I am currently buzzing about... THE NEWEST FASHION TRENDS ARE SO NICE! Whatever designer decided to use black lace and princess seams and all sorts of potentially goth stuff was a genius. You know, people never assume fashion designers have much power, but think about it. A popular designer uses something that people like, ex. princess seams. Other designers copy it, and soon the shops are filling up with princess seamed shirts, and due to them being available, more and more people wear them. So one fashion designer can dress millions of people.

Anyway, back to why I'm not here anymore. I just don't have anything to post! I'm sure you don't feel like listening to me rant about school. I haven't had many great fashion finds (Though I did see an Edward Cullen shirt at the thrift store that was just begging to be covered with a big red fabric paint X...) nor any halloween tutorials or anything goth at all. I haven't even been looking undead at school! Gasp! I need to fix that! (A tint of blue foundation and a softer black eyeshadow, perhaps?)

I need to compile a list of what school has done to me.

- Gotten rid of any chance of being nocturnal.
- Makes me desire brightly colored skinny jeans.
- Making me care about blending in- Well, not like I want to blend in, but its making me more aware about how easy it is to accidently blend in the crowd. I need to stand out!
- Made me decide to dye my hair bright red. Which now is faded pink...
- Made me realise how impractical black velvet really is.
- Made me listen to metal. (Okay, maybe not the school, but the friends I made in school)
- Made me too forgetful to finish this list.

But I have to say, I do like drawing class...

And speaking of metal, I'm just gonna share a song I like by the 1 metal band I love.

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Maeam said...

Yep. Thanks to school, I can no longer be nocturnal, too...