Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My hair

That is me. Taken just a moment ago. And yes, it really is impossible for me to smile in pictures. My hair is black with blonde highlights. I'm posting this because... I'm dying my hair blonde!

Why? Well, my hair is very short. Even sorter in the back. And look at the bangs! They look like they were chewed off by a todder! Revealing my eyebrows, one of which looks strange, and if my eyebrows aren't raised, my forehead looks HUGE.

What does this have to do with the color? I'm going to start taking biotin, a viatamin that makes your hair grow faster. Meaning: Roots grow in faster. My natural color is blonde, and slightly lighter blonde hair is better than a million shades darker.

What dye? People always tell me I can't lighten dye with dye. To them, I say HA! For they are wrong. A while ago, I gave myself blonde highlights, without bleach, using Clairol Frost & Tip Maximum Blonde Highlight kit. Now, the smell stings my eyes and is probably more damaging than lots of dyes (if you use a nice dye... Which can be found for cheap anyway) but less than bleach. It would be worth a try if you want to get rid of black hair.

I'm keeping the highlight cap and hook in case I ever want black highlights.

While at the store, I also found something super awesome...

A pair of combat-ish boots and... PLATFORM BALLET FLATS(?)!!!! Shiny and black! Eeeeeek! Now, does anyone know where I can find those lace trim ankle socks in adult sizes, preferably in bulk?


ultimategothguide said...

Lace socks = Primark

AislingChild said...

I need to get this biotin...And whist Primark is great and cheap, try and avoid sequined things because cheapness means they don't pay well, which means they may be using child labour...A while ago my dad told me they used child labour (he's a university teacher on these subjects) but I think they may have changed since then...but AVOID THE SEQUINS!

Teresa said...

Primark isn't in America :P And I tend to stay away from sequins anyway, they aren't very shiny and fall of easily. But glitter is fun, it gets EVERYWHERE.

Biotin is easy enough to find. I got it at walmart (I believe you call it "Tesco") but you could probably find it at any pharmacy (or store with a bunch of vitamins and such)

AislingChild said...

I shall hunt :P