Thursday, September 8, 2011

I wish school took less time.

I'm back from my third day at school. It was awful. Which is weird, cause I got a decent amount of sleep (went to bed shortly after 9 and woke up at 5). This proves I need to be tired to be happy. I need to list some complaints.

- I have been missing out on my Internet life (Yes, including reading blogs)
- I barely spoke with ANYONE I knew. Some idiot who got on the bus before me took the seat next to my friend (I wanted to talk about my plans to get a nose ring and the new bands I listened to...), the only class with him I had, we had assigned seats (alphabetical) and there was just ONE person between us, so we couldn't talk, and I was having a bad day and kept dropping stuff and getting lost so I didn't have time to talk between classes. Oh, and we don't have the same lunch time. Maybe I need to make more than one friend? Nah, I hate people.
- In health class, we had a test. Well, practice test. I knew like all of the answers and the ones I didn't know made me think "How the hell am I supposed to know that? I'm 13!". I had like 20 minutes after the test (that includes the time of class spent waiting in a line to get my health book) that I just spent staring at a wall. I need to bring a book... Oh, and one of the seniors that failed the class in a different year and had to take it again? She took FOREVER.
- I suck at drawing. I didn't really get the practice assignment, and I utterly sucked at it. This is why I hate drawing- I CAN'T DO IT! Give me some clay, you get a bowl and/or small animal. Give me some paper and scissors? Fun shades. Hell, give me the ability to draw what I feel like drawing, and you'll get a cute little cartoon. But have me sit at a desk, with uncomfortable chairs (obviously made for short people), near ANNOYING seniors, drawing ovals, and you will get me fidgety, distracted and BORED. Not to mention some crappy ovals.
- My hair looks like shit. I don't want to have to spend a ton of time on my hair in the morning, its too short to do anything with, and I just need a haircut.
- I can never find anything to make for breakfast (Partly because like everything tastes gross in the morning), and everyday I have the last lunch in the school.
- Really wish idiots would stop standing in the middle of the most crowded hallway to talk.
-  I think I have allergies. My throat hurts and I've been sneezing a bit, and if I'm not mistaken, allergy season is right about now. Maybe this caused my bad mood...
- Locker keeps jamming. I have to kick it at just the right spot. And this is coming from someone who hates making noise, so if other classes are going on (Like after I got my science book, I went to go put it in my locker and like no one was in the halls) the echoing of boot kicking locker door pains me.
- I feel utterly dressed down. A not that pretty shirt and black jeans. Extremely simple makeup.

On a positive note:
I met an Australian exchange student. No clue what her name was, but she's on my bus and asked me where it was (I didn't know either, but we found it). Who would want to go from Australia to my boring little town?


Anonymous said...

I hate my drawing class, we usually draw stupid things with rulers, which have to be PERFECT.

Tenebris In Lux said...

I'm sorry to hear about that.

I know my gym locker jams all the time. I literally have to punch it (yee-ouch) every day to get the damn thing to close.

It might be allergies, or it might be because of school. I'm not joking. When you start school again, you are exposed to a lot of germs (desks, keyboards, lunch tables).