Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I've been to Hell and back.

True story.

I've been to Hell, Michigan. On June 6th, 2006. 6/6/06. But, since I was little, I didn't really understand why we decided to drive out to some boring, crowded, hot town. I've taken a picture at the "Hell" sign, and I've been to Screams ice cream.

Why did I decide to post this? Well, me and my mom were looking at the website that lists the cabin we will be going to in a few days. We decided to look at our state. One of the cabins was in Hell, MI. I want to go there!

My mom also said that when we went there, it was "Boring as Hell." I started laughing, and it took her a minute to figure it out. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Hmm... Perhaps I will have a birthday tea party in Hell.


Hayley said...

My ex-boyfriend always told me about Hell, Michigan because he used to live in Michigan. I think he went back...
If you go to Hell and meet a boy named Franklin (but also goes by the name Jak), please slap him for me. Thank you. :)

Teresa said...

"Hey, my name is Franklin, but for whatever strange reason, I go by Jak!"
If someone says that, I'll slap him for you. (By the way- Thanks for following! I'm following yours now)