Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My first day of school, and why I'm over-stressed.

I got back from school. ALIVE. Since then, I've eaten some grapes and drank some water, as well as talked to some online friends, and then fell asleep for an hour or two.

I woke up at like 5 AM. It seems like days ago. I actually set my alarm for 4:30, so I could wake up. My hair took a good half hour, longer than I was expecting. And I missed the bus. I was going by the time the bus was supposed to arrive, because NO ONE TOLD ME TO GET THERE 15 MINUTES EARLY. So my mom drove me.

The day had started with only freshmen, and the upper-classmen who were our mentors. We were forced to go to the gym and sit on the ever-so-comfy bleachers. I sat on the side, by myself, and was surrounded by those mentors because apparently no one can have peace and quiet that early in the morning. I got a compliment on my outfit and hair (2 different people).

Then we had to do some stupid peppy crap. Pretend we are on a roller coaster, hold a rope and walk through a line of the parents and staff cheering and taking pictures, stuff like that. Oh, not to mention the many times we were supposed to just stand and talk to our friends. Its quite annoying for those of us who don't know anyone, knows someone but isn't remembered, or knows someone and wants to avoid a conversation with them at all costs.

Then we going to Seminar. Its a 15 minute class twice a week to do homework. Didn't know anyone. Then after some introductions, we were then told to go to our 1st hour for the next 15 minutes.

I have drawing first hour. I'm actually pretty happy about that, because 1. Its not that hard (drawing is challenging, yeah, but not so much as "real" school work that will be graded) 2. the teacher lets people use MP3 players a lot. I could definately see starting out the day with music and art.

Then 2nd. Algebra. Don't get me wrong, I like math. But my teacher must have magic powers of boredom. I'm not the only one who feels this way- Like the whole class was half asleep in 10 minutes. This is also where I met a first potential friend.

I was the last in class (Thankfully before the bell rang- they are serious about tardiness!) and was looking for a seat. Some dude in the back row, unnaturally cheerful, pointed to one. We introduced ourselves quietly just before the class started, and due too saying my name as "Treesa", he now calls me Tree. His name is Jake.

Lets see, next we have World Studies. History if my worst subject. Our teacher previously taught at juvie. I HATE HIM. He kinda let the class talk to themselves, he isn't very friendly and he just has that "I really don't care" attitude. (Jake is in this class, too.)

Then Language Arts. I got the teacher my brother HATED- and I actually kind of like her. I think he hated her because she is a little... Young. She doesn't sound very teacher-y, she's pretty friendly and I do think she dumbs down a few assignments. Like when they read To Kill a Mockingbird out loud in class. All of it was read out loud. She asked us to think of names for her plants. (at first I thought Fern, but now I think Alfalfa.)

Lets see, Geophysical Science. Teacher is okay. I've always liked science. Hat the desks in that class, I feel all figity. I need to find some pez despensers to give to the teacher, because he has a ton, but doesn't even collect them. Apparently, a friend of his had given him the star wars collection, and he displayed them in his office. For the rest of that year, some unknown person has been lacing a pez despenser in his mailbox every now and then. That's something you can't say about most teachers.

Then Health. Oh, joy. Our teacher is used to dealing with the failures of the school. Or, that's pretty much how she put it. The ones who don't really care, and aren't going to graduate. She also seems to enjoy scaring us by telling us how easy it is to fail and not graduate. And due to the high amount of students, you can't repeat a year. Thanks for stressing me out even more, health teacher.

And yay we got to take a break from that and go to lunch! I have to say, I'm not very disapointed in the food. There were salads and sandwiches, and I got a turkey wrap instead of pizza. Though, when entering my student number to pay (its rather high tech now), a page was brought up with my 6th grade picture, because its my latest school picture. ITS AWFUL!!! The shirt was ugly and unflattering, both style and cut, my hair was burying my face, my pose was weird and my smile was stupid. And I finished at least 10 minutes early, but noooo they couldn't let me out to find my locker (still hadn't found it by then) and even if you wanted to go to the bathroom you would need a picture ID. I don't think any of us got our IDs yet, and I didn't have my picture taken. I also got into a conversation (a short one) with the girl I think is a major idiot, but used to be my friend. Luckily, no classes together.

By then, the other grades had arrived. Some classes are mixed grades. Let me tell you, the hallways were stupid enough with just the freshmen getting lost and confused. Then add the other people going to and from classes, and those IDIOTS who stand in the middle of the crowded hallway and talk to their friends? A main crossing place is called "The T" because it is, well, shaped like a T. And in that spot in the middle, three hallways are merged together, creating must chaos.

Then we went back to see all our classes again. Drawing is mixed in with older students. I had been sitting near some dude, and I really really really hope I don't have to again. He talks too much, he distracts people, he doesn't pay attention. Very annoying if you are trying to learn about where you will be for the next 4 years.

Some older girl in my class helped me find my locker. Naturally, it was in the T. And I CANNOT GET THE STUPID THING OPEN!! I had to ask a teacher for help.

Then math again. Ughhhhh we had actual math work. I didn't finish it. Oops. We didn't have a lot of time. But, I noticed about 90% of the class didn't. Jake greeted me again, and I thought it was strange that he didn't say hi to anyone else.

Then back to seminar, at least I think. Might be after the next subject. We got planners. Turns out, we can FAIL THE CLASS AND NOT GRADUATE if we don't fill it out every day. They weren't even given out at the highschool last year! They have a ton of idiotic new rules this year.

Then world studies. Ughhhhhhh. No actual work, we seriously just went over school rules (that I already knew- Don't wear short shorts and don't start a fire pretty much sums it up). I hate saying this, but I noticed Jake seriously reminded me of Jacob Black from twilight- His skin was darker, his hair was longer than jaw length, and he almost looked like he had fangs. And his name is Jake. Now, the twilight relation is lame, but I do think its cool that I'm in a class with a werewolf.

Then Language Arts again. Actually had fun! I think we went over some school rules, but by then we pretty much knew what they were talking about. We made our own nametags for our desks. We even has the ability to use crayons (most chose marker, I used colored pencil). I heard someone near me say that is was like kindergarten or something, but I thought it was fun. On one side, we wrote our name and decorated it (I had vines on the side. That's all, but I thought it looked put together instead of chaotic. I'm a bit of a perfectionist.) and on the other, we wrote "Welcome to a year of ____ at *school name here*, because ___" and we had to fill in the blanks. I wrote "Welcome to a year of torture, because school starts soooo early." Seriously cannot wait for her class tomorrow, because we are going over our summer reading assigments (I'm one of the two who read Treasure Island. The other guy didn't like it either.) and I need to know how I did!!

Then Science. Meh. Not good, not bad. Just meh.

Then Health. Oh, joy. The older people were in that too. It is very very very obvious the teacher is used to seniors, because she was very bad at giving us information of when our lunches are. Ya see, we have a "block schedule", where we have four 85 minute classes a day instead of six 1 hour classes. And they all change. Its very confusing.

Then I got my backpack (After wanting to cry because I couldn't get the locker open, then asking the same teacher) and went on to the bus. Took forever to find. Then I rode it home, which I hate doing, and got off at one of the last stops.

I also feel like mentioning I had almost no water today.

And now I'm still stressing out because I have to do the same thing tomorrow. I don't want to. I just want to stay at home and sleep. I'm tired, dehydrated and stressed out. And painfully confused. I still have things to do (I wanted to add more music to my MP3 player, find a smaller purse to take from class to class (one that doesn't contain all my makeup and a ton of random crap), find a way to work out how I am going to use my binders and stuff (I think I may just add some more paper to my multi-purpose binder and move the sheets into my other binders when I want to))

Update (even if I haven't posted it): Its like half an hour later, I ate some food and had some water. Better now. Still stressing. But I'm going to put on a face mask and fill a little purse, then take a shower. Then sleep. Sooo tired....

Tomorrows outfit: Long pink/purple skirt (what's the color that looks like muted fuschia?) and Mad Hatter tee.


E said...

I do wish I'd known you were taking the bus - I've ridden schoolbuses for twelve long years and could have told you that they're always either fifteen minutes early or fifteen minutes late. Also, what did you do to your hair that you had to get up at 4:30 in the morning? It must have been elaborate.

Teresa said...

Bus comes at (I thought) 6:40, I snoozed for half an hour, spent 30 minutes crimping my hair (Well, "Waving" it) and then teases the right amount and spray and paste and pinning some of it back... Then I had to do makeup, I had to eat breakfast and then there's the time I'm bound to waste online.

Teresa said...

And the middle school bus (that I took for half a year) was ALWAYS late.

AislingChild said...

Aww *hugs* I guess you'll get used to school eventually...Until then, grin and bear it :). Jake sounds nice, maybe he can introduce you to some people? Don't feel bad if you mainly hang out with boys, most of my friends are boys ;-)