Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm being lazy with posts.

I promise I'll start the Goth challenge again soon, but since I just got back from my trip I'm too tired to post. Oh, and things are confusing whenever I return from a trip. And I have school starting REALLY soon. Tomorrow is the day I have registration!

I feel like explaining what the trip to Misery Missouri was. Y'see, after my dad died, my mom joined an online group for widows. A little while later, a few of them met up in person. Then a few years later, they had another gathering. And another. And another. I remember there being 2 camping trips, one gathering at my house, one in Tennessee, and one in Missouri. Plus maybe 2 or 3 I wasn't at. How did I start coming? My moms friends have granddaughters my age, so they started bringing them, and we are now called the "Goddesses in training" (Because my mom and her friends are the "Goddesses"). Yeah.

Next, my mom has to eat healthier, so we will be going vegetarian! Well, maybe not. I don't think my mom or brother would put up with that. So lets just go with getting rid of red meat and eating more vegetarian/vegan meals. Yay I get my way!

Another thing, I am almost caught up with all the posts I missed! I have 10 left. Oh wait, maybe a few more... Grr, why does everyone have to update when I'm gone?!

And yet another thing... I finished my paper for Treasure Island! I'm supposed to write it as a letter to a friend. *bored bored bored bored bored bored* But I found a way to make it fun WITHOUT a Doctor Who reference. I'm not going to post it ALL, but I'll post the beginning and the end.

Dear Mollie,

Here is my review of Treasure Island, like you asked. I hope you consider this letter when choosing a book for summer reading- Even though you are, in fact, my pet poodle, cannot read, and are only receiving this letter because I could not decide a person to address it to.

*8 paragraphs talking about the book*

All in all, I wouldn't recommend it. I wish I liked it, but the simple plot and confusing terms made it hard to get through. The chapters could have been much shorter, but get the same effect. Perhaps you would like it better than I did, but then again, you are a dog...

Sincerely, Teresa.

(It was a simple, you know the good guys and the bad guys, good guys win in the end story. And the old sailor terms were annoying and confusing.)

The teacher better like wit.

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