Monday, September 5, 2011

Tomorrow, school starts!

EEEP! Well, at least I have the outfit ready.

Crappy pic. But, its an ivory blouse with black lace, and a black velvet skirt.

And makeup.

Yay dots :) No lip color.

And boots.

Stock photo, BUT it actually looks just like the shoes.

I will be making some changes- if its cold, I'll be wearing tights (black), probably a black cardigan too. And my eyeshadow is black with silver highlights and green in the crease (hard to tell). Will be changing it to pewter with siler highlights and black in the crease.

I also got a hair waver. So my hair is waved, with wax, and even teased (it smells terribly like hairspray- yuck!) and it looks better than plain. That will be tomorrow's hair.


VictorianAndroid said...

I haven't even though of what to wear. :/ And picture day is Wedensday!! <:(

Teresa said...

It was a while ago for us. But I didn't go, so I have to take my picture on the 16th.