Thursday, October 6, 2011


That's right. Today, October the 6th, I am officially NOT 13 ANYMORE!!! 13 sucks. It really does. Don't deny it. Just by saying you're 13, 50% of people will call you immature and give you no respect, while the other 50% expect you to be all mature.

Even though I am convinced today will suck (I don't have lunch with friends, nor do I have my favorite subject, and I honestly would rather do anything else than talk to the mini-sluts in my school. I'm not kidding, I've seen so many, they even talked about doing... stuff... with their 18 year old ex.) I feel like starting out positive will help- Up early, fancyish dress, good breakfast, about an hour to waste online.


AislingChild said...

Happy Birthday :) I hope you have/have had a great day.

Thanks about the explication of why 13 is a bad age, I'm really looking forward to turning 13 now.

Hayley said...

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Teresa, happy birthday to you.