Saturday, August 13, 2011

Goth Challenge: day 3-7!

I feel like doing more than one today. LIVE WITH IT! I'm in a better mood today than I have been all week, even though I was cleaning my room and my back and arms hurt like hell for some unkown reason. I give credit to the tea. English breakfast is nice. Maybe Emilie wasn't wrong about Medicating with tea.


Day 3- When did you come out of the Goth closet?

Like a week after I decided I liked it. Maybe two. But, er, maybe I'm still a bit in it. Because I don't see a lot of people regularly (Friend that still lives in this state has had family visiting for most of the summer. Friend in florida is... In florida. There hasn't been a holiday, so I haven't seen a lot of my family.) and I'm not going to announce "Hey everyone, I'm a goth now!"

Day 4- Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to.

- Spiderwebs. They are pretty... As long as there aren't spiders. They are creepy.
- HALLOWEEN. Sure, after hearing about it in England (People actually dress scary?) it seems more lame, and I've always looked down upon those short skirt Alice in wonderland dresses or something, but it was always fun to dress up. Usually I was a cat. One year I was a princess. Once a skunk. A witch a few times. And a vampire (Super cool dress I wish I still had- It had wings!). And black and glittery, costume gloves and devil horns... Why did I not consider goth before?
- Does tea count?
- Fairy tales. I think this might be a cliche for goths. I LOVE fairy tales, often times the re-told ones (like Ella Enchanted- Fun fact: It took me most of the book to realise that it was Cinderella._
- Historical fantasy- Okay, this goes with fairy tales. But while I never really cared for history (American history is so dull!) I would love to hear of a medieval princess. Maybe add some magic.
- Probably some more...

Day 5 – Is there a local Goth band or group in your area?
No idea...

Day 6 – Hand write your favourite lyric and take a picture.
I do not have a favorite lyric, and my handwriting looks like a 6 year old's.

Day 7 – Ten of your favourite goth bands.
Er... I don't know if I have ten *goth* bands. I'm picky with music- Its rare that I'll ever like ten bands at the same time. But, here we go!

No surprise, if you've read any of my blog... She is AMAZING. Current favorite: Shalott (After the poem "The Lady of Shalott"). And With Every Passing Day. And Rapunzel. And Asleep.

He can sing. His lyrics are funny. The music doesn't murder my ears. I like that. Current favorite: Beast of Pirate's Bay

It seems to be a fairly unknown band... Their music is quite strange, but nice. Current favorite: Wednesday's Child.

Okay, so I only listen to two of their songs. So what? They are Coin Operated Boy and Backstabber.

I didn't know if I should list this one... I like one song. Always.

And... Yeah that's where my goth band list ends. Ah well. I'll list others anyway.

Darren <3 He sounds AMAZING live (he started in plays about Harry Potter, of course he does), he can act as either a totally awesome Harry Potter or as Blaine on glee (totally opposite characters), and he is just a great person. I want to marry meet him. Curren favorite: The muse (This is LIVE)

Better known as Kurt from Glee, with sadly not many solos :( And Chris Colfer is another great and funny person. Current favorite: Blackbird

Its hard to describe why I like Lily. I think its because she things all daintily while saying... Not dainty things. The song I shall list is a perfect example. (Its written for the british government)

Please please PLEASE tell me you know who this is. He's from Drake and Josh, and pretty much EVERYONE needs to know him! What you might not know it he's a great singer and has CDs out and everything. I will admit, I can listen to them for hours...

No, seriously. Its either this or Taylor Swift. Never heard of them? They are a rather unknown pop punk band who are a bit "Angsty teen" and the singer sort of sounds like she's 11... But I still like them sometimes. I like Get Over It best, but they also have a song called "Barbie Eat a Sandwhich".

Well I'm tired now. This post must be long. Enjoy!

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Roxie said...

Shallot! I love that one. That's the first song I ever heard by her. It reigns as my favorite one by EA. I love the poem, it's my favorite poem of all time. That's actually how I found EA, by that poem......(long story). I love Care Bears On Fire too. And I thought I was the only one....... :)