Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top ten reasons why I want summer to end.

Sorry for lack of actual posts. My brain is malfunctioning at the moment. But since I don't know what else to post, here are my top 10 reasons why summer should end!

1. Too hot.
2. I have a *gasp* TAN! That big hot yellow thing in the sky needs to stop being so close to my current planet.
3. ITS SO BORING! Sure, its great if you are dreading going back to school and have friends nearby (or a pool), but I'm waiting for school to start so I can have something to do (instead of letting my mind drift off to Narnia).
4. Autumn is prettier. The leaves!
5. People actually wear clothing in other seasons!
6. Cardigans.
7. Scarves.
9. Mainstream stores finally carry better clothing, often times velvet or lace.
10. No more annoyingly loud music or parties from my brothers' room at 4 AM!

What are your reasons for wanting summer to end? (Or, why you are dreading the fall, if you're crazy enough to like summer)

The only thing I'm not really happy about is having to read Treasure Island. Its sooooooooo big and confusing! (Pirate terms make no sense to me.) My mom actually offered to read it and summarize it for me so I could write my paper- GASP!! Cheating in school before it even starts?!?! I'm determined not to cheat, and definitely not on the first assignment. What if they ask me about a certain part? What if someone else who read the book tries to talk about it with me? What if they find me out, and I get a DETENTION?! What if, because of that, I NEVER get a job ever in my entire life, all because I didn't read Treasure Island?

/End jumping to worst possible conclusion.

But, because it is homework and I need to do it, I set this as my computer background to motivate me:

Darren <3 (Its pronounced "Less Than Three" if you were wondering.)

Random note time:

I need to make a post of Avatar: The Last Airbender (it even has a goth in it!)

Ya know my trip to Misery Missouri later this month? Yeah, still not done complaining about it... But one of the girls I'm expected to like because her grandma is a friend of my mom likes AVPM and Darren Criss and Chris Colfer, so I might actually have some fun. Maybe. (I know, very optimistic.)

I still need to clean my room. Like half the things I'll want to pack are buried under a pile of unidentified crap that seems to either be a pile of garbage, clothing and random knick knacks, or radioactive slime. We'll see later.


Maeam said...

I want summer to end's too damn hot right now. I agree that Autumn IS prettier. And I laughed at the point "People actually wear clothing in other seasons!" It's so true!

I like Treasure Island. Fun book. :) I love (fictional) pirates~

Teresa said...

Oh hi you're the new follower!

Roxie said...

I <3 Darren Criss! He's awesome! It's a pity he moved to Glee. :(
You watch Avatar? I love that show! It's so much better than the movie. I've watched all of the episodes, like, at least twice. I couldn't agree more on the 'people actually wear clothing in other seasons'. XD So true. :)

Teresa said...

What's wrong with Glee? One more season and he's back to StarKid- And the fame he's getting from glee is helping starkid make more money, meaning better quality shows. (compare Starship to AVPM. You can actually hear what the Starship actors are saying.) And he now might be releasing a solo album! Though, I will admit, I mainly watch glee for the Darren scenes. He's just such a charming, charasmatic humanitarian. (I probably spelled one of those wrong)

I love Avatar :) Yeah, the movie sucked, no one could act, they didn't stick to the plot, NO ONE with an actual part was asian, and they couldn't even say the names right. I could rant for hours about it. I loved the show when I was little and now I watch it online. I even have a stuffed Appa.