Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Name Change!


The old name was getting boring... So now its Toxic Tea Party. To celebrate...

That last one? So effing epic. I want it. They have one just like it on etsy (by the same person who made it). Just type in "Pirate Tea Cup". Tell them Teresa sent you, they will have no idea who I am.

Sorry for the no actual posts lately... I think the resent heat wave has stunted my brain, my sleep problems are getting more annoying as school comes near (I woke up at 4:30 pm today and no one was shocked) and since school is coming up... I'M FREAKING OUT V DUFIJ8FIHSFVFHUIDSUFVVIDFSJAI!!!!!! Not because I think it will be "Hard" or anything, but because I have to clean my room and assemble my wardrobe in a MONTH! And I need to wake up at an unhumanly hour (as opposed to my regular unhumanly hour) because the bus comes at 6:40. And school starts an hour later. Sitting on a bus for an hour EVERY morning? Gah, WHY can't my brother have a car (and a license)?

Well, I have to go. I convinced my mom we should go out for dinner (due to the fact that we have like no food at the moment) so I have to read blogs and do my makeup. Sadly, pirate headscarf does not go with my dress :(

Aw, she's telling me to leave NOW before I can read the blogs! Grr.

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