Monday, August 8, 2011

Random things for hair and skin from a kitchen and a really terrible title.

Bad title, but it gets the point across. Ashlee from A Mortal Doth Approach posted something similar not so long ago, right here. I shall list mine.

Coconut Oil-

I put it on my hair. Just work it into your hair, let it sit anywhere from 15 minutes to overnight, then wash it out. It may feel a bit oily after... But its more like when you use a leave-in conditioner than having unclean hair. It makes your hair really soft and shiny, and it is supposedly good for helping damaged hair and hair growing. You can also use it for skin, apparently its anti-aging and helps treat eczema (I will be testing it on my mom and brother to prove this). If you are wondering if you will smell like a coconut... Sadly (or not sadly), no. I can't smell a thing. But you can mix it with some scented oil (I used burning oil from The Body Shop, but they say a few drops mixed with something else is perfectly safe for skin) it will leave a light scent of your choice. Only use a couple drops! That stuff is strong. Oh, and the oil does NOT leave your skin greasy.


I do not use this for much. But, got a sunburn? Splash some apple cider vinegar on it in the shower, it helps with the pain.


Cover your face in honey. Let sit 10-20 minutes (depends on how long you can stand a sticky face). It softens and cleans.


This has two uses- For skin, just cover your face in it and let it dry a bit (about 15 minutes). It makes your skin feel sooooo hydrated and nice. For hair, either use it alone or mix it with olive (or coconut) oil and let sit 20 minutes. Shiny and healthy hair. Make sure it is PLAIN. I don't use this often, because my skin isn't very dry and it makes it a bit too oily after a while. Better for dryer skin.

Green Tea-

Come on, you're a goth, you should have some tea! Green tea is really good for skin. Notice how its popping up in skin care products everywhere? The problem with those is it doesn't contain a lot of tea, making it useless. Instead of spending extra money on those, brew some green tea, let it cool and put in a spray bottle. (Don't be impatient and fill a plastic spray bottle with hot tea, that melts the bottle. I would know.) Spray it on your face. Hooray, you now have a new toner! If you use frequently (more than once a day), make sure its not a very strong brew, or it might stain your face a bit (just looks like a bit of a natural tan, but that's more horrible than what you might have been thinking.)

There's a lot of other things from your kitchen you can use for skin or hair, but I can't name them all. And I haven't tried them all. (I heard cocoa powder is good for fake tans, but what use is that?)


Lady Catherine said...

I actually use yogurt to make me skin look paler

VictorianAndroid said...

I've made a homemade toner with green tea and apple cider vinegar.