Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I can't take so much math!!

I can't understand my math homework. I thought I was fine at it- Until we got a lot of our homework and quizzes handed back. ALL ZEROS!!!!! Its because I need to "Show my work". Well, most of my work is mental. I can get the correct methods by MY way. Even if I write down my steps and the correct answer, I still get it wrong! There is a certain "Method", which adds several confusing steps, and I don't understand it.

Here is a perfect example of what I'm upset over. On a quiz, I got all but one right. The one I didn't get right was due to using the comfusing method. I GOT A ZERO. Its not fair! I try hard, I spend a lot of time on my homework, and still I don't get any credit?

I blame my teacher. Maybe I wouldn't fail if the evil toad (Yes, I do think she looks like a toad.) would actually TEACH- All she does is make us copy notes, writes a few questions on the board, which she solves 10 seconds later, and I don't understand HOW. The notes don't make sense. "Use distrubutive to get rid of ( )" WTF?! What does that mean?!

And, she snaps at people for asking questions. Not only is there a lot of "Save your questions until the end!" but this one person asked a very good question, which someone else in the class was going to ask too, and he got yelled at for wasting her time with a stupid question. I'm not kidding, she basically said that.

I can't do my homework, I don't understand it. We have a thing called zap (zeroes aren't permitted), where you spend lunch in a room making up your work. Maybe the people there can help me. Maybe I should transfer out of the class.

I'm exhausted and I wanted to cry since math, and my eyes started to sting everytime I thought of my zeroes or my homework. Right now, I'm silently sobbing and wishing my mom was home to help me. I don't know what to do...

On a brighter note, I may have convinced my science teacher to show Doctor Who clips in class.


Hayley said...

I'm sorry about that. I had trouble in math too before I got to a level where I didn't have to go up anymore. So now it's just statistics.


Maybe you should go to a tutor. Does your school have after or before school tutoring?

Hayley said...

If you are in Algebra 1 or geometry, I can tutor you online. I got A's in those high school courses. I know a website that we could link up to and I could help explain whatever you're confused about.
If you're interested just email me at missmorbidpresents@hotmail.com

Bixie Willow said...

The note that says "Use distrubutive to get rid of ( )" means that you use the distributive property to get rid of the parentheses. For example:
2(3+y) The two gets multiplied by the 3 and the y so...
2(3+y) = 6+2y
If you had something like 2(3+y)=30 then you would distribute to get 6+2y=30 then subtract 6 from both sides. 2y=24 Then divide both sides by three. y=12 There's the answer.

I hope I helped. I'm taking Geometry this year so I've been doing distributive for a while. What are you taking?

VictorianAndroid said...

I understand how you feel. Going into high school, I basically was forced to skip a year of math. My middle school didn't have a real algebra I class and my freshman year we went right into geometry. I still don't understand how to manipulate square roots, and I'm in pre-calc.

AislingChild said...

I know how you feel about the whole 'show your method' thing, I also do most of my working out in my head. What I do is write down the sum using the method that the examiners want me to use, then work it out how I like to in my head. After a while you get used to it and find yourself writing what the people want to see whilst working it out.

Sorry I can't be of more help with your confusing maths lesson. And Evil Toad sounds like Umbridge (both from the books and the avps)

Abigail Bunting said...

I'm so sorry that your maths teacher is so brutal. She sounds more like an anti-teacher! Have you tried Khan Academy? They're online tutorials, and are really great! Here's the link: http://www.khanacademy.org/

Anonymous said...

i understand what you mean. alot of the math at my school has pretty pointless methods, so i write those down, then do the work in my head or on another paper then write the answer on the paper that has the "proper" method. easy as pie :)